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May 22, 2005

Stepping Out with the Angels

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Dinner in NY with Mary Ellen
NY TV Show
Stepping Out with the Angels
Health Tip

Mary Ellen is in New York City
June 4th and if you want to come
to a Dutch treat lunch or dinner
to set up a time/place to meet
with her and other Angel Scribe readers!

TV Show in New York!

Mary Ellen is taping a show with
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
“Uniquely You Now presents THE ENCHANTED SELF.”

Our show will air in New York
3rd Wednesday in June
5:30 PM EST.
cable channels 67 and 110.
(From Manhattan Neighborhood
Cable part of Time Warner.)

Stepping Out with the Angels

Dearest Readers.

Life is full of discoveries!!!

We know about the famous 12 step program, but have you heard of the Twenty-Step-Program?

It too can change your life!

The Angels whispered the Twenty- Step-Program in my ear the other day and it works so well, that I had to share it with you!

What you think, what you feel... truly alters who you are.

No matter what has happened, what you think has happened, or what the facts can change your life for the better in three minutes from now!

Last month, I met inspirational author and publisher, Louise Hay.

Louise autographed my book, “You Can Heal Your Life” with two simple words... “JOY HEALS.”

I reflected on Louise’s words for days, and realized that joy is not how most of us feel.

Blah, sad, worried, confused, angry dominated our thoughts.

Louise’s words resonated so strongly that I wanted to change, and this is what the Angels whispered in my heart.

Try this experiment....

Get up from your computer and walk twenty steps.

Feel how your body moves; how you hold your shoulder muscles, neck and back muscles.

How do your arms swing?

NOW...for a minute...think of some tragic, sad, upsetting incident that happened to you in the past.

Walk another twenty steps.

Feel how your body moves; how you hold your shoulder muscles, neck and back muscles.

How do your arms swing?

How do you hold your head?

How do your feet touch the ground?

Feel the instant change in your body as your mind changes!

The reality is so amazing, it is life changing!


Begin walking another twenty steps.

This time, while you walk, pretend this email is sending you a $ Million $ dollars and news that your family is healthy and happy and your home is paid for!

Feel how your body moves; how you hold your shoulder muscles, neck and back muscles.

How do your arms swing?

How do your feet touch the ground?

Feel what happens inside your heart and on your face!

Did your stride change?

You will be amazed how your changing thoughts, how your mind set, sets your body into a new and freer motion.

After I practiced this Angelic technique for a week, I met a woman out walking and her posture was very slumped, and she walked with her head down.

I asked her if she was open to trying the Twenty-Step-Program, and the second she pretended I handed her a million dollar (idea), her entire posture shifted.

It was as close to a miracle as you can imagine!

She literally looked like a different, younger and more confident woman with a strong straight posture!

After a week, I am walking straighter, feeling stronger inside my heart and my shoulders hold themselves naturally back now!

“All is well,” Louise Hay says.

All is well in this second of your life!

You have done all you can do, you are walking into your future.

If you remain stuck and angry, you spin the wheels of your body’s vehicle like car tires....creating so much dust and toxic fumes that you become exhausted and can not clearly see any way out of your situation.

Remember, “Joy Heals” and “All is well!”

Words have the power to heal, change paradigms and make your future brighter.

Maybe this is what folks do when they forgive?

Their negative mind thoughts instantly delete like a computer key was hit in their brain!

As they adjust to their new and more positive ideas and leads to peace in their hearts, as they step forward on their path of life with a greater and stronger stride, and their arms swing of the anger, doubt, confusion, and pain they had carried only moments before.

Try the have nothing to lose...but old emotional baggage!

Nothing is sexier than a straight posture and a look of confidence and the Twenty- Step-Program gives you this gift!

Hope this helps your life in many ways!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

“You may not control many of the
circumstances in your life, but you
can choose your attitude and intentions
and response to circumstances.”

“You will radiate confidence and a new
sense of your own power.”

“You will make new and different choices,
because you now know that life is your
choice and you are the hero of your life,
not the victim.”

“Victim mentality ends when you
understand the power of choice.”

“Alter Your Life”
by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Health Tip

My friend Mercia has owned her health food store in Duncan, on Vancouver Island, for 35 years.

Once Mercia had a painful urinary track infection, and she was in agony.

One of her customers told her to boil comfrey leaves and cleaver leaves into a tea and drink all day long.

Luckily she had both in her store.

Mercia was skeptical at first and then amazed!

By bed time her body had resumed to normal, with no drug intervention and no more pain!

She drank it for a few more days to make sure things were cleared up.

I decided to try this combination on Miss Wings (my cat) to help strengthen her urinary track system.

The results were amazing, Miss Wings personality blossomed.

When we feel better, we treat others with more love.

No matter what part of the animal kingdom we are listed in!

Read more information on these herbs on the internet!

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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