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Miracle Dog Stories of Summer!
July 26, 2005
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In This Edition
- The Miracle of Love
- Buddy's Miracle Rainbow
- Gratitude is in the Attitude
Dearest Readers,
Just for FUN!
Our 2 year old cat Nymbus had his first swim lesson!
Next time we take the cat swimming, we will have a
camera ready!
He is a graceful and strong swimmer!
Hoping you are making wonderful summer memories
with your loved ones!
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"

The Miracle of Love
Firefighter,Jeff Clark, bravely carried the pregnant female, rescuing her,
from her burning home.
He gently set her down in the front yard to let her catch her
breath, while he rushed back to the house and continued to
fight the fire.
The firefighter was afraid of her at first, because he has never
been around Dobermans.
When the fire was out, the firefighter knelt down to rest and
catch his breath.
Patrick Schneider a newspaper photographer for Charlotte, North Carolina's,
"The Observer," noticed the red Doberman looking at the
The reporter watched as the dog walked straight toward the
exhausted firefighter.
Not knowing what was going to happen next, the reporter
raised his camera.
The dog walked up to the tired firefighter, who had saved
her life and the lives of her babies, and kissed him, just as
the camera captured this photo.

Buddy's Miracle Rainbow
by Kathleen in Maine
Our beautiful golden retriever, Buddy, was terminally ill
and our family had to make the heart wrenching decision,
out of our love for him, to stop his suffering.
For the last four months, Buddy had under gone chemo
treatments at the oncology hospital, a 90 minute drive
He came home between treatments.
Our twin 16 year old boys took turns, day and night, to
meet Buddy's needs; getting him water, keeping him cool,
letting him out and handling all of his care.
Even though it meant sacrificing their own sleep and summer
vacation, it never occurred to these young men that it was a
They loved Buddy so much, they took his illness and needs
in stride.
No one in our family wanted Buddy to die alone, so we all
drove with him up to the hospital.
In his precious few final moments we held him, petted him
and talked to him.
We told him we loved him, and thanked him for his years
of love and service as he protected our family and loved
each one of us.
Almost, before they gave him the injection...he appeared
to take his last breath.

We drove home, from the vet hospital, without anyone
saying much in the car.
Besides our tears and sobs, a collective silence pervaded.
When we eventually turned onto our road home, it
began to rain.
We pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and it
started pouring....huge a southern rain
storm...a real downpour.
We walked from the car, over to the porch, and my
husband walked right passed us into the front yard
and looked up into the sky.
He had a puzzled look in his eyes and exclaimed,
"This is weird!"
"There is not a cloud in the sky!" "It's pouring and look!
NOT ONE CLOUD up in the sky!"
So, the boys joined him, in the rain, and stood beside
him and looked up.
The sun shone unrealisticly brightly. It blinded us as
we looked up into the rain storm. And my husband
was right...not one cloud!
Then, to the left of our yard and front porch, where we
had trained Buddy to walk over to the woods, when he
needed to go out, in the midst of thick forest evergreen
trees...a beautiful rainbow formed.
The colors were stunning, the rainbow appeared to be
I sighed, "That's our sign from Buddy, that's he's at peace
and OK."
Everyone agreed.
Our eyes followed the rainbow's end and it stopped where
Buddy used to walk. It was surreal.
It was definitely the sign we all needed to heal our broken
We laughed at the magic of the moment and felt peaceful.
We know Buddy's watching over us from a place where
there are rainbows and the sadness and pain are finally
Twenty minutes after the "rain storm" at our house stopped,
my husband and I drove into town.
All the way in... and all the way back...the roads (except for
our own street) were DRY. Not a drop of rain anywhere!
Only the rain and rainbow were at our house.
We KNEW it was a miracle! We got chills.
My husband "Mr. Skeptic" is a scientist by trade.
If it is not a fact, well then it needs more research, but he
knew this was a sign from Buddy, and even he couldn't
refute all the signs!

Angel Scribe Reader Responds
Gratitude is in Your Attitude!
Dear Mary Ellen,

Thank you for your newsletter, and all the support and
confirmation of many of my own thoughts and feelings
over the last several years.
Your newsletters make me feel "normal" where, in my
world (especially my job) I feel like the "odd" man out.
What prompted me to write is, while your newsletter's
are always enlightening and enjoyable, today you seemed
to be reading my mind!
My husband is ill, and in the last few years his illness has
been progressing more quickly than I had expected it to -
or was ready for.
He was a very talented mechanic, and lost his job over a
year ago as a result of his illness.
One thing your last newsletter mentioned today is important
The message from James Van Praagh, about the husband
on the other side regarding, "the best life to a
positive life."
Whether it's the illness that made my husband negative -
the negativity that made him ill .... I don't know... but he
has a constant negative attitude about everything, and is
very sad all of the time.
The message is so doesn't matter where you live,
what you have, who you owe, or how your feel.
What really matters is how you look at it.
I have a positive outlook on life, and if I could wish one thing
for my husband - it would be a change of outlook.
We all have burdens and troubles.. but we don't have to
choose to let them burden and trouble us.
Your letter's have shown that too, in your personal journeys.
Thank you for providing your newsletter for those of us who
can't afford to pay right now.
Sometimes it's those stars in danger of burning out that need
your "light lift" the most.

God Bless You! Marilyn

Day Breakę
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Imagine an Angel of Light manifests beside you,
you turn to her and she says...
Day Light breaks in your corner of the world,
and you groan...
and we say,"Change your vision of this minute.
See life with new eyes
and you will no longer dread awakening!"
Each day is a golden opportunity to create magic
in other's lives.
Each day is a day to call in God's/Spirit's/Angels' help.
Each new day is a blessing on your journey through life
as they tie together into a string leading you forward to
your birth's destiny.
How can one not appreciate the blessings
of a new day on earth?
It offers you hope, it offers you another chance
to bring hope and love into other's lives.
The millions of billions of people who have passed
over through the earth's existence would appreciate
this moment,
this next breath you take,
the colors you see before you
and the sight of your loved one's faces.
Each day is a treasure,
rare and unique,
a magical and irreplaceable gift.
When you awake
unwrap the day with a new joy,
a new opportunity
and with new eyes.

Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
it's the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead ~

Expect Miracles...
is more than the name of a really good book!
- it is a way of life for many of us!

A miracle newspaper/magazine
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do not have access to a computer.

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