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photo by Mr. Quang Le
New school that Betty Tisdale's work manifested.
* * *
Sometimes a miracle manifests in a way you do not expect.
It arrives....with the people that God brings into your life
and they create the miracle for you!
- Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" -
Stand by Me
Inspirational World Version of the Song
Dearest Readers,
Most people are looking for a miracle, but what if you are that miracle for someone else? God/Spirit and the Angels can send you into others' lives to make their miracle manifest.
Imagine a homeless child, or a child whose parents earn less than $1 a day, or a child of lepers.  If you think your life situation is difficult-- picture these children who must have few good days, thoughts or hope for their futures.
Enter 86 1/2 year old Betty Tisdale and her loving heart as the surprising answer to their prayers. She is their miracle! 
Betty recently returned from her 30th trip to Vietnam (15 hour flight, one way) supporting orphanages, and leper colonies and left miracles in her wake.
A five hour drive brought her to the 'new little school' she built in the remote village of Bao Lam, with the help of donations of caring people from around the world. 
Look at these beautiful children above who would not otherwise have a chance in this world! 
In Vietnam, one has to attend preschool to get into government school.  "They had no preschool until we built them one, and they had no chance at a positive future." explains Betty.
"These children, who are an ethnic minority, now have a future.  This school changes their lives, and their families lives.  Their future would have been bleak," quietly states Betty.  "Through H.A.L.O. (Helping And Loving Orphans) we are now building and supplying one more school.

It was a good trip.  I was able to see the houses we built for the Lepers of the Dakkie Leper Village.  It is much better for them than living on dirt floored huts.  I watched in the clinic as their sores were cleaned - and they need us to send money for bandages and blankets.  They have to burn all the used ones.
It was wonderful seeing students working at the computers we supplied.  Standing behind each student, were three more waiting their turn." proudly  states Betty.
Betty Tisdale is always open to accepting speaking engagements to support her work with the children.  Luckily she adopted 10 children, so she has somewhere to stay when flying to speak.
Also, the Vietnamese News printed an article (in English) on Betty's work with the orphans.
HALO - Helping And Loving Orphans

Spend your life, like currency, investing in the world!
Make it a good life by creating good in the world.

-Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" -
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Health Tips
Betty contributes her health to her youth. She grew up during the Depression ..."and ate only things that were good for us. Every day, my German mother made small meals with beets, potatoes and dandelion greens. She was always making healthy soups too."
Apparently, Dandelion greens are an herb historically known for helping the liver, and offering iron to make blood healthy.  My husband can not get rid of the dandelion weeds in our yard.  
Imagine his surprise, when I planted dandelion seeds in a container and add the young green leaves to our soups, salads and tuna fish sandwiches.
Taking care of our health gives us more energy and a higher immunity.  Knowing this pulls the stinger out of any media hype about the 'latest' flus or colds.  It gives you knowledge to do something positive for your family.
In Angels' Spring Health Tips I mentioned discovering herbal teas for specific blood types. 
Some herbs are more beneficial for type O blood types, and some have very positive effects for types A and B. Different herbs feed different blood types. Some that enter your system are neutral and some are not beneficial.  The book by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo contains an informative list.
In the weeks since starting on the specific teas I feel stronger, my skin is healthier.  My hubby is noticing positive results too.  Several people have commented that we both also look younger!
What blood type are you?  Refer to the blood type book.
Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo
Long Life Health Tip
by Robert Neumann BCH - Herbalist

Maintaining alkalinity is essential in keeping the body healthy.  Sweets, dairy and wheat products can produce an overly acidic system. Leafy green vegetables, sea salt, miso, seaweed and good quality protein all contribute to an alkaline blood chemistry. 
Keep the system clean with healthy eating and don't plug it with products that promote inflammation in the body. Sugar and white flour have been known to be contributing factors in disease.  Minimizing the use of medications; in particular the use of antibiotics and over the counter allergy products.
One of the best medicines is stopping your newspaper subscription and to discontinue watching the news since much of what they say is pure hype.  Instead give yourself moments of peace and calm, meditate, pray a prayer of gratitude or send a thank you note to someone you love. 
These acts will promote healing and balance.  Continue washing your hands and eat steamed or lightly cooked vegetables and a good quality protein.
Dandelion root has been used for centuries in the European nations as a spring tonic to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.

Robert Neumann BCH-Herbalist

Stay Healthy Tip
Canadian Homeopathic Doctor
I phoned my Canadian Homeopathic doctor and asked for her flu prevention tips. Please consult your own medical professional. I am paraphrasing what she said over the phone. 'When you keep your immunity strong, then you have less likelihood of contacting any flu.  Consider taking echinacea to build the immunity, and if you think you have the flu, then elderberry.'
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