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June 14, 2005

Where Love Lives ... & ... JOY HEALS

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Divine Timing
Where Love Lives
Begin to Love
Children’s Inspirational Books

Dearest Readers,

How does it happen?

How does God/Spirit/The Angels orchestrate our lives to the precision of a second?

While in Las Vegas, 6 weeks ago, Atira and I had hopes of meeting Louise Hay, publisher of Hay House, but how could we...2,800 folks sat in chairs in front of us, and most wanted Louise to autograph her famous book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”

Atira and I watched Louise, our mentor, in awe, then sat and watched the speaker who followed her.

We left the event early, walked out and found Louise Hay autographing a book for one woman!

We got in “line”! We thanked Louise for her tenacity and insight to start her publishing company...which educates and helps folks around the world.

Now, in New York, at the Book Expo America, 20,000 folks milled around in the mega-size-boxed building containing 2,000 exhibits and 1000 authors signing their books.

At one point overwhelmed, I walked to the rear of the building away from the maddening crowd!

Stunned, staring, unbelievable... once again...there stood elegant Louise Hay...all by herself!

Dearest Readers, remember two newsletters ago how the “20 Step Program” was created for our health and posture?

Standing Taller
...all because Louise Hay autographed my book in Las Vegas with, JOY HEALS.

This time, in another city, I walked up to this incredible woman and thanked her for all of you who have had your lives touched by her two words, JOY HEALS.

These words have changed many of our postures and confidences for the better! (My chiropractor noticed the remarkable change... hope your friends/family see the difference in you too!)

How does the universe, meet miracle timing, twice, to the exact second for Louise and me to “bump” into each other in ever expanding huge crowds...crowds that miraculous temporarily cease to exist when we connect?

Life is a mystery...there is JOY to be found in quiet moments!

May all your moments be miraculous.,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Where Love Lives

Dearest Readers,

The day, I arrived at the hotel in New York for the Book Expo, I entered the lobby and saw a woman, I had already bumped into once before, in the hotel but this time she had cases and cases of books.

It was obvious that she and her small group where going to the Book I offered to help carry books and set up their booth with them.

Twenty minutes later we were all in the taxi cab riding with the cases of books to the Expo.

The next morning at the event’s breakfast, I had the honor of viewing Dr. Masaru Emoto’s lecture on the “Hidden Messages in Water.”

His work is gaining popularity since he was featured in the 2004 independent film, "What the Bleep Do We Know."

Sold out audiences are now common occurrences on Dr. Emoto's current speaking tour...


He has devised a method to freeze water, see how the snow flake crystals form, and then he photographs the frozen results.

First, Dr. Emoto has either folks pray or verbally abuse some water... and then he photographs the frozen water’s crystals.

Oh, my! What an eye opener to truth!!!

BELIEVING is one thing, seeing your belief unfold into reality in his video presentation is awe inspiring!

It's amazing to see what you believe become a physical reality as we watched the crystals grow!

Beautiful music formed breathtaking crystals.

Music that has negative words formed crystal snow flakes that looked like a nuclear blast was at their center.

(If words and music alter water, then it leads you to do human blood cells react?)

Knowing we are over 70% water.. and if one drop of water can resonate and form into a beautiful shape with classical music or kind words... what are we doing to our loved ones with words of hate or abuse?

How has society formed its children’s brains when they are not forming to words of encouragement and love?

One crystal appeared on the over head projector...and I began to cry.

I could not stop.

The faster the tears where wiped away, other tears quickly rolled into their vacant place.

The formation of the crystal was the most perfect and beautiful work of art that my eyes have seen.

In eyes would not stop tearing up.

It was as if the energy of the crystal slid into the audiences hearts and bodies and we began to resonate with it.

The word that had been spoken to this crystal was LOVE.

Dearest Readers, Love is truly beautiful!

I have seen it with my own eyes!

When Love is spoken to loved ones, it forms who they are inside.

They resonate with it.

Love is what life is all about.

Hold the energy of Love in your heart so that you too will begin to recreate who and what you are.

Let the old snow flakes of sadness, depression, hate or anger MELT.

Hold the new vision of Dr. Emoto’s water crystals.

“I am quite certain that the water in
the people who look at the photographs
of crystals undergoes some form of change.”

~ Masaru Emoto ~

Know that prayer literally changes the shape of the water crystals into beautiful forms, and so too this proves that prayer is REAL.

Proving that prayer has the energy to move and create!

If you buy only one book this year, or one DVD, make it Dr. Emoto’s life altering ones!

Oh, and the publishers who I helped carry book boxes into the Expo?

They tuned out to be from Oregon, like I am...what are the odds of that?

It gave us a good laugh, but at the breakfast event it was revealed that they are also Dr. Emoto’s publishers!

When your heart is full of good intentions, God/Spirit/The Angels lead you on an amazing path!

(Reading his books left me in greater awe of my tea-water miracle!)

Tea Stain Angel

Dr. Emoto is author of:
“The True Power of Water”
“The Hidden Messages in Water“
by Beyond Words Publishing

Both books containe amazing
water crystal photographs!

Photos of Crystals can be seen at:

Dr. Emoto’s website
Dr. Emoto’s publisher
Movie featuring his work

Newsletter Reader Confirms

Halo Mary Ellen,

Thanking you for including Dr. Emoto’s webpage in the last newsletter.

My daughter sent me the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know” for my birthday, and I had watched Dr. Emoto’s work mentioned in it last night.

Then, today I received the DVD of “Messages from Water.”

My daughter knows I am a book person more than a video/CD/DVD person and she THOUGHT she had ordered a book.

Her "mistake" was wonderful!

There is no substitute for actually watching the crystals grow...confirming that words, prayer, music and environment effect us all!

Since humans are mostly water, and our family buys bottled water for drinking and cooking, I am now going to write words like "Love" and "Thank you, water!" on the containers and conduct my own "experiment."

I'm excited to share this DVD with friends who will also benefit from it.

I've started a daily habit of INTENDING/ creating my day before getting out of bed.

I always enjoy and am uplifted by “ANGEL SCRIBE” newsletters and I will be envisioning all YOUR dreams coming true, too.

Peace, Love & Hugs,
Becky in Kerrville, Texas

Begin to Love
by Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe”

In your heart...feel it?

Sense it?

It is an alive energy that expands with Love.

Too many feel empty inside and
they try to fill their void by blaming
others for not loving them...
all the while emptying themselves further.

Fill your way.

Fill your heart with Love, your love
and begin to share it.

Your heart is not a vessel
to be filled from without in...
But from with in...out!

As your heart fills and expands
you feel a new anxiety,
like a cup so full
that you over flow its every moment.

And this is how it should be...
spill your cup of love,
let it fall where it lands.

The beautiful thing is...
the more that this love flows from you...
the more your heart joyously manufactures!

So, if you are feeling unloved,
begin to Love,
honor and respect yourself...
let your love begin to flow
and spill
all over you.


Life Changing Angelic Music

Angelic Music

Children’s Minds

Illumination Arts publishers are considered one of the best children’s book publishers in the world.

They have four new magical/beautiful picture books.

1. Am I a Color Too?
2. Something Special
3. Your Father Forever
4. Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Illumination Arts produces books that build a child’s self esteem and awareness of the special gift they are to the world!

These award-winning children’s books inspire the mind, touch the heart and uplift the spirit! Enjoy!

Press Release

Miracle Author, Mary Ellen on
Manhattan Neighborhood Cable.

Wednesday, June 15th, at 5:30 P.M.
Channels 67 and 110 in Manhattan,

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, nationally
known Positive Psychologist, and host
of “Uniquely You Now” brings you
pleasure of interviewing Inspirational
Miracle Author Mary Ellen, known as
"Angel Scribe" to her 50,000 Internet
on line newsletter readers.

Dr. Brian Weiss
James Van Praagh

Sunday June 26th in Seattle

Check for more speaking dates/times

Mary Ellen and Atira will be greeters
at the door for this event.

You can find us easily in the sparkly
beaded Scarves Atira designed!

Beautiful Beaded Scarves

Sylvia Browne
John Holland
~On tour~

Seattle August 15th.

Check for other Cities

Prophecy Keepers
online radio

Owned and operated by Native Americans,
another avenue for finding out what
is going on in prophecy circles to keep
ourselves up to date on earth changes, etc.

Listen to Native American Elders, Medicine Men
and Wisdom Keepers interviewed by Blue Otter.

HEART-felt donations are the
"Soul Support" to keep Angel Scribe's
inspirational service flowing and they
are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

A miracle newspaper/magazine
column is my wildest dream to
share miracles with folks who
do not have access to a computer.

“No matter what your intentions,
announcing them is an important step....
the simple act of saying something
is a way to gather energy towards you.”

“Especially when you say something
to other people, energy flows in your
direction and helps you to achieve your aims....
express your intentions, the realization of
those intentions will follow.”

“Let other people know your intentions
also often leads to the arrival of required
assistance from unexpected sources.”

~Masaru Emoto ~

Creating ANGEL SCRIBE newsletters
is purely from my heart to yours.

The newsletters are free to you,
but cost me about $80 a month
to produce.

Angel Scribe Readers requested
to help support the flow of the newsletters.

MARY ELLEN "Angel Scribe"
PO BOX 1004
Cottage Grove, OR

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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