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Eye See a Miracle!

Vancouver BC 
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
Cruise Ships leaving Vancouver, BC
Dearest Readers,
I missed you!
My mother contracted pneumonia, and went blind, so I dropped everything and drove to Canada, to nurse her back to health.
I used the eyesight manipulation that helped Dr. John, (who passed last month,) used to regain his eyesight. (complete story below)
Then Dr. Oz appeared on Oprah, and mentioned a spot beside the outside of the small toe. "When pressure is applied to this spot, it lights up the back of the brain, showing on an MRI,  and this spot corresponds to our eyesight."

I pushed on both, Dr. Oz's and Dr. John's spots, on Mum's feet, and soaked her feet in Epsom Salts every night.  Along with massaging her feet, she did not realize that I was using all the healing techniques learned over the years!
Within three days, my mother's eyesight was improving. (She also took, my favorite eye vitamin, "Doctor's Choice Eye Formula" by EnzymaticTherapy.com)
My mother looks like the Queen of England, just prettier!  It is amazing to see such a stoic British personality soften, as she ages. 
Mum is used to surviving on her own, controlling her life...and succumbing to an aging body is not easy on her.
It is an honor to support her during this time.  We all age, how healthy and gracefully is up to us.
May the love you have sown around the world, in your adulthood, be returned to you, 100 fold, as you age.
By the way, Dr. Oz is traveling with www.HayHouse.com and in July, he will be in Seattle.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

TV News!
Seattle's NBC affiliate
KING TV's - "Evening Magazine"
is coming to our home to film our cats swimming!
This is the cat's third TV experience,
and if the TV station puts it on a video blog,
will let you know, so you can view the show.
"Evening Magazine" is aired in the Vancouver, BC,
Seattle and Portland, Oregon areas.

 is an easy word for God.

     ~ by John MacEnulty  ~

Dr. John's Miraculous Eye Sight

Dearest Readers,

Several years ago, Atira and I were quest speakers on an Angelic Cruise to
the Caribbean.

Many readers asked what the trip was like.  It was AWE and SOME.

It was incredible, fun, and filled with miracles, before we even left the dock.

The night before we sailed, Atira had an eye infection.

She prayed for help, and an Angel appeared to her.  He told her where I could push on her back, to relieve the infection.
(It must have been reflexology, but to us it was Angelic guidance, so we followed it.)

Then the Angel showed Atira how to adjust my arm, that was still hurting from surgery, that had been done months before.

(I had been to two massage therapists, three chiropractors, and the arm
continued to be painful.)
Atira jumped up from her bed, and said, "I had better do this while I can still

She flipped on the lights, grabbed my arm, rotated it, and pushed some muscles in my shoulder.  The pain eased up.

I had her turn around, and pushed her back where the Angel had suggested, to help her eye.

As soon as I pushed....my arm "popped," like the noise a spine makes, with a chiropractic adjustment.

Finally, with ease, I could rotate my arm pain free, in any direction.

By the act of Atira's prayer, her receptiveness to hearing the Angels, and then helping Atira...my shoulder put itself back into place, with the assistance of her earlier help.

It appears that when we venture to help another, we truly help ourselves.

The next morning, we arrived onto the HUGE cruise ship.

Atira was tired, and I was excited about my first cruise, so she lay down and I went for a walk.

Within minutes, I met Dr. John, wandering the long gorgeous corridors of the ship.

He was not walking as fast, because he is blind.  We joined up, and explored the ship together.

When Atira woke up, and met Dr. John, she felt his eyesight could be helped.

So, I pushed his back, where the Angels had us push on Atira's, to help her eyes.

(It is a little spot, just off the shoulder blade, towards the spine.  If you want to try it, just keep rotating your index finger on a friend's back, until you hit a tender spot, and that is most likely the magic location.)

Dr. John had a wonderful sense of humor. 

So, when he said he could see better, I honestly did not believe him.

Actually, I did not believe him for a few days, after all I hardly knew him, and he could be pulling our legs.

Over the next three days, whenever we bumped into Dr. John, I would rub the
spot on his back, where the Angels indicated, for his eyes again.

Every time, he said he could see better.

Then, Dr. John showed up without his white cane, and we never saw it again.

Any encounter, with anyone may change a life.

We never know when we will be the answer to someone's prayer.

Ask God to be a vehicle, to touch another's life, with love and miracles...
and then show up when called upon.
One night on the cruise ship, Atira "lost" me on board and walked outside searching.

She felt a balmy, warm, Caribbean breeze, and saw Angels flying beside the ship.  "Like dolphins in the water, but they were Angels, flying beside the ship."
What wondrous eye sight she has to see and hear the Angels!

Now here is Dr. John's side of the story...

Good Morning Mary Ellen,      
What a beautiful day is forming, here in Tampa Bay Florida.

I can now see, and enjoy, the blue sky and the warm morning sun.

The sand is a like a soft pink powder. 

Other folks in Tampa Bay can see the same scenery, the difference is...
I lost my sight after an unfortunate accident on April 6, 1998.

My eyes' nerve cells were damaged, and I ended up with zero vision in my
right eye, and the left eye was only 22% useful.

The doctors declared me legally blind.
For obvious reasons, I lost my pilot's and driver's licenses.

Every day, since we met on the Angel Cruise, my eye sight continued to improve.  The eye doctor reported that I have 55% of my sight back. 

In the last few days, I have met with several medical, as well as personal,
friends.  They all want to know what happened!

How do you explain to them, "The Angels did it!"

Well anyway, I told them.  They know me ... and they believe me.

Yesterday, after returning from the eye doctor's office, I had my driver stop
at my storage building.

I pulled out my car and drove it home.  (It is a special built bright red "Sebring" sports car.)

Shocked, my neighbors saw me arrive!  They all knew I have been blind for years!

But, they soon learned, not now! 
It felt so great to be behind the wheel.

My sight is back, and I'm going to keep it.

I want to enjoy driving my car, and flying planes again.

Mary Ellen, it's because of your help this happened, and I thank God!

I no longer need to use my talking computer program.  I've gained mucho vision.

Tonight at dinner, I was able to read the menu by myself!

This may sound like what a child would say, but to me it was thrilling.

I want to tell as many people as possible.

The most important part, "YOU MUST BELIEVE," then anything can take place.

As a child, and through life, I always have been a true believer.

If you can dream it ... you can do it.

Mary Ellen, you and Atira, have a wonderful way with people, and you use it to the best of what the Angels allow.

You both have touched me very deeply.  THANKS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME.

My eyes are a little teary now, I am going to make some morning tea.          

Hugs from Dr. John W., in Florida
Lions Gate Bridge, full moon
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Vancouver, BC - Lions Gate Bridge

You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
~ Anonymous ~

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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