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Child Sees Angels in Tennessee
July 22, 2005
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- Welcome Back
- Angels in Tennessee
- Miracle in Seattle
Dearest Readers,
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May your summer be filled with JOY, Laughter, Love and Miracles,
Mary Ellen ^I^
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Child Sees Angels
in Tennessee
by Lisa in Brookfield, WI
Last week, I was visiting my sister's family in Powell, Tennessee. We woke up at 4:30 am for my return get to the airport on time. It was too early to waken my cute three year old niece, Angela, for a good-bye hug.
Shortly after we were awake, Angela woke up crying from a bad dream. She told us her dream was about a bird, and because Angela was crying, my sister let her get up.
Moments before we left for the airport, my sister, brother in law and two nieces joined in prayer for my safety flying home.
After we finished the prayer, Angela pointed into another other room and said, "Look! Four Angels!" We asked, "You see Angels?"

She nodded her head and said, "Yes".

We all turned and looked in the direction she was pointing. We didn't see anything, except the reflection of the chandelier against the wall and figured that is what she was talking we brushed it off.
My air-travel day did not go as planned. My second flight was canceled, and the passengers were diverted to totally different airline.
I called my sister, when I arrived safely home. She said she had more to share about Angela and the Angels.
My sister said that when my brother-in-law, niece and I were getting into the car, (my sister and Angela were waving to us from the doorway of the house) , Angela as a matter of fact said, "Angels outside."

As we were driving away up their dark street, Angela said, "Angels gone...gone now."

It made me wonder if her "bad" dream of the bird was a symbolic premonition of the airplane that I was directed off! I truly believe Angela sees Angels and they were sent to take care of me.
I have had a very peaceful feeling since then. I just wish I could see them too.
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Miracle in Seattle

Dearest Readers,

A miracle is often a shift in a thought pattern and this is what transpired in Seattle.

A few weeks ago, Atira and I were greeters at James Van Praagh's event.

James was addressing a woman in the audience who has a husband on the other side.

James was relaying info from her husband to prove that love goes on...even after death.

I was a door greeter, near the front of the room, and watched as the 400 folks in the audience began to get fidgety. Most folks zone out if they are not personally getting information.
Just then...James looks up from the woman, faces the audience .... and says, "Your husband has a message for everyone in this room."
The eyes of the audience all turned, in one motion, and looked at James. It was like watching something on TV with beautifully orchestrated precision. The audience anticipated what wisdom may be shared to uplift or improve their lives.

They sat motionless, the silence was deafening!

Then James addressed them, "Your husband wants the audience to know that living a positive the best life to live.
"Truly their faces lit up, like a light went on in their souls!
It was a magical moment, like when all the chocolate chips melt into the cooking the same time and be come one. I visibly watched as their minds shifted, the entire audience... in one split second, from a negative or complaining life style to one of grace and compassion.

UNFORGETTABLE ... A life changing moment!!!

The second memorable message that James shared with us still sings in my heart.

James was explaining how he hears "the other side" and a spiritual guide or Angel told him that they see so much love in our world and around us... and they are baffled why we are not expressing it.
I am too! Lets all work on changing that!
Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

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Inspirational Lecturer/Author
John Harricharan
Teaching 12 Power Principles
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Angels and Miracles
Prayer Team
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~Masaru Emoto ~
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