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May 26, 2005

An Angel's Message for YOU!

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In this Edition: YOU.
Angel Cloud Message
Dinner in NY City with Mary Ellen

If you don't believe in miracles
you'll never see one.

If you believe in miracles
you'll see them all the time.

Albert Einstein

Dearest Readers,

Imagine an Angel appears before you.

The Angel is hovering,
slightly above the floor
and as you are pondering
the wonder of her beauty she says.....

“Peace in your heart . . .
a stillness about you . . .
do you know what a quiet moment
like this feels like?

Do you take a moment to go inside,
and feel what you are feeling . . .
or are you blocking yourself . . .
from yourself?

Are you burying your heart
as a dead past . . .
in a living body?

Are you ignoring your need to feel,
to express emotions?

Are you ignoring your Loved ones' emotions
and their emotional needs . . .
so that you do not have to address yours?

Why would one take the sacred moments
of their life and turn them into mediocre ones?

Why would one bury all their emotions
and their spirituality,
when that is part of the joy of life?

To bury past pain . . .
it is like a treacherous undertow,
it pulls all other feelings with it,
until you are like an empty and broken seashell
on the beach.

You look like form . . .
but all your insides are gone.

Others see you as they pass by,
on the journey of their life.

The precious moments of your life
are slipping by,
ticking by.

Find a clock where the numbers of the seconds show,
and then watch it,
watch the seconds skip by . . .
that is your life . . .
each second is
your precious life,
each second adds to the next
and soon a minute,
an hour,
a day slips by . . .
unnoticed and the years pass . . .
and one day you wake up . . .
and wonder . . .
wonder where time went . . .
and how you got to this age
and this place of yourself.

And we say,
you are not a sleeping beauty,
you are a zombie human,
the saddest kind . . .
that life awaits you,
the treasures of it lie everywhere.

Seek out others to laugh with,
to give joy to.

When was the last time you gently took
the hand of an elderly person and listened . . .
and saw that surprise in their voice
that so much time had passed, so quickly . . .
and heard what they said to you.

Do not discount others and their emotions
and their wisdom,
for in doing so . . .
you discount yourself.

You are not a turtle
who can pull in their head
and think the world disappears . . .
for it keeps on ticking . . .
and as others walk along
and see the turtle “hiding”
they laugh to themselves . . .
for it is only hiding from itself . . .
everyone else can plainly see
it on their path.

become all that you were meant to be,
share your Love,
your laughter,
your pain and confusion,
and emerge,
and swim with strength,
and ease,
in the seas of life.

Enjoy the sun of others’ Love,
bask in its warmth,
come out and play
in the play ground of life.


Author: Mary Ellen, messages are received
into my heart from the Angels and emailed
directly into yours!

More Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart

by Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe”

Betty Tisdale

Betty, my all time favorite Earth Angel,
continues to help orphans around the world.

This is Betty's 54th year of service to
her mission of love and kindness!
We all can’t do what Betty does,
but there is a nitch in the world
for what we can do to brighten it
for others!

May you find your joy!

Dutch Dinner
in New York City

with Angel Scribe

June 1st at 6pm
Directions and Location

Angel Cloud Message
Author: Becca of Rockton, Illinois

Dad was home and dying, it was near the end and he was comfortable and in no pain.

Dad was comatose and I knew he could tell we were with him.

I was having a hard time dealing with the whole 'DEATH’ thing, and I was afraid for him.

I was afraid of so many things, afraid of what he was feeling and afraid of what he was about to go through.

I wanted to know he would be ok and not alone.

I needed some sort of answer, some sort of sign.

I had none. I was afraid.

My family and I were patiently waiting and praying as Dad’s life faded away.

I went out onto the front porch to get some fresh air and be by myself.

It was a typical October evening in Illinois.

I sat down on the top porch step and said a little prayer.

I silently spoke from my heart, "Please..please.. give me some sort of sign, ANY sign, just so I know Dad will be ok."

At that very moment I looked into the sky at the beautiful sunset, and I saw an Angel Cloud.

Plain as day, clear to my human eyes.

It was an Angel in the clouds.

A beautiful cloud.. a beautiful Angel.

There was my answer.

I jumped up from the step and ran into my parent's home.

I found my mother, grabbed a camera and we went out onto the porch.

The cloud was still there.

We sat down on the front porch steps and wept.

I took a picture of the Angel... then she disappeared.

My Father passed away 10 minutes later.

The Angel had come to take him home.

At that point I knew... I really knew he was ok.

I knew Dad would not be alone, and he was with the beautiful Angel going home.

I now believe.. I will always believe.

I am happy to share this miracle with the world.

I feel blessed to have witnessed it.

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Our show will air in New York
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5:30 PM EST.
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Marianne Williamson

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Marianne's newest book,"A Gift of Change"
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You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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