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Holy Toledo,
an Angel Cloud!
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Dearest Readers,
Happy Summer, to those in the Northern Hemisphere!
The last newsletter, on personalities miraculously shifting, has hit a positive nerve with readers.
Some tried the homeopathic remedy mentioned, Luyties #304, and wrote that their loved ones are experiencing the same miraculous results. 
Most notably, letters from a New York police officer, and a medical doctor in Louisiana on how the remedy has benefited them, and their stress-full lives.
An Angel Scribe proof reader declared, "If my husband of 25 years, keeps up with his new UNcranky attitude, I just may keep the old curmudgeon!"
Our family has used, and knows the power of homeopathy, and gave #304 to our one cranky kitty, with contented purring results.  She is affectionate now.
And my friend, who gave #304 to her husband, reports that he too is much more affectionate!
So she gave it to her hyper dogs, prior to July 4th fireworks.
This is the first year her dogs have remained calm, during fireworks.
And her husband's constant cranky attitude, has shifted to his original kind and sweet nature, making both their lives easier.  His large swollen stomach is receding naturally too!

Note: The homeopathic company is not giving me any free products, or a kick back.
I am sharing, because it is the right thing to do, this homeopathic remedy has helped my friends, pets and family, and now readers lives as well.
Also, if an  Angel Cloud appears in the sky, how many people do you think have the mind set to see it? 
When you see one, know that it is a gift.

How many are looking for signs of HOPE in their lives?
An Angel cloud floats high above a city, and thousands of people, but only a select few, some times...only one person, sees and acknowledges the cloud. 
May you have a life filled with miracles, and Angel Clouds.
Mary Ellen ^I^ 

Homeopathic Remedy Luyties  #304
This information is educational, I am not prescribing.
- Mention that you heard about it on Angel Scribe -
Phone  1-800-homeopathy           1-800-466-3672

Holy Toledo,
An Angel Cloud! 
   Angel Cloud in Toledo, Ohio
Story and Photo by Les, in Columbus, Ohio
Angel Cloud Above Toledo's High-Level Bridge in Ohio

My 80 year old mother loves Angels, and she is fiercely independent.
Even though she has three sons, who all live in different cities, she plows ahead in life, doing what she wants, when she wants.

She does not like to bother people, and had cataract surgery without telling us.

Recently, she had a heart pacemaker put in, and true to form, she didn't tell any of us. 

I received a phone call from her worried friend, who told me.

My wife and I immediately drove to Toledo, Ohio to check on my mother, as she had been readmitted to the hospital.

According to Mom, I was with her in spirit the whole time. 
She said, with her belief in Angels, she was unafraid, and happy that everything went so well.

My wife and I left the hospital, and toured Toledo, and accidently ended up at Toledo's High-Level bridge.
We were looking for a place to buy a tall, cool drink.  We needed it after the drive, and stress of worrying about Mom.

The beauty on the west side of the bridge was overwhelming, so I snapped a few photos of it.

It was not until we arrived home, that we noticed the Angel in the clouds.  I named it HIGH LEVEL ANGEL.

Les in Columbus, Ohio 

Hands of One
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" & her Angels

If God reached out His/Her hand to you ... would you reach out and grasp it ... or would you hesitate?

Would you stop ... and consider what it meant? 
Or, would you know deep inside, that this is the Universal connection, your soul yearned for?

And would you now understand, that you where willing to connect to the Divine source, and work with it in your life ... and would this give you great fear, or great motivation?

Each must make up their own mind. 
Each walks their own path.

Walking through life, hand in hand with God, is to walk your life's purpose with a smile...and dedication in your heart.

You know others will question your motives, and sanity. 
They will see you veer off the normal path, trod upon by the masses ... to blaze your discover ... for yourself ... what is essential to your being. 
Leaving your path causes them confusion, for they know not the strength of your passion, and inner commitment.

Jesus blazed his own path.  He walked and talked, what his heart held ... and we can all do this. 
No matter if we are a janitor, an engineer, an executive, or out of work.

Each of us has a sacred path, unique to only us to walk.

We can follow along with the masses and think about, "What if God reached out His/Her hand to us?"
Or, we can ask for God's hand, and reach out and grasp it in a firm hold ... and walk forward as one.


Celebrate your unique spirit;
you are perfect just as you are. 
As you show up in your world
each day
let your light and spirit
shine upon all you meet.
They will be blessed to know you.

Not everyone is going to believe in you.
You have to believe in yourself.

Don't be afraid of criticism or give up.
You have a treasure on the inside, never give up.

Keep your fire going.
Keep your dream alive.
~ Joel Osteen ~

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