Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter July 30, 2001

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* Angels on Alert
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* Prayer Teams
* Beautiful Angelic Music

"What's Wrong? Is Anyone Asking?"
Messages from Atira and the Angels

Dearest Readers,

How many times have you asked to see an Angel?

How many times have you asked for an Angel's guidance?

Think on many times have you let the Angels know you are willing to be a divine vehicle for their energy to work THROUGH YOU to touch and uplift the lives of others?

Maybe BELIEVING in Angels and not seeing them is what is important.

Possibly asking to be the heart, hands and arms for the Angels to work their miracles through for others is what is important.

We often focus our belief on ourselves, but what if we found our belief GREW when we focused on being a divine vehicle to uplift the lives of others?

This is the road to your life and in the lives of those you connect to.

My life is filled with daily miracles. Not synchronicities, not coincidences... but miracles.

Calling a miracle by any other name devalues the power of how we are connected moment to moment to all that is divine.

We each can become a miracle worker for others.

Prayers are one of the avenues we can access to connect to others and to God/Spirit/Angels.

When I was in elementary school the news reported 1 out of 10 folks would get cancer in their life time.

In high school the news updated to the "latest" statistics that 1 out of 5 would get one form of cancer in their life time.

Did you hear the news last week? The new results are in and it is now 1 out of 3 will experience this disease.

Something is wrong and what can we do...for ourselves and our loved ones?

Atira has the best suggestion. She says, "Every time you hear the word cancer, or see the word, or hear of someone with it, PRAY for them.

"Prayers are real energy and can have a powerful impact.

"Pray that this disease be lifted from the earth. Pray that females do not lose the ability to be in touch with their femininity and realize what a powerful force they are for good in the world.

"Reading Marianne Williamson's book, 'A WOMAN'S WORTH,' is a wonderful way to begin.
A Woman's Worth

"Pray that men understand their masculinity and do not have to bury their gentler side.

"Sometimes their wake up call has been an illness and we in force can pray together for a healing for the world's community.

"Cures have been hard pressed to find...the alternative now is prayer and it adds another powerful dimension.

"Even when you feel disempowered in any situation in your life ... pray. It is free, easy and something we can all do from where we sit or stand or lie.

"The Angels told me we don't nurture ourselve's and we need to start.

"Women have put themselves last on their list.

"As humans we spend more time worrying about our weight than Loving our bodies/ourselves.

"We are co-creators with God. We are sending the wrong messages to our cells.

"The Angels told me, ‘Spend a few minutes and pray for cancer to leave your world.

"To be totally healed do not eat yourselves up inside with anger/fear/pain.

"And every time you hear the word cancer pray for it to be healed and this will change the current outcome.

"Send love and healing to any place treating cancer and or those you hear of with cancer.

"Church groups can form prayer groups to pray for healing of those in their church, communities and local hospitals.

"There are many studies on how prayer has been proven to work.

"When you hear the word cancer - on TV-radio-or in conversation... instead of going into fear...pray for a healing of the ill one and the illness itself and we can change the world.

"What you focus on you send energy to. Sadly you often react and send the wrong energy.

"Bless your food and water. Pray over them and make them one with your body and bless them so they are healing to you.

"Thank the spirit for giving its life force to nourish you.

"You are spiritual beings and can change the world!

"If you have forgotten your greatness, rent the movie 'IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.'

"Then reflect on how many people you have touched in your lifetime and who they then have touched!

"Take a minute to pray for the hospital nearest where you live, pray for the doctors/nurses/patients and staff who clean and keep the hospital running.

"You may one day need their help!

"Pray for the fire department near your home. Thank them for being there.

"Pray for friends/family who are in need that they may not feel alone.

"Pray for anyone who is in pain.

"Take a minute to be thankful for what you have in your life; good health/a car/a warm home/food on the table/beautiful children/loving parents/good friends/kind neighbors/ good doctor /nice mail person/a computer/knowing you are loved.

"We are so blessed we just get lost in 'the stuff' of daily living.

"We change the world through love and prayer is such a rich form of it."

Angels blessings,

Dearest Readers,

This newsletter reaches an estimated 50,000 readers around the world.

Imagine the force and power of prayer lifting up from our hearts to the heavens to change the person can indeed make a difference.

Angelic Blessings to you and your families' health,
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe" (ME^I^)
Creator of Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter



Please Love Always Yourself



Please REMEMBER Always Yourself

~by Kristie Floyd and her Angels ~
Enumclaw, Washington

"I teach; I touch the future."
~ Christa McAuliffe ~

The Beauty of Prayers
by Atira, the Angelic Mystic

I asked Atira, "What does it look like when someone prays for someone else?

"Please describe the energy so we can visualize our prayers moving, touching and helping others better. Help us make our belief in prayers stronger."

Here is her incredible answer:

"Watching someone pray for someone is like watching music from the heart flowing out.

"It looks like beautiful streams of color from the heart flowing to the one being prayed for.

"Some times I see pink, lavender or blue flashes emanating from the person praying.

"And if you send out your prayers in the form of hearts the energy turns into little pink hearts.

"Imagine the most beautiful music you have ever heard... in your life...and the most beautiful sunrise... and the most beautiful smile you ever saw on the person's face you prayed for....that is what your prayer looks like.

"As you pray for someone, a personal symbol raps it all together.

"If you pray for someone you don't know it looks like a waterfall of emotions of your compassion flowing out to another soul.

"When a prayer arrives it forms into a spiral shape and it enters through the top of their head and fills their whole body... like a beautiful wave of energy going totally through them.

"Their vibration changes because the LOVE energy fills them.

"If you ask your Angels to help their Angels, then the whole picture vibrates with a more intense energy.

"When you pray for a hospital, the energy can originally be gray or a rust color, but the minute you start praying for the name of it, then the patients, then doctors, nurses and down the line...the energy shifts and it begins to look like shimmery heat waves on the pavement.

"Then it gets lighter and brighter and the heaviness lifts and it becomes filled with a golden light like the whole hospital warms up...and then every thing takes on a more green grass color of vibrant healing energy.

"The way I know I am done with a prayer is I feel totally filled like every part of my being is filled up with LOVE.

"Then I can release it into the Angels' hands.

"For an animal who needs healing hold it. You will feel the energy of the animal.

"Then ask the Angels what the animal needs, don't pray for a specific healing, but what is divinely needed for the animal.

"Your hands will become very warm and the animal will get very calm.

"It is like there is no separation between you and the animal.

Editor's NOTE:
Atira and I are currently co-authoring a book on Angels and miracles. If you know a publisher who would love it... Please let us know.

Angels on Alert
Author: Aynne Liverpool, New York

I am a cancer survivor and the overwhelming concern of recurrence started again last winter when I thought it might be back.

Two weeks ago I had a follow-up sonogram to scan for cancerous lumps in my breast.

I have never watched a sonogram before, preferring to look at the wall instead.

This time I watched and it was scary!

I could see big black lumps on the screen.

I kept telling myself they were fibrous and nothing to be worried about, but I kept seeing those big lumps in my mind after the appointment was over.

Apparently I was more nervous than I thought as I dressed the next Monday morning before the appointment with the surgeon to hear the results.

I felt a strong urge to put on my Angel earrings and necklace.

When I got into my car the visor's Guardian Angel fell down. I had to put it back on.

Then.....the Angel hanging from the rearview mirror began to swing back and forth!! Before the car even started!

I finally got the message and started to laugh.

The Angels were assuring me all was well, and they would be coming to the doctor's appointment with me.

This is not the first time the Angels have ridden in the car with me. My first story was published in ‘A Christmas Filled With Miracles' by Mary Ellen on page 31.

Oh, and my doctor's appointment... It went very well!!

Love Aynne

The Web of Love
(author unknown but greatly appreciated)

Listen to how a simple ball of yarn became a web of love for one classroom of high school students.

Their teacher seated the students in a circle on the carpeted floor.

One member of the group was instructed to toss a ball of yarn to someone across the circle, holding tightly to one end.

The recipient took hold of the string and listened as the one who tossed it shared something that she especially liked about him.

Keeping hold of the string, he then tossed the ball across the circle to someone else and affirmed something positive about her.

The ball of yarn was tossed across and around the circle until everyone had both heard and shared encouragement... and thus the yarn became a woven web of love and good feelings.

Before they went their separate ways, the teacher took scissors and snipped through the web.

Each person took a piece of yarn away as a remembrance of the special words they heard.

Surprisingly, many of them wore cherished pieces of yarn around their wrists for days and weeks afterward.

Every year now, students ask their teacher to end the term with the Web of Love.

It has become an annual tradition in their high school!

Which goes to show how much encouragement means to most people.

Why wait? We can find opportunities to affirm others throughout the day.

Few people grow weary of hearing sincere appreciation and praise.

And each time you give it you help to create an invisible web of love that can last a lifetime.

Editor's NOTE:

Prayer works the same way. Please share this with the teachers in your life.....and the teacher in ^U^

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