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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Freezing Cold Mountain Water
slides along the Row River towards Cottage Grove, Oregon.
(Just as I snapped this photo, a bird flew by. It is the shadow at the top.)
Dearest Readers,

YES! Miracles happen every day.  They do not have to be huge to capture your attention.  It is the little life-affirming miracles that help us understand -- we are not alone and that the Angels walk beside us.  Often the Angels nudge us in directions or actions not previously planned five minutes ago.

For example:  It is summer time, and the availability of the Angel Scribe proofreaders Pat in Washington State, Ann in Ontario, Canada, and Karen in Ohio, was going to be difficult because they have holidays planned.

We needed a new proofreader and FAST!  Three days after this line of thinking, an e-mail arrived from long-time reader Susan.  In the decade that she has been reading Angel Scribe she has never -not once - written or responded to a newsletter.

On a whim, I phoned her.  Now, what are whims? Possibly they are directives from the Angels to spur us forward into a miracle?

I answered the question she had asked in her e-mail, then on another whim asked, "Are you any good at proofreading?"  (I had finished a newsletter, it was ready for proofing and all three proofreaders were unavailable.)

What happened next is a miracle.

If you are going to manifest a proofreader, what are a few things that you might want? Someone who loves it, is good at it, available at odd hours, a professional...and TA DA--we hit the jackpot!  Susan will explain the miracle....
Dear Angel Scribe Readers,
I certainly don't have time to read every E-mail that comes my way, but I always read Mary Ellen's newsletters and have for 10 years.

I love them because, no matter how I am feeling, I always feel better after reading them.  Angel Scribe is full of heartwarming stories about Angels and miracles, and they are written in such a personal, life-affirming style. So, I save them, in their own file, to reread.

Lately, I have had dental problems and the dentist suggested expensive and painful treatments.  I was trying to decide what to do and then remembered the "Angels Do Teeth" newsletter.

I reviewed it and E-mailed Mary Ellen with some follow-up questions.  I didn't expect a response, reasoning that she was busy with thousands of people, so why would she respond to me?
Imagine my surprise! Minutes later, Mary Ellen phoned me!  Her voice sounded the way I'd imagined an Angel's voice would sound. I had never E-mailed her before, and hearing her voice was a total moment of joy.
We talked for a few minutes, she answered my questions and then, out of the blue, she asked, "Are you any good at proofreading?" 

I laughed, "Yes. I've been a professional editor for most of my working life.  I taught grammar and writing to juniors entering the Mass Communications department at the University of South Florida."

Then Mary Ellen shared her side of this miracle, and we agreed that we had mutually experienced a miracle.  I needed Angel help with my dental problem, and she needed a proofreader.  We had found each other when we least expected it!  Thus revealing proof that Angels exist and we can all "Expect Miracles!"

At the end of our conversation Mary Ellen laughed and asked, "Where in the world did I phone?" 
She had open heartedly picked up the phone and dialed, unaware of where I lived.  It was a great day--hope for my teeth, a new friend, a miracle and an opportunity to help Mary Ellen and the Angels with their work!

Your new proofreader in Tampa, Florida, Susan.
Special NOTE
A week after Susan wrote her miracle above, she underwent emergency surgery
and is in need of our prayers!!!
Phoning for a Miracle
Maria in Eugene, Oregon

After 15 years, the breakup with my boyfriend was both tragic and difficult.  I was  ready for a change, in everything, and began with my home.  After the last of his things were moved out, it seemed wise to reclaim the space as all my own again. 

The living room is small...and the couches big, so this left few options for rearranging the furniture. I was emotional and overwhelmed with yet another frustrating situation.

As hard as I tried, I couldn't see a way to make the living room look different.  One night, I phoned a girlfriend on her cell phone.

It seems that when you really humble yourself, ask for what you need, the Universe opens its arms for you!

My friend "just happened" to be in my neighborhood, visiting a friend of hers. They jumped at the chance to help me, and arrived moments later.

Now for the miracle!  Everyone would love a Feng Shui expert to arrive and save the day, and that is just what happened!

My friend's friend is trained in Feng Shui!  She cheerfully rearranged the furniture-- and along with moving it, she cleared out all the negative energy from the space.  She made it all appear so easy, and soon the three of us were giggling.  It was a miraculous transformation for my home and spirit!

It's now 9 months later, and I have "birthed" a brand-new wonderful life. I'm happier than ever, with wonderful friends, a beautiful home, and an amazing job.
In October, I'm traveling to Africa with a team of doctors who are providing medical care to women and children as part of my work with Holt International, an organization dedicated to finding homes for and helping orphans around the world.  www.holtintl.org
(Mary Ellen's neighbor's Linda and Bryan, adopted 9 children through us from Korea!)

I will keep you posted on the resulting miracles from our team's trip of mercy, love and dedication.

Maria in Eugene, Oregon
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Worship Center nestled below the hills --16 miles east of Cottage Grove, Oregon
Amy in Westerville, Ohio
Thank you for your newsletters, they always brighten my day.
 Rita in Queensland, Australia
I love the last Angel Scribe. My mum's name is Angelica, she is on the other side and just reading the word Angelic ALWAYS brings mum to mind--not that she is ever too far away from my thoughts!  Thank you.
 Penny in Goodyear, Arizona

I subscribed to Angel Scribe in 1996 and have forward newsletters onto many people.  It is a real inspiration in my life!  Keep up the wonderful work you do!  You are in my prayers, always!
Thank You!
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