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June 9, 2005

New York Miracles...The Swallowed Smile

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New York
NY Miracle Moment
The Swallowed Smile
Hidden Messages in Water
James Van Praagh's Tour
John Holland's New Book

Dearest Readers,

New York is HUGE!

I saw wonderful acts of kindness and met many interesting folks during the week.

Prayer team member, Carol Jo, opened her home to me...and it was a blessing.

Mike, my 4 am cab driver to the NY airport, shared his inspirational story.

When Mike came to the USA he worked twelve hour days...for four straight years, at a gas station (in the extreme heat and cold of New York, his fingers bled from the cold) until he could buy a town car and have his own successful business.

Which he now does!

What an inspiration Mike is!

And just like other folks who go to New York to find their was a magical trip for me too!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein invited me on her 30 minute Manhattan cable TV show, “Uniquely You Now presents... THE ENCHANTED SELF.”

Our show airs in Manhattan June 15th at 5:30 PM EST. Cable channels 67 and 110. (From Manhattan Neighborhood Cable...part of Time Warner.)

If only 1% of Manhattan watches, a lot of folks who will learn about miracles!

Then........Brenda Knight, who represents Conari and Red Wheel Weiser publishing at the book expo mentioned that she promoted my book, “A Christmas Filled With Miracles” to Mayco, which consists of numerous department stores, (including the Federated Department store chain which owns Macy's).

AND...drum roll please!

They picked up “A Christmas Filled With Miracles” for this coming Christmas holiday season!

(It will be a blessing if they let me do book signings in their stores so I can meet newsletter readers!)

The book expo is so huge, I never saw all of it!

In total, I walked 30 miles at the Book Expo in 36 hours representing five inspirational female authors who were looking for publishers and media.

My feet kept yelling, “GET OFF OF ME!”

(They must need a swallowed smile!)

It was a good week!!!!

On Wednesday night, several New York newsletter readers gathered together for an enjoyable meal.

Everyone got along famously and Lyn had a miracle, posted below, on her way to the dinner.

Dearest Reader, may what is lying in your heart...with a deep knowing... come to the surface so you can serve mankind and follow your life path with a smile!

May your dreams become your reality like Mike’s and mine did!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^


There was another surprise, but will hold it for a future newsletter.

New York Miracle Moment
by Lyn in New York

This funny little miracle story would not have occurred unless I was going to meet Mary Ellen for dinner during her recent New York visit.

Mary Ellen asked us to bring business cards to share with everyone.

I was riding the cross-town bus, going from East side to West side, when I heard my name called.

I turned around and saw a beautiful young woman who looked vaguely familiar.

Who was she, I wondered?

It turned out she was a client of mine, I'd been her spiritual advisor four years ago.

We'd lost touch.

She was excited to see me and said she had been searching for me every where.

Because I was going to dinner with Mary Ellen, I just “happened” to have a pocket full of business cards and gave my client one.

All thanks to the "coincidence" of riding a bus I do not usually take, going to meet the miracle lady, Mary Ellen!

We never know fully what really good things await us.

It was a very special evening meal and I felt elated by all the affirmative energy of the guests.

Lyn in New York

How to Swallow a Smile

Tired of holding in your childhood anger?

Is it stealing the joy from your today’s and making it difficult for your loved ones to live with you or love you... as you explode in rage?

Are you spreading your anger like an emotional poison to your children?

Most likely creating in them, the same unrest that lies in your soul?

Or are you tired of feeling sad or depressed and looking for a way to climb out of the well that you fell into?

Here is a new and fun way to swallow a smile and begin your day with laughter in your heart.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and let out all your invisible held tensions.

Now smile.

Bend the sides of your mouth upwards and hold the smile.

Visualize this smile turning inward and lighting up your eyes, floating up to your brain and washing it with joy...then moving down to your nose, and slipping down your throat.

All the time...the smile is bringing a new sense, a new energy of joy to your face.

It is like you are catching the “Happiness Bug.”

Let the smile melt into your heart, shine its light into your stomach, relax your lungs, so you can take an even bigger breath.

Let the smile you swallowed move and refresh every limb, muscle and organ of your body.

Let it infuse into your blood cells.

Sit a moment and enjoy this experience.

You will open your eyes and truly feel like a new person.

Enjoy your smile all day long! And so will others enjoy being around you more!

The True Power of Water
by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Take a walk through the camera’s
eye and see the power of thought
and prayer in snow flake water crystals!

Dr. Emoto

Newsletter Reader Returns

Mary Ellen, I was one of your first subscribers in 1996 and somehow over the past few years fell off the mailing list.

Thankfully a very good friend of mine, who I had temporarily lost touch with... and one I used to forward your newsletters to...well, she was still subscribed and she started sending “Angel Scribe” to me!

Please add me back on to your list, your messages always seem to show up at just the right time in my life.

In light and love,

Mary Ellen,

Thank you for your inspiring and very much appreciated newsletter.

It has helped me in ways you can’t imagine!

Peace, Love and Joy,
Sandra in Hollywood, Florida

Mary Ellen, I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and my personal life has been a struggle the last couple of years.

Occasionally, I stumble across books and sites, such as yours, that help me stay on this spiritual journey, that I chose to take, although question at times.

I recently found your site during a time when I was questioning everything and it reaffirmed many things for me.

I finally realized that it is during a crisis that an opportunity for change and growth can occur.

Your newsletters are a valuable tool for me and others.

Love and Light to you.

Dr. Brian Weiss
James Van Praagh

Sunday June 26th in Seattle

Check for more speaking dates/times
Mary Ellen and Atira will be greeters
at the door for this event.

You can find us easily in the sparkly
beaded Scarves Atira designed!

John Holland

John Holland requests your experiences for his next book.

John is in search of inspirational, stories such as:

~ Angel encounters

~ A stranger’s advice that changed your life or put you on a new path.

~ After Death Communications, signs from the Other-Side such as a dreams, smells, vision, influence. lights flickering?

~ Has a child said something psychic or profound, or was a spiritual lesson?

John's book is due out in 2006 and your story may be chosen.

Submit 'YOUR STORY' at: e

The Spiritual Cinema Circle
In Your Own Home!

We can now join The Spiritual Cinema Circle, to see enlightening, heartful movies that ask the big questions about life.

Stephen Simon, producer of many wonderful movies such as SOMEWHERE IN TIME and WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, INDIGO is sharing what he loves the most!

He is a pioneer of spiritual cinema and has been working with others to make DVD movies available to us... and delivered to our homes!

Folks who join receive 2-3 spiritualy uplifting DVDs a month.

Check out Stephen's innovative service!

Spiritual Cinema

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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