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- The job is not done until the paper work is in! -
photograph by Mary Ellen
Pastor Cindy asked for a simple prayer for her church.
You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
~ Anonymous ~
Dearest Readers,

Miracles can be as simple as a piece of toilet paper!

On the twenty mile trip to Costco, I asked my husband if we could pick up extra toilet paper.  He asked, "Why? We have plenty at home."

"Well," I replied, "Cindy, the pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, took into her home two recent widows who have no income.  One is 89-years-old! I think toilet paper would be a blessing to the household, and if they can't use it, her congregation of 40 parishioners probably could because they feed 60 homeless people every Wednesday."

We bought a large package containing 36 rolls of toilet paper.  When we arrived home, I excitedly carried the over-sized gift, high on my shoulder, to her home, and knocked on her door.

"What is that?" She asked as she swung her bright red door wide open.

"We thought you might be able to use this gift," I responded, "
You do so many kind things for others."

With her mouth gaping open, and her brows knitted together, Cindy tilted her head to the right and suspiciously asked, "Who told you that we do not have even one roll of toilet paper at our church?"

Stunned, I responded, "No one. I had no idea. I just had a spontaneous feeling that you could use some."

Readers, you have to understand this gift exchange of toilet paper has NEVER happened before. And, apparently, the timing was divinely orchestrated!

Cindy's big blue eyes remained extra wide as she continued, "Not one roll. And we have no money. No money to buy any and our freezer died and we lost hundreds of dollars of food to feed the homeless last night.  This is just a miracle!"
We then stared at each other knowing that this was indeed a miracle.

Dearest Readers, this is how God/Spirit/The Angels work their mysterious ways.

From Cindy's lips, a prayer to God's ears, to my heart.  Something as simple as toilet paper to make others' lives easier is a miracle.

(Imagine sitting in a restroom, needing a piece of toilet paper and hoping one manifests.  It is something we can all relate to, no matter where we live in the world or what our beliefs are.)

Cindy activated the miracle through prayer, and an open heart to do service that was needed on my part for the miracle to complete.

Be open.  Ask to be a Divine Vehicle for God/Spirit/The Angels to work through you.  We did, and are laughing wondering if our toilet paper miracle will become "the butt" of jokes!

Pastor Cindy's serious and light hearted take on the miracle, "God knows what we need even before we know we need it.   People have a variety of needs and are often too embarrassed to tell anyone. 

God works in the spiritual realm to meet the needs of his loved ones and he KNOWS that toilet paper is a gift of the modern era!  How awkward it would have been to bring over a bag of corn cobs!" laughs good natured Pastor Cindy.

"When I saw Mary Ellen, grinning at my door, with that huge stack of toilet paper on her shoulder, I thought 'What is Mary Ellen up to now?'  She is always bringing love gifts over; clothes, toiletries, food, and now TP!
Our congregation is comprised of 40 caring individuals who help feed, clothe and pray for the least among us as Jesus did.  It says in the Bible to care for these people, as they hold the same spark of the Divine in them that Jesus did.

A month ago, our church ran out of coffee and I was frantically searching through the cupboards for some when a homeless woman arrived.  She came for the meager coffee and cookies we have for those that are hungry. 

I said, "We are out of coffee, but I can fix you a cup of tea." She remembered that someone had given her coffee in a baggie, and it was in her backpack.  We laughed at the change in who had the coffee and who didn't.  

I told her I would buy and repay her the coffee after our service. That evening, when she returned, I refilled her baggie, and she took the coffee back to her homeless camp. 

I always remind God that we are in need and trust that he will supply.  I did not know the miracle of toilet paper would manifest through my beloved neighbor," comments Pastor Cindy Slaymaker.   
Cottage Grove Church of the Nazarene.
PO BOX 1358,
Cottage Grove, OR 97424   
email         cgnaz@oip.net
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Speaking on Miracles
- Listen to the XZONE Radio Show Inteview -
 * * *
Listener's Comment
Mary Ellen, I loved the show - it was great hearing your positive and beautiful voice!
Diane and Chadwick in Chicago.
 * * *
I listened to your radio show and it was great.  You have such a sweet voice.  I had forgotten about the healing tapioca miracle story.  
Love,  Patti in Syracuse, New York
Following is the complete Prayer to Bring Miracles into Your Life
mentioned in the above Radio Show.
The Awakening
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" & her Angels

To awaken one day,
as Rip van Winkle,
and you see your life with new eyes;

- to see
- to know
- and feel
that God/Spirit and the Angels
are somehow working through you,
or with you,
is a revelation.

And you ask,
"How can I create a better bridge,
a stronger bridge
for this Divine energy?"

And we say,
"Where you stand,
where you sit,
raise your hands
and arms
towards the heavens
and say,
"Dear Holy God,
dearest Angels of Light,
I raise my energy,
I open my hands, arms
and heart
to be an Earth Angel on earth.

I need not see you,
I need not hear you
to be guided
to do your will
and show your love on earth.

Guide me to be a vehicle
to answer others' prayers,
to show that God/Spirit and the Angels
really do hear."

Often a miracle takes place
when one person is in need
and a second party shows up
to complete their request.
"I raise my arms
and open my heart today,
in this moment,
to demonstrate to you
and to myself
that I am no longer sleep-walking in life,
that my intention is to be a vehicle
for your loving energy to open
and awaken
and touch gently
the hearts of others."

And as you lower your arms. 
And you smile from heart to soul....
knowing deep, deep within,
at a soul level....
that today
you are finally awake
and it is no longer an ordinary life,
but an extraordinary day
in the space of eternity."

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