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Have a Great Forever
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Syd absorbing the beauty of the Row River, Cottage Grove, Oregon
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When you meet someone special who is kind and has a great sense of humor...they slip into your life so simply and easily that...it is difficult to imagine a day without them.  I honestly thought Syd would live forever, he was a powerful force of love in everyone's lives.
Fifteen years ago at Church I quietly slipped in late.  In the full church, there was an empty seat on an aisle beside a very tall man with snow white hair, sparkling blue eyes, who had a very kind face and radiant smile.  From that moment, Syd became a wonderful father figure to me offering his wisdom and insight. 
Syd, always sat one chair over from the end of the row, so that spirit would bring someone he could chat with and uplift.  He was literally leaving room open in his life for someone he could help.

The day I sat in the chair next to him, changed both our lives for the better.  He was a wonderful family friend and the only grandfather my daughter knew.
He was a deeply spiritual man.  He drew new positive thoughts and ideas, on how to look at the world and the people in it...within our minds and hearts.

His favorite expression was "Have a great forever." It was his spiritual improvement on the common greeting, 'Have a great day.' "Why stop at one day," he would exclaim with a huge smile and add, "Have a great forever!"
What set Syd apart from the rest of the human population was his giving spirit.  He put the word gentle into gentleman.  His favorite hobby was garage sales, which he joyfully called 'garage shopping.'  

After we met, we spent Saturday mornings driving around Tacoma 'garage shopping.'  It was a magical time, watching him spread his joy.  It was not what was at the garage sales that he was looking for but WHO he was looking for.  He was clearly on a mission to uplift people.

When my two miracle books were published, he volunteered to chauffeur me to many of the book signings.  He loved being in the energy of miracles and inspiring those in need in the audience.  Over the years, it did not matter where we were...with a wide sweep of his hand, as if I was walking onto the stage of life, he'd happily and seriously introduced me to everyone as an "Earth Angel."  
Syd, had a kind word and a funny joke for everyone.  His heart was so full of love that he wanted to uplift and share and hear people laugh.  Even his final days in the hospital, all tubed up from pneumonia, he had the hearts of the nurses wrapped around his heart.

He made their days brighter with his humor and caring ways.  In his hospital bed, he would lean close in to me and whisper, "I am spreading seeds."  And he was.  Syd was spreading seeds of Love, letting them fall and take root where ever they landed.  He was a spiritual Johnny Appleseed.  He knew that people wanted to feel seen, heard and appreciated.
When he was barely able to breathe, due to his pneumonia, he asked about a friend and learned they were not feeling 'as well as they wanted to.'  So, he struggled and pulled himself up into a sitting position in bed, and sent them a prayer with his huge hands splayed open sending them love and God's healing energy.
At 77, Syd was secretly dying.  He did not want his friends to know, even family members were unaware of the disease that was bringing his physical life to a speedy end.  He did not believe in death of the spirit. He wanted no pity, no spoiling, no tears.  He wanted to be treated just the way we normally would.
Many people are confused how a man and woman can be best of friends...but we were.  We honored each other, supported each other and were grateful for having met on this great big planet.  He was the father figure I longed for.
As we age, our friends pass, our loved neighbors move, our co-workers pass...and our days can be left very empty.  For 15 years, I phoned Syd twice a day to laugh, and joke, and share uplifting animal and miracle stories.  I often thanked him for being a wonderful friend, and he always responded, "You are my best friend."

It is now a five hour drive from my home in Oregon to Syd's in Tacoma.  I often stayed with him to break up the long journey to Canada...another four hour drive.  In May, it was my 40th high school graduation reunion, and the first one I planned to attend. Initially, I was to drive to Syd's...stay there a few days, then head up to Canada.
A week before leaving, a haunting dream changed everything.  In the dream; I was standing at a store counter chatting with a clerk.  

Syd quietly came up behind me, gently took me in his arms and began waltzing.  Flabbergasted, embarrassed, I asked, "Syd, what are you doing?"  He did not respond.  Syd always had a hat full of funny comments, but this time he didn't.  Every cell of my being knew that something was very wrong.

He gently held me, our feet moving in unison to the music in his soul.  I focused on him.  Syd looked and felt frail, his inner spirit was drastically diminished.  Then, I telepathically felt the words THE LAST DANCE. It was evident, that this was our last dance.  I rested my head upon his shoulder and cried and cried, saying, "You are so loved," over and over.

So many people deeply loved Syd.  I was trying to whisper words of love and strength into his energy to renew him to continue living.  I woke up crying. Wet tears streamed down my face. I relayed the vision to my husband, and then proceeded to cry for the next twenty minutes.  The thought of losing Syd from my life was devastating.
Once composed, I phoned Syd and teased him, "You are in trouble, you made me cry."  Instead of his ever present sense of humor, he responded in a way that indicated the dream was a vision...very seriously he said, "Mary Ellen, you and I will dance forever."  

Another confirmation!  That was not a usual response!
Something was very wrong. I immediately began packing suitcases to head north.  Twenty minutes before leaving, his daughter phoned in tears.  She was barely able to choke out the words, "Dad is in the hospital. Please send prayers." 
She could say no more, she was under a direct order from Syd.  He told her not to tell any one that he was dying.  He wanted to go out in his own way, and joked, "Lets see how psychic they are!"  He felt that if we were to know how ill he was, then we would be told by spirit.

I stayed with Atira in Seattle and she said, "I did not have the heart to tell you. But the last time I prayed for Syd, the Angels came and stood in a line up with books in their hands.  I see this when the Angels are about to do a life review on someone."  So she had picked up on his physical state too!  Syd, always the proverbial teacher was tickled that we had broken his code of silence the way he had hoped.       http://angelscribe.com/atira.html
Because of the vision, I was fortunate to spend the next three days at the hospital at Syd's bed side making him comfortable, watching him tease the nurses with his tired bright blue eyes mischievously sparkling.  

On Friday afternoon, he said, "Spirit said I will be going home on Monday."   But once again, he was not giving us all the details.  He meant, going home to God.
A few hours later, I hugged him goodbye and went to spend the night with Atira.  She had known and loved Syd as long as I had, and he was an elder in her church.
Late that night, Syd suffered a massive stroke that took out his brain's master control board. Atira and I woke in the middle of the night, at the same time...and later learned it was the same time that he had his stroke.  In the wee hours of the morning, his family and I rushed to the hospital and a new doctor was summoned to his aid.

It is strange how spirit provides in your hour of need.  I looked up, and there stood the only doctor that I know in Tacoma. Dr. Jim had freely spent time encouraging me with his wisdom and knowledge when I had c. years ago.  He is also Atira's friend.

"Mary Ellen, what are you doing here? Didn't you move to Oregon?" asked Dr. Jim.

I pointed to Syd's room and said that I was here for Syd.  The ripple of emotion transfigured Dr. Jim's face. It was plain to see that he was devastated.  He too had met Syd at Church and had fallen in love with his sweet spirit, "Oh, No.  I am so sorry."  

Then his face changed again to a memory, he smiled widely and said, "I remember standing outside of church with Syd, for the longest time, discussing which is more important...Love or Peace.  Syd insisted it was Love and I said Peace."
Syd loved two TV shows.  7th Heaven and Desperate Housewives.  We would phone after Desperate Housewives and laugh and laugh at the twists and turns, the nuances, the jokes, the unexpected facial expressions and the wonders of their amazing writers.  (Our  Oregon TV server does not have 7th Heaven.)
He had the stroke on Saturday morning and the grand season finale of Desperate Housewives was the next night.  In my grief, the realization that he would not see the conclusion of one of his favorite shows was upsetting.
Also, Syd had this agreement with two crows that flew in to his yard, every morning, to be fed.  The telephone line, to his home, that they sat on was over his prized white truck.  He told the birds that if they did not mess his truck, then he would feed them.  

For 15 years the agreement held.  Hours after his stroke, his daughter returned to his home and discovered that the crows knew he would never be coming home.  They had broken their agreement about pooping on his truck and it was white washed with their comment.  If Syd had been alive to see that he would have laughed so hard that you would have heard his deep cheerful Santa laugh through this email.
I have lived in Oregon for 8 years and the church Syd and I attended had moved, and I was unaware of its new location.  Sunday, while Syd lay in a coma, Atira decided we should attend church. We were the first two to arrive.  The small church has a beautiful sanctuary with 126 deep purple chairs.  I walked over to them and plunked myself onto an aisle chair.
Atira approached, with her head tilted to the right, and an odd expression, "Why did you choose to sit in that chair?"  

"No reason." I responded in a haze of deep grief.

With a look of disbelief she added, "Well, that is where Syd sat...every Sunday...for years."
Syd's favorite song was In The Garden.  While garage shopping he would happily burst out singing the lyrics.  A song long remembered from his childhood.  He also loved and raised roses, and one of the lines of the song is, "I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses."  I knew that if they sang this song, that it was a clear message of communication from Syd, and it would turn me into
an emotional mess. But what would the odds be, you know how many hymns are in a hymnal!
The minister walked up to the pulpit and announced that he had been distracted all week.  He had an encounter with a chain saw, was recuperating, and had no idea which song to open the service with. He casually flipped through his song book, "I know, lets sing.... IN THE GARDEN."

I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear falling on my ear
The son of God discloses

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known

He speaks and the sound of His voice
Is so sweet that the birds hush their singing
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known


Syd's loving body took its last breath at 11 PM Sunday night.  11 is Angel time, and for a fun sense of humor...the time that the season's final show of Desperate Housewives ended.  They both had their finale together!  His prediction of going home to God on Monday proved true too.

The next day, Atira and I sat in her living room, our energies spent from grief.  She turned on the TV to drown out our thoughts, and something odd happened.  "I have no idea what channel this is, I never watch this show" she says...and there we both sat stunned watching Syd's favorite TV show 7th Heaven!  
Monday night was cold.  Atira was awaken from sleep when a familiar warm energy moved up her body warming her. She opened her eyes, and saw Syd. He was standing at the end of her bed sending her warm healing energy.  He did this every Sunday in Church as people sat in the healing chair.  That is why she recognized his signature energy.

Syd then placed a white tornado of energy over us to help remove our grief and was holding his over size hands up in a Reiki position sending his love.  He looked at her, then over at my bed and said, "My Angel."  

Atira was so excited to see him, "I am going to wake Mary Ellen." In his usual, protective manner he replied, "No, she needs her rest!  She needs to stop crying.  I am very happy and having fun adjusting to the energy over here."

And with that he was gone.....for now! Leaving us with memories of how to live a truly spiritual life, and that love continues after death.

Syd's Celebration of Life
June 25th
Thursday evening 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
9850 64th St W
University Place, WA
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Syd gazing out over the Sound in University Place, WA
Reverend Deborah Olive adds....

Dear Mary Ellen,

My heart was with you every step of the way as I read your description of Syd.

Syd lived an unusual and extraordinary life - and one that embodied and expressed Spirit with an ever present twinkle in his eye and his somewhat mischievous way of reaching out to others. 

He had a large dose of spiritual gifts and he kept the flame of Spirit burning strong. 

Many Sundays, after service, he would come to me with a message from beyond.  Sometimes they made sense and sometimes they seemed to come from "out of the blue."  But no matter what, I always felt his innocence, love and generosity.  You're right about his putting "gentle" in "gentleman.

As my journey traverses more years on this earth, I appreciate with more awe and wonder, the ability for adults to keep that childlike freshness that seemed to come to Syd so easily. 

Love and Light,
Rev. Deborah
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