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Beautiful Summer Garden
The blue Iris is one of the many mysteries of colors in the Universe.
Dearest Readers,
In these trying times, sometimes a gentle word of comfort from a loved one, a special friend...or the Angels will lift our spirits.
May this next Angelic Writing shine some light on your life.  Imagine for one brief moment that you hear a rustle to your left and standing there before you, very transparent and shimmering, is an Angel and she says.....
"Welcome to the Light, where all are gathered before God/Spirit/and All That Is to send our Heaven-sent Blessings out to you . . . in waves of Love. 
Gentle, telepathic, Light waves...sent to seek those who have prayed for Love...to enter your heart, your situation, and to strengthen your courage.

We send Universal Love and Light out from our hearts to yours.  It is something we cherish, this time of gathering together and each building our individual Love with the next one's Love.  The strength and feelings increase as each puts forth their Love, and then...this is sent out Universally . . . in all directions.  It makes our hearts beam to know we are assistants to others in the Universe.

You may also participate in this great plan of sending out Love.  One may do it alone.  But gather two or more together, and the Love magnifies with each additional person. 
You may stand or sit and hold hands, then begin to hold the feeling of Love in your heart center.  
Watch as it grows larger and LOVElier and expands . . . and expands.  As each of you do this, you all become like a Lighthouse beacon. Your Light of Love becomes brighter and brighter and reaches out to others to help them on their dark and frightened paths of life.

Now, feel as if you are releasing this Love outward. Direct it out into the neighborhood, the city, over the country, and see it rise above the planet and become a vibrational cover. 
As one concentrates on Love, it grows.  There is no end to the expansion of your Love.  See your groups' combined Love ascend into space and be pulled where it is needed.

Anyone is capable of doing this brief and Loving technique.  You also benefit from the Loving feeling that vibrates in your body.  Try it when stuck in nonmoving traffic, in the darkness of a power outage, in the middle of a personal or frightening situation.  The calming feeling strengthens every cell in your body.

Think what a wonderful exercise this would be in a nursing home!  People gathered together, all of different beliefs and backgrounds, the only thing in common would be their desire to send Love to those they find it difficult to write to and to send Love to their Loved ones who have passed on.  If holding hands is difficult, then omit it, as it is the pure intention of the participants that counts.

Put this page down...rest your eyes for one minute.  Feel Love in your heart.  Feel it grow, and send it out in a vibration, in a colored Light, in a rainbow, in pink hearts, see it and you shall also be it.  Amen."
? Authors: Mary Ellen and her Angels
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