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Marriage Miracles!
Part I 

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Trust in the Wisdom of the Universe!

by Kathe, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
The hardest thing in the world to do
is to be myself.

To listen to my answers first
to trust myself
to know what is right
for me, and
only me

Others tell me what to do
what suits their own desires.

Perhaps...I need to shut them out,
and stop,
take time,
a deep breath,
and be myself.

Dearest Readers,

This is one of a kind NEWS letter, long and life changing!

If I did not share, what I know, then I would not rest, because this information may help others find health, and peace in their lives.

The following emails, are from my long time friends.

In a way, a big way, their stories are miracles!

May they be the miracle, your family has been praying and searching for too.

We never know what is going on in others' lives, or behind closed doors.
May these stories add compassion, and understanding to those we meet in our comings and goings.

I have witnessed the results of homeopathic medicine, and its amazing power on both my family's health, and our cats' health. (I took and trusted homeopaths, to recuperate from cancer.)

I personally, know all these couples, and know that they have all attended  counseling, to no avail.

After reading  their emails, I immediately ordered the Homeopathic remedy, Luyties #304, and experienced the same amazing, positive, results.
Also, the company is not giving me any benefits, free products or a kick back.
I am sharing, because it is the right thing to do, it has helped my friends and family, and you deserve to know of its existence too.

Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Dear Angel Scribe,

My husband's over-the-top work stress, lead him down the secretive road, of raging anger, directed at only our family.
At home, he was irritable, lashing out without provocation, began drinking, and viewing indecent websites.
To see him in public, he was an entirely different man.

We have been married 29 years, our children are grown and gone, and I had visualized a time of joy and companionship, not this nightmare!

Five years ago, I awoke to a stranger who wouldn't leave, he had become both Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll.

My husband's oscillating behavior was crazy making.
I couldn't think straight, from the fear it generated. I felt I was dancing on hot coals, looking for a cool surface, to rest on.

Thankfully, my doctor said I wasn't crazy...and suggested counseling, and medication for sanity.

The trouble with the medicine was its side effects; taking it, was like digging a big hole, covering me with sand, so that I couldn't effectively move, think or climb out.
Leaving me emotionally, and physically paralyzed. Part of my soul had been eaten away, because of his anger and control.

In desperation, I read every book and web site, on male menopause,
depression, and workaholics etc.
Learning that symptoms of depression and sadness, result in anger.

When women experience menopause, PMS, depression, anxiety they seek help.
Men think that asking for help indicates weakness, all actuality it is a strength.
Not asking for help, is just one more means of control, even when they are out of control, driving those that love them further away.

It appears, some people are oblivious to the changes in their out of control behavior, and heaven forbid their family, talk to them.

I tried, and he became more defensive, angry, volatile...what on earth had happened to this kind man, with a great sense of humor?

His crazy making eventually spread to the children and grandchildren.  At their sports events, he raged out of control, until no one sat near us.

In desperation, and because I have studied homeopathy medicines for decades, I thought there must be something that would work for him.

I discovered a remedy, that specifically fit all of his symptoms.

He always takes whatever vitamins I hand him, so I bought Luyties #304, handed it to him saying, "This will give you more energy."

THAT VERY DAY, there was an incredible difference in his behavior and entire character.
Within hours, it was already noticeable to me, the children and our friends.

Unbelievably, a week later, he is the sweet man I married.

To say this is a complete turn around, wouldn't even cover it.

This is more in the realm of miracles!

His anger is completely gone.  Yes!  Gone!

His unhealthy outlets--disappeared.  I hope our experience can help others.

Last month, I asked our grandchildren for help with a chore.  "Get off their backs!" he yelled at me.
It was humiliating, degrading and not supportive.

Last night, when they came to dinner, I asked them to set the table.  They didn't, and he walked over to them.
I thought, "Here we go again, more drama and upset."
But...he said in a calm voice, "Turn the TV off.  How many times does your Grandmother have to ask you to do something?"

I thought, I would faint!  He supported me!
Two days later, he sincerely apologized, for the way he has treated me, these last few years!  Another miracle!

It is a dramatic switch, from being on the edge of divorce, to him volunteering to now make dinner.

He used to play solitaire on the computer for hours, now he is happily repairing things in our home!

Last weekend, he took the truck to the dump, and came home with milkshakes for the family.
He never thought of us like that before.  Miracles come in different packages...this is mine.

Actually, my counselor is so amazed at my bubbly transformation, that she asked what happened.

My behavior and mood are dramatically different!

So, my counselor plans on telling her clients about it, and recommends that they see a homeopath or naturopathic doctor to learn more about it, as another way to help them through the difficulties in their lives.

I am not saying this remedy will work for everyone, but it has saved our marriage.
For more information on it, please contact your doctor or Homeopathic Doctor for information.

A booklet describes homeopathic healing, "Homeopathic medicines act as a catalyst, stimulating our bodies' own ability to heal.  Effective homeopathic treatment not only alleviates the symptoms, but enables each of us to find a true state of health in body, mind and heart."

The Family Guide to Homeopathy by  Dr. Horvilleur defines it as, "...a therapeutic method, which clinically applies the Law of Similars, and uses medically active substances at weak or infinitesimal doses."

I think maybe this will help those who have no knowledge of homeopathy, understand why I searched it, for help in my own life circumstances.
More good news, the remedy is only $7.95!
Anonymous in Florida
Last night, on TV, they described how our returning military, from over seas, have many similar issues to my husband.

I realized that anxiety/depression may be playing a part.

I wonder if this would help military men/women and their families, and when your newsletter goes out, if you'll hear from any of them?

Homeopathic Remedy
Luyties  #304
- Ask your health store to see if they will carry it.
(It will save you shipping.) 
*Also, Tell them you heard about it on Angel Scribe.*

Garage Sale Miracle
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
Is Cleaning out
Your Garage a Miracle?
You Bet it is!

Dear Angel Scribe,

It is a miracle, you forwarded the email from your friend, it is the answer to my prayers too.

For years, my husband has a game where he only speaks 2-3 words at a time.
Never a conversation, never a sentence, just stilted words and a proverbial guessing game as to how he feels, or what he thinks.

Being disregarded this way, well, it is mind torture!

If it wasn't for the TV and my friends, it is amazing that I can even still understand and speak English!
The only benefit, was that his withholding behavior, made me more psychic, trying to figure out what was going on!

So, I immediately ordered a bottle of #304 for him.

The bottle reads, "ANXIETY/DEPRESSION; Nervous and emotional symptoms including, exam nerves, homesickness, stage fright, irritability, debility, weariness, sadness, affects of stress, grief, fear or anger."

Gosh, half of the symptoms describe him, the other half me. So, we both took  #304.

The difference was as immediate as your friend's husband!
An hour later, the man who neglected me for years, who never touched me, and acted like I was invisible in the house, walked by and I flinched as he raised his hand.
I never suspected what came next!

He put his hand, gently on my shoulder, and said something kind.

I just about fell over!  As he walked away, it was like watching a man from Mars in our home.

I wondered if all the stress in our lives, deaths, marriage, divorce, children born, children leaving the home, illness, moving, job changes catch up to us physically and emotionally.
So, one day our bodies are as worn out, as are our emotions.  Leaving us depressed and/or angry.

This remedy seemed to soothe my body saying, "Everything is going to be OK."

I have been tired for months.  Too tired to vacuum, and last week, I told several friends, that this house is too big, time to down size.

When I used something or cooked something, then I had no energy to clean up, or put things away.
The house was a mess.
I was dragging around, like a gorilla, with my exhausted arms dragging on the floor.

I hired a house cleaner.  But before she could arrive...

The #304 homeopathic remedy arrived, and the oddest thing happened.

E-N-E-R-G-Y!  The first night, after taking it, I slept better.  That was unusual.

Then when I woke up, and decided to rinse the outside of the house, by the garden hose, where it had left dirt on the house.

I had so much energy, that I washed the entire front of the house, turned, saw my car...walked over to it...and washed it!

The next day, I washed all the windows on the house!

Then, I went through my bookcases, and gave away ten boxes of books, tidied everything up in the office, and have the energy to keep it clean.

The house looks fabulous, I feel fabulous, and having the energy makes the difference.

I feel alive again.

I am no longer immobilized.  It is easy to clean things up, and move on in all aspects of life now.

I canceled the house cleaner, I am happily doing the vacuuming myself, with this new found energy!

For years, our eldest daughter acted like I had the plague.  She was treating me just like her father had taught her.

So, when she came home, to drop something off, I gave her the remedy.  The next day, she asked me to join her for a day of shopping and lunch.  She has NEVER BEFORE included me in her plans.
She would go with friends, or with their mothers, but never ask me.  It was so hurtful.

She is so bonded with her father, she would phone him eight times a day, but never me.  Today, she's already phoned twice, to chat in a friendly voice!
Is this a miracle?  It sure is at our home!
I can hardly wait for the other children to visit now, and gift them their bottles of #304.

It is like my family was Rip Van Winkle's relatives and just woke up!
We are all experiencing inner joy, and radiating happiness, the way we did as children, just glad to be alive!
The stresses of our life ate our joy away, but this remedy has somehow brought it back.

The other amazing way it effected me, is a good friend came by, and she once again, began ranting and raving, about events in her life.

Like a boring non stop record, same story, same participants, same frustrations...and instead of dutifully letting her repeat herself for an hour,  I said, "STOP."
She looked at me stunned, I had NEVER voiced myself like that before!  It felt so good!
Some how, this remedy gave me my voice, and self esteem for the first time!

So, I gifted the remedy to my friend, and she also gave it to her husband.

She called and said, "I feel cheerful again, things don't keep revolving in my head like an old record, with a scratch in it.
My cranky, irritable husband has his sense of humor back.
I am not sure how Luyties #304 works, but am so glad someone created it, because it works better than any counselor we have gone to in 33 years of marriage!"

AND... my husband has hung onto 140 boxes of junk, in his garage for 33 years, and this morning he announced he is going to clean out the garage!

The only thing that changed, in that time, is the 140 boxes collected dust, and he is taking the #304.
He is out in the garage cleaning now... WHISTLING while he works!

Anonymous in Oregon

Dearest Readers,

I was at the above friend's home the other day, and she said she has not heard her husband whistle in 6 years.

This morning, he was whistling when I dropped by for a visit!  And her silent husband?
He is a now a proverbial chatty Cathy!
Neither of us knew what to do with him, his new behavior is so foreign to us both!

A few years ago, he had gone to counseling with her, sat there with his arms folded in front of him, and she said, "He looked and acted like a pouty five-year-old, 'Can't make me talk. Won't change.  Can't make me.'  His attitude left our entire family suffering.  We were held prisoner by his anger."

I am not prescribing, only sharing what happened to three of my friends.

Based on their emails, I too sent for a bottle, and just like these ladies, I am experiencing more energy, better sleep, and a happy heart!

For the last few months, I have been tired, and neglected the house work.  I saw what needed to be done, but in a brain fog just dismissed it, thinking "later."
The clutter was taking over our home.

Well, before typing this information, I washed all the furniture in two rooms, plus the door jams, photo frames.
I happily moved through the rooms, with a miracle cloth, (of course) and made the house look as shiny, and as happy as I am feeling.

My husband is taking the formula, and remarked how well he is feeling, in just a few days.
He, like the other man, is also whistling again.  Music to my ears!

I also gave #304 to Miss Wings, my kitty, who was very nervous for her TV debut last week swimming.
The stress left her cranky, and now she is calmer and friendlier.

For years, people have tried to heal their problems with counselors, drinking, drugs, medical pills in a bottle, but honestly, how many do you know that actually have a miraculous change?

I have seen it with my friends, heard it in their now calm voices.

Every day, these three ladies, who sent in their letters call, with new and wonderful ways their lives have changed!
They are the best phone conversations, filled with joy, disbelief, and laughter that we have had in our years of friendships. What a miracle!

The only benefit for me, sharing their stories, is knowing someone's life is about to change for the better!

How great is that!

I am not prescribing, you must seek your own medical oppinion.
The homeopathic company has not asked me to write, they are not giving me a reduction in the price of our family's products, and they are not gifting me anything.  Purely sharing, as it is the right thing to do!"

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Homeopathic Remedy
Luyties  #304
- Ask your local health
store to see if they can bring it in. 
(It will save you shipping.) 
- Once, you try Luyties, you will be sending
all your friends to the store to pick it up.
* Also, Tell them you heard about it on Angel Scribe.*

Homeopathic Books

The Family Guide to Homeopathy       by Dr. Andrew Lockie
The Family Guide to Homeopathy       by Dr. Alain Horvilleur
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Dr. Don Hamilton
The Nature of Animal Healing              by Dr. Martin Goldstein
Essential Homeopathy: What it Is & What it Can Do for You by Dana Ullman

Not everyone is going to believe in you.
You have to believe in yourself.

Don't be afraid of criticism or give up.
You have a treasure on the inside, never give up.

Keep your fire going.
Keep your dream alive.
~ Joel Osteen ~

Dr. Steve Koda
Dr. Steve Responds
A tad long, but educational

Dear Mary Ellen,
I am not surprised that such a change occurred in response to a homeopathic remedy.
There have been many attempts to debunk homeopathy which have failed.
There have been many studies to prove that homeopathy works, and have been successful.
The tricky part is prescribing a remedy, and finding the right remedy.

Homeopathy is based on the law of similars.
Any substance you ingest, has some effect on the body.
We are more familiar with high dose medicines, which have a pronounced effect.
When we get down to the basics, any substance given in high enough doses may cause various symptoms to appear - including mental and emotional symptoms - even very odd symptoms.
Some substances when ingested, in high dose, will cause the symptoms of this anonymous Florida woman's husband.
Using homeopathic treatment, we would identify such substance, then prescribe it in a very small dose.
At a small dose, (perhaps so small that only the energy pattern of the substance is left), the body is nudged to respond to the substance.
The body prepares its response, and seeking balance, addresses the symptoms.

It is a wonderful demonstration of life being more than the physical body.
Physically, we are cells, tissues, and organs comprised by particles, atoms and molecules in constant vibration.
However, as we have learned through our advanced physics, all mass is energy observed in space.
Each of us is an energy system.
There are energy transactions occurring continually within each of us - and all around us.

As living beings, we are constantly exposed to external influences.
We eat and drink.
We breathe the air around us.
We come into contact with viruses, bacteria, minerals, plants, animals, and people.
We walk among a field of electromagnetic energy.
We interact with others, and are influenced by their thoughts, words and emotions.
We invite spirit to act upon our souls.
All of these influences affect us and trigger energy transactions within us.
Some transactions are macroscopic mass transactions.
Others are microscopic chemical transactions.
Still others are subtle transactions, not yet understood scientifically.

Every external influence is a stressor, acting as a force, upon our energy system.
These stressors tend to move us away from equilibrium.
We respond to these stressors by adjusting and changing.
We are constantly experiencing life and growing into new states of equilibrium.

Our body's response to stressors may be exhibited as signs and symptoms.
In such case, we call these stressors morbific influences.
Signs and symptoms are our body's response to morbific influences.  The innate intelligence of our being, seeks to restore equilibrium.
Sometimes we label a specific pattern of signs and symptoms, as a specific disease.
Sometimes, the pattern does not present as recognizable physical symptoms, but may still affect our mind or emotions.
In the presence of these influences we move to a new state of balance (and some manifesting pattern) and can not get back to where (or who) we were.
Homeostasis - balance - is maintained in the presence of the morbific influences, by finding a new normal.
It is like a new set point has been given to our thermostat (our body, mind, soul).
Homeopathy, is a wonderful tool for triggering the body to get rid of a specific pattern of morbific influences, and undo the artificial set point - so that balance once again is a place without that specific, undesired pattern of physical, mental and or emotional symptoms.

One could spend lifetimes learning the various patterns of various substances, and more lifetimes learning the skills to get patients into a comfortable trusting space, where they can speak freely and reveal, not just the expected medical symptoms, but the strange, quirky and bizarre parts of their pattern.

Best wishes,
Dr. Steven Koda, ND
Seattle, Washington

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