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Miracles & Prayers are Real!
When does a miracle start and how do we know if prayers are real?
I decided to travel to Canada and visit my mother at the beginning of April.  My head was filled with ''the invisible list" of things to do, the time frame to do them, and planning the ten-hour drive north.
Then, a glitch "ruined" everything.  Or so I thought, forgetting, that often a glitch is the first ingredient to a miracle.
I caught a cold/flu and Epstien Barre (like Mono) at the same time.  Exhausted, unable to focus, the invisible timetable in my mind dissolved.
After three weeks, I was able to pack and make the trip.  I spent the first night of the journey   at Atira's Seattle home.   She was coming down with a cold, and the next day developed pneumonia.  Before leaving for Canada, I put Atira onto the Angels and Miracles Global Prayer Team that is listed at the end of each Angel Scribe newsletter.
Photo by Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
Mary Ellen's beautiful mother has a wonderful sense of humor.
After a week with my 86-year-old mother, she complained of feeling cold.  As the day progressed she became colder, her breathing worsened.  I checked her at bedtime to discover her looking disoriented, visibly shivering.  Stubborn, she refused any help. "I just want to see how I am in the morning," she said between gasps.
An hour later, she was obviously in distress so I phoned 911.  The paramedics discovered that Mum had a 103.3 temperature.  My mother has no recollection of the ambulance ride or the night in the hospital.  If she had stayed in her own bed, she would very likely have died there.
Luckily, she woke up in the morning at the hospital with her sense of humor back.
It was a miracle that I was in Canada.  God/Angels/Spirit knew the best departure date and recreated their own "invisible list."  If I had traveled on my schedule, according to my invisible list - I would have already been back home when Mum needed her miracle. 
Proving that there are no glitches, only Divine Timing at work!
Mum rallied under medical help, spent a week in the hospital, and is up and running again.  Since she gave birth to me, I joked that after saving her life, "We are even!"
In Seattle, Atira became extremely ill.  After three weeks of pneumonia, medical help, and Chinese medicines she was still struggling.  Atira had difficulty breathing, laryngitis, and no energy.  She scared us all!
That evening, I woke up at 1 AM and with nothing else to do began sending healing to her in this form:
I visualized our dear friend and healer Syd, my Indian Medicine Guide, Brave Spirit, my Angel, Light Wings. Atira loves the good witch in the Wizard of Oz, and Atira has a sense of humor, and I had way too much time on my hands at 1 AM, so just for fun I visualized everyone linking arms and skipping down the yellow brick road from Vancouver, Canada to Atira's home in Seattle.
I visualized Atira lying on a bed of healing crystals.  And thinking the bed might be too hard, I visualized God's clouds of love supporting her and wrapping around her like a comfy blanket.
I had the odd assortment of "travelers" stand around Atira's bed sending her healing, love, and remained open to being a vehicle for God's energy.

An hour later, at 2 am, I still could not sleep.  So I phoned Atira and asked if she was awake.
She said, "Yes, I've been awake for an hour.  It is the strangest thing! I woke up with a sudden start with a song repeating in my head."  Then she began singing, "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz."
Sending a prayer for healing, no matter how much fun it was to visualize...it obviously arrived!
Are prayers and miracles real? YES!  Can they be sent from your home around the world to loved ones and countries in need?  YES!
Atira's and my impromptu experiment/prayer illustrates the power of prayer and that it does arrive.  Not everyone has the gift to hear and see prayers as Atira does, but that does not discount the fact that your prayers have power and are delivered to where you are sending them.
Atira wants you to know, "Prayers can be in any form.  From very simple to elaborate, they do not have to be the structured form we learn in churches, synagogues, mosques etc.  A prayer is simply a sincere wish from the heart."
"The night Mary Ellen sent me the prayer, I heard the song, over and over, then I saw a yellow brick road.  Then I felt I was wrapped in an energy like spun cotton candy. A soft feeling.  This  sensation felt like I was resting  on a cloud, not a mattress. I felt totally loved and also felt a warmth in different parts of my body, my chest in particular, which makes sense considering what I had.
I lay there thinking about all the things I loved about the Wizard of Oz.  Then  I wondered why that particular song, at that hour, kept repeating in my mind.  Because I was still awake,  I began praying for myself and other people.
When Mary Ellen phoned at 2 AM, I was surprised to hear her voice because she does not normally phone at that hour when I am ill.  When she mentioned her "fun" prayer I was not surprised, because of our close friendship.  For us this has become our "normal" explains Atira.

A special "Thank you" to the prayer team for including Mum and Atira in their prayers.
Keep praying for those you love, keep believing in miracles.  Both are real!
Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^
Photo by Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
Artist Maria Elena painted BELIEVE in water color
On my way back to Oregon, I spent the night with Atira, and before bed I checked the email.
Atira is an amazing medium and before going to bed she said, "Your grandmother is here and thanks you for saving your mother's life.  It happened this way so that when your mother passes, you wont have any regrets."
Then she added, "Your grandmother wants you to know, "It is not about the level of education someone has, but how many lives they change that is important."
When Atira was done, I went back to my computer to answer emails.  Many of her clients, from around the world, were asking how Atira was feeling.  Atira was better, but still had a long way to go from the illness.
I quietly typed them back asking them to hold Atira in their prayers.  As Atira walked passed me towards her bedroom she stopped suddenly and declared, "Oh! How wonderful! People are praying for us!"  
Messages often arrive in symbols for clairvoyants.  Atira explains, "When I feel prayers, they arrive as little pink hearts.  At the same time gentle warmth comes into my heart.  I ask Spirit "What is going on?"  If it is something else, Spirit gives me what that is-- but if it is prayers, I see little pink hearts like Valentines candies, only prettier and sweeter to the spirit. The hearts are illuminated."
Once again, Atira left me with my mouth hanging open in surprise.  The gentleness of her explanation, her ability to "see" prayers, how enviable...and the fact that I had not told her what message I was sending to her clients to pray for her.
Atira can see and hear the prayers.  Prayers are real.  Believe.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Photo by Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
by Mary Ellen and her Angels
And the Angels said, "No matter where you are in your life, there is a way to share your heart, uplift others, and contribute to society.
There is one loving unique way you can make both this world brighter and others' lives, by donating your time, service, and gifts of yourself so that you are giving back for your precious gift of life.

As the beautiful flower, that nourishes our eyes and spirits as others gaze upon it, we too can give silently to others -- through gentle prayers that radiate from us to the world.
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