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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Fireworks celebration over  the trees in Stanely Park, Vancouver, BC
Note the white cat explosion.
Celebration of Spirit
Saturday July 4th, what a glorious day for celebration!  And news arriving from the other-side early that morning is one way to start the celebrating! 

As you read in Have a Great Forever    http://www.angelscribe.com/l_060609.html
Atira's and my 77-year-old friend Syd died a month ago.  Syd loved teaching about the other side while living on this plane...and apparently he is still doing so from his new home in heaven!

On the previous Monday, and then again on Thursday, my friend Trish phoned and asked, "Mary Ellen, the next time you talk to Atira, please ask her to ask Syd, "What is it like on the other side?  Is it what we think?"

What a great question. I planned to ask Atira, but in the business of the week...totally forgot...both times.

Early Saturday morning, in that state between awake and half awake Atira woke up and saw Syd standing by her bed in his favorite powder blue shirt. He looked vibrantly healthy, radiant, and had his usual beautiful-big smile.

Atira said, "Syd you look so great!"

"I am great," he responded, "I am very happy. It is even better over here than I thought it would be!"

Then, in front of Atira's eyes, Syd started to physically change. He became younger and younger. Years were physically rolling off him until he looked to be in his early 40's.

Atira laughed, "I am going to like this part of the after-life! We get to look younger!" And she and Syd both laughed.

Atira continued, "Syd you look so young! It is wonderful, because I never liked the part that you had to take your etheric body with you when you die. I always knew I was 36 x 26 x36 - just like Marilyn Monroe, but I have not yet manifested it here on earth."  They both laughed again.

Then Syd began teaching. He spoke about the vital force, "You can create anything with the vital force!  So you might as well create great things," and he added, "I am watching over you!"

Atira was thrilled to see Syd, and talk with him again, and asked, "Have you seen Mary Ellen?"

Syd responded in his jovial Santa voice, "Yes, I was with her all day yesterday. She has not seen me yet, so I am going back today."
At that response, Atira woke up and realized that it was not a dream, but a visitation.

Well, thank goodness Atira phoned and shared this part of Syd's new life, because I would have thought I was crazy if she hadn't!

All day Friday...I mean ALL day Friday, it was as if Syd was standing by my right side chatting. (And as it turns out, apparently he was!)

When I dressed for the day, "I" decided to wear pink, but telepathically heard Syd say, "Wear a yellow top."  Yellow was his favorite color, it reminded him of the sun.
I explained, "I do not have a yellow summer top," and reached for a pink one. 
But, he repeated, "Look for the yellow one." 
I responded, "I don't have a yellow summer top." 
Now, Readers, you must know that I am not used to hearing voices in my head...so this was an awkward experience.  I was glad that no one else could hear it, that saved me from looking crazy!
And to prove Syd wrong, I reached into my drawer, moved the teal, the purple, and the pink tops...and there on the bottom, was a  YES--a YELLOW top! The YELLOW top had been purchased last year at a long forgotten summer sale!  Imagine that!  Syd was right!

I held the top up - high - so Syd could see that his communication was coming through loud and clear.

All day Friday, every few minutes...I felt like a nut talking out loud to him, saying "Hallo Syd." It was like he was ever present helping do the dishes, typing, writing etc.

And now....we all know ... because of Atira's amazing gift of communicating with the other side, that on Friday, Syd was indeed watching closely.   Once again proving that when we think we are nuts, we are having a deeply spiritual moment! LOL

Oh, and without even asking Atira...she responded to Trish's question from Syd, "Is it really what we think it is like over there?"  And without even been asked, Atira conveyed Syd's answer, "It is even better over here than I thought it would be!"

When you lose a loved one. Do not ignore the feelings, the telepathic thoughts when they come to you, or when you get the urge to phone them, see them, talk with them. This is when they are thinking of you too.  It is like a little electric spark from their heart to yours.

Sometimes you are sitting, not even thinking of your loved one and you burst into tears.  This is when they brush by you, and your energy reacts to the overwhelming love they send you.
Or, the side of your hair prickles.  Like touching something electrical.  This is when they lovingly brush your hair with their hand.
Know that they are with you--communicating telepathically their love for you - they are trying to teach you that love never dies.

Oh, and...did I ever get to see Syd like he was hoping was possible on his return?

Sunday morning, just prior to awakening, when spirit can easily reach through the dream state to your awakening consciousness ... I dreamed that a man behind me was chatting. 
I could hear him and responded, "This is very confusing, you sound just like Syd." Upon turning around, there was Syd!  Shocked, I said, "OK. Now I am more confused than ever.  Aren't you dead?"  And with that Syd laughed, and I woke up.

What a miracle to continually communicate with those we love after their passing.  The secret is to communicate with those you love today, that are alive...how much you love them.  Never take those close to you for granted...your moments together are precious and numbered.

And remember...THE END...is really the beginning.

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
In Astoria, the view stretches from the coastal town's ocean front.
west into the lush green forests and mountains.  Ahhhh, Oregon!
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- Dear Angel Scribe -
Joann in Southington, Connecticut
I love your newsletters. They are so inspiring through difficult times.  I was attracted to your newsletter because I believe in Angels. Not that I have encountered any, but I feel their presence when I need them.

I would like to encounter an Angel that would make me happy. When I talk about Angels to some friends and family they think I am a little off the wall.

Their reaction does not bother me. I am very spiritual and believe that Angels exist.

I developed rheumatoid arthritis 20 years ago and my faith has gotten me through. I had 8 major surgeries and am getting around just fine. I have wonderful children, friends, live in a beautiful universe and I receive beautiful-inspiring newsletters from a caring and loving person like you. Life is great!

Joann in Southington Connecticut
Kathleen in Raleigh, North Carolina
Thanks for your newsletter. It's like each one is written as an answer to my prayers!  That's incredible! 

Kathleen in Raleigh, North Carolina
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Oregon Coast view stretches into the horizon along Hwy. 101
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