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 Discover Your Joy
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Discover Your Joy
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Be Child-like in your joy.
Release your spirit to soar.

Run in joy.
Watch the miracle of life,
the mysteries of life,
and see them
through the eyes of a child.
Be awe-like.
Be child-like.
See the sun interact
and connect with all.

Feel your spirit spring to life
and radiate out...
to others,
as the sun's rays do to you.
Whatever is happening now.
Where ever you are in your life.


 And remember the joy of the child within,
let her/his Light shine out to others.
In doing so,
you will shine the Light you seek...
Onto your own Path.

Dearest Readers,

What is your dream?  Your passion?

Step, or jump, into it.

Offer it for freely to a gift to others.

It is better to do what you love for free, than to wait a life time and miss the opportunity to share your gift.
Five years ago, I became the Fire Department's volunteer photographer. I did this for three years, and loved the work! I purchased, and subsequently used, my own equipment, including  camera, safety reflector vest, and ugly-black steel-toed safety boots. I also put gas into, and miles onto, my car, at my own expense.
In preparation for the Fire Department's annual awards night, I posted 200 photographs depicting their activities and emergency runs on the Community Center walls. A photographic exhibit; something I had never before dreamed I could or would, do! As a reward for of all of my "hard work", I received the highest award of the night for contributing to our community.
That year, my  daughter, Ariel, received the Volunteer of the Year award. Back when she was three years old, and I was sewing ruffled dresses for her to wear, I never dreamed anything like this for her future.  But she did!
Capt. Paul, Ariel, Brad, Howard and Chief Dan
As crazy as your dreams may seen, BREATHE life into them and bring them into reality.  You will love yourself for it, and so will the many others who reap the benefits!
What if I had left my 1,000 Angelic Writings in a forgotten office file? Rather, by sharing them on the internet, Angel Scribe was born, and readers world wide have benefited. What is it you have  that you can share?  

Share the magic of who you are with others.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Manifesting Angels
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

And so, it came to pass, the Angels descended to earth and made themselves known.

They left feathers at peoples' feet. They appeared in cloud formations, they left pennies on people's paths, like their business cards, to show us that they indeed had passed this way.

But people still questioned. "Was that an Angel Cloud? Or my Imagination? What bird would drop a feather here? Why do I keep finding pennies?"
All the while, discounting the Angels' presence and disqualifying their support.

Tenacity! Angels must have sacks full of it, to work with questioning skeptics. Folks who want to know about the Angels' presence, then discount the presents left at their very feet.

And when a miracle happens, do you disqualify it, and call it a "coincidence"?
A synchronicity? And miss the very fact that God's Divine energy is still every day present, and in good/God working order?

If you ask to see Angels, or to work with them, expect them to show up to  their assistance and guidance; then, believe in it.

Let someone else be the skeptic whose mind neutralizes the miracles. It is your job to believe.

You asked for Angels.

Believe in them enough to know that they will manifest in any way they can.
Health Tip
Taking Yoga has changed my life!  Every ache and pain of aging has left.  My spine is straight, strong and pretty for the first time in 60 years. I sleep now that my body is functioning at a better level.

Last class, the teacher said that if you lie on your back, bend your legs a little, then lift your bottom one inch off the bed and stretch your tailbone out towards your feet, then lower you knees, you'll be doing something wonderful for your spine that encourages a more restful sleep.  It works!
Teach yourself Yoga at home:
Thank You
It is an honor having you reading and enjoying Angel Scribe newsletters and forwarding them onto your friends and loved ones.  Donations of appreciation are a blessing and help spread Angelic and miracle messages of hope.
MARY ELLEN "Angel Scribe"
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Cottage Grove, OR

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