Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter May 18, 2005

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The Divine Sock it to ME Miracle
... a busy week of Miracles!
111 Stories
Angel Cruise Canceled


This year’s Angel Cruise was canceled.


The Divine Sock
it to Me Miracle

Dearest Readers,

Today’s newsletter is coming to you from “our” new computer!

Because of the Pay Pal help from readers and our anonymous donor in Israel... the computer is a gift to us all for “Angel Scribe” newsletter to continue!

Thank you!

You never know when Spirit/God/Angels will send you on a mission, one you were not expecting!

Keep your heart and mind open to all possibilities.

While in Tacoma my friend, Syd, and I love to enjoy the spring flowers sight see, and we do it all going to garage sales.

Last week, Syd said that Spirit told him to drive to an area an hour from his home... that there was something there.

Not having a clue what it was we set out on the treasure hunt.

At the first garage sale we saw a FREE bag....peering into it we saw dozens of socks.

I mentioned to the homeowner that she could gift the socks to the homeless shelter as socks are one of the most prized commodities for homeless men who are on their feet all day.

The homeowner handed me the bag of socks and said I could deliver it to the Mission Shelter. (Remember I live in Oregon and this was Washington State.)

So, I took the bag.

NEVER in ten years of garage shopping have Syd and I collected socks, but at the next few garage sales we found bag after bag of socks... AND...everyone gave them to us for free.

We never did find anything great garage shopping that day, but the cab of the truck had bags and bags of new and good condition socks.

We stopped at the Rescue Mission’s Homeless Shelter and carried in 20 pounds of socks, plunked them on the counter and the lady said, “What do you have there?”

I replied with one word. “Socks”

She startled us to full awareness with a weird loud gasp, mixed with an odd shriek.

”We desperately need socks.”

“Our sock bin, for both the women and men, has been empty for two weeks!”

”Most men wear their socks totally out and do not donate them.”

”See, that box over there?”

”Someone just brought it in...and it is FULL of brand new socks!”

Well, Dearest Readers, how exciting is it to be in a miracle!

In 10 years of garage shopping we have NEVER collected socks!

What was the miracle that directed us to help so many easily?

May you be a vehicle for miracles to happen to others!

It is a great feeling!

Also, Syd is in the hospital from heart surgery today...kindly hold this Earth Angel in your prayers.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe”

Angel Scribe’s
Next Miracle

... a busy week of Miracles!

Dearest Readers,

Do you listen to that still small voice within your heart/head...and yes.... stomach!

It was what led Syd to the sock series of garage sales.

Last week, driving to Tacoma, I take the five mile road off the freeway, behind the Army Fort, it saves time and miles.

The isolated road is VERY dark at night, but it has never bothered me.

Prior to the freeway exit, I phoned my girlfriend Atira.

We chatted for five minutes and all of a sudden my stomach began to spin energetically what felt to be the wrong direction.

I never said any thing to Atira as we were chatting.

I pulled off onto the exit, was waiting at the traffic light and in mid sentence Atira interrupted me and said, “Mary Ellen, if you see anyone broken down on the Army back road, or see anyone in trouble, DO NOT STOP... Instead call 911.”

“Stay in your car! I am very concerned for your safety!”

Well, Atira knows me well, I would be the first to stop to help anyone in trouble.

Because Atira is an amazing and accurate mystic, I definitely took her warning seriously. Atira

I told her that at that moment I could turn left onto the back road, or drive straight ahead back onto the freeway.

I explained how I had a weird feeling in my stomach and with the timing of her warning of danger, would drive back onto the main freeway....even though after a five hour drive, the pull to take a short cut was appealing.

Atira said, “Mary Ellen, I had such a bad feeling in my stomach that you were in danger, and the minute you said you pulled onto the freeway, the feeling lifted.”

So, Dearest Readers, please pay attention to the early warning system in your body to danger!

Some call it intuition, some a gut feeling.

I drove for 12 miles, then pulled off onto the exit closest to my destination.

A police car pulled off the freeway directly behind me.

Then on the short ramp way he gently pulled in front of my car.

The police car’s license plate read 40-40-40.

How odd...then the light bulb went off in my head!

How could I miss a direct sign of Angelic protection?

Take the zeros away.


A sign that I was Angelically guided safely to my destination.

God/Angels/Spirit work in subtle ways in our life all the time...listen to your feelings, watch for the signs.

It is up to us to acknowledge the Divine presence and say a thank you!

May all your journeys be safe ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

111 Stories

For months I have been glancing at the clock when it was in triple or recurring numbers.

I have been going through a very rough time this past three weeks.

I am on a leave of absence from work for health reasons.

Three days in a row now I have woken up after a nap and looked at the clock and it has been 4:44.

I started getting scared.

A friend also left me a voice mail a few days ago at 4:44.

I started considering unplugging all of the digital clocks because it became so frightening.

I also often wake up at 2:22 a.m.

I just think the odds of something like this happening are very very low. So it is spooky.

I discovered your webpages on the 111 occurrences and am so glad and amazed to read other people's stories!

Now I see it is something good rather than bad!

Both my parents have passed away and sometimes it feels like my father is trying to reach me in this way.

Jeanne in Arlington, Virginia.


Moments ago I looked at a dated family photo -- and my mother's funeral was held on 11-11-99!

Page 111

Today I randomly opened up a book to page 111!

AND...there was a feather!

I thanked my Angels for sending me signs in stereo!

Maxx in Bethel, Pennsylvania

Acronym for FEAR

F alse
E xpectations/Experiences
A ppearing
R eal

If you imagine something, imagine something that will ignite, rather than extinguish!

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Never doubt
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