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Saving a Life!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Theo Cartwright, "A Chance of a Life Time."
Dearest Readers,
Well, it was another normal day in Angel Scribe world--run a few errands and save a man's life. 
- Over the Years -
I accidentally woke this man out of a coma!
Miracles are wrapped in Divine Timing.  This latest miracle began in April, twenty weeks ago, when I met and wrote a newspaper story on 92-year-old Theo, Born to Love Animals, 90 years of  kindness.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Theo cuddling Rochester
Read their Tips 'n' Tales Story
Born to Love Animals, 90 years of Kindness.

Life proceeded normally until yesterday.  To celebrate Theo's volunteering at the Humane Society gift shop in Cottage Grove, every Friday for the past ten years, his friends wanted to surprised him.  They set up a "once in a life time ride in a fire truck."
It was a glorious sunny Sunday and festive for everyone who witnessed Theo's look of pure child-like joy when he activated the fire engines siren, and sat in the Captain's seat for a ride around the block.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Theo was told to push a button in the fire engine.
Imagine his joy and surprise to discover it was the siren!
Volunteer engine drivers are required to dedicate hours behind the wheel in order to maintain their proficiency.  Today, Captain Howard was logging in his hours and Theo loved tagging along for the ride.
At the fire station, Theo asked me for extra copies of his Tips 'n' Tales newspaper article. So today, Monday, between errands, I stopped by Theo's home to deliver the articles. 

The air in Cottage Grove was coated in a heavy-acrid smoke from a nearby forest fire.  The smoke rolled visibly into town like thick fog.  But when I stepped into Theo's trailer something else smelled very wrong.  Rolodexing the possible list of smells that I had become familiar with as a fire department photographer; electrical? house fire? forest fire? over heated air-conditioner? mold? Then an ever so faint distinct odor of natural gas rose above the forest smoke.

"Theo, do you have natural gas?" I asked.

"Well, yes I do." responded Theo with a questioning look.

I rushed to the stove and looked at the dials.  One had been turned on to cook his breakfast and not completely shut off...4 hours earlier!  Luckily, Theo's window air conditioner was blowing the gas around his home.  But still, it had been concentrating in the kitchen corner  where he was sitting doing his billing.
(A week previously, our family had done the exact same thing, but luckily our stove top is electric.)

"That must have been why I kept falling asleep. I tried to stay awake, and was confused to what was happening.  I could not concentrate," admitted Theo.

Theo opened his front door to air the trailer out, and put on a fan.  I returned home and phoned my best friend Atira, who is also a miracle magnet, to share the "latest" miracle.

Atira responded to the story with a command, "Go back!  If he had breathed that much natural gas, for that long, he may not be cognitive enough to thoroughly air his home out.  And he could be in trouble."

So, I immediately drove back to Theo's home.

Atira was right.  The smell of gas still hung heavily in the air.  So, I helped Theo opened more windows to completely air out his home.

Theo knows that I write about pets, but he had no idea that I am the author of two best selling books on miracles.  So, he was promptly presented with Expect Miracles, because he had just been the recipient of his very own miracle.

A neighbor arrived and Theo proudly announced, "Mary Ellen just saved my life!"

It took a lot of Divine Timing to set up Theo's miracles.  His friends had several dates to chose from for his surprise engine ride.  If they had chosen any other time, I may have not been there to photograph Theo, and have him requested copies of his article.
When his friend, Don, set up the ride my husband "just happened" to be at the station and said, "I will have Mary Ellen come by and take some wonderful-memory photographs for him.  Otherwise, I would have had no  reason to drop by his home on Monday--which would be too late for Theo.
As a matter of fact, I usually only go into the newspaper office on Tuesdays to pick up copies of articles, but "just happened" to have extra copies of his story at home.  Otherwise, I would have arrived to his home 24 hours too late.
When you awake in the morning, ask to be a Divine Vehicle to perform miracles in others lives.  I do, and look what can happen!  This is not the only life saving miracle that has presented itself.
Spirit will bring you opportunities, as you become the answer to others prayers. 
Thank goodness yesterday's playful ride on the fire truck wasn't the precursor to Theo riding in an ambulance today! Remember to Expect Miracles.
- Advice from the Fire Station -
When you smell natural gas, get out of the house!
Call 911, and alert your gas company.
Fire crews have large fans to clear the toxic air out
of your home and check your health.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Theo learning how to operates all the dials, controls and gizmits
on the Fire Engine from Mary Ellen's husband, Captain Howard.
Brilliant! Yes, Brilliant Idea!

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