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Angels Speak on Family! 
photo by Mary Ellen Angel Scribe©
Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and beliefs.
Hugging each other--now that is where the magic is!
Dearest Loved ones,
We gather in the name and energy of Love.

Your young spirit upon arriving on earth was excited to discover God gave you a family to love.

Relatives, siblings, parents, a whole host of other souls!

Your sweet spirit bubbled up its love and showered it on these people only to have the bubbles popped.

Not all families are built the same.  Yes, some are loving, but many are dysfunctional: Parents with their own emotional issues may be caring but unable to return your love, they may have addictions or control issues so strong that you will never be able to scale over their protective walls, for you to get to them.

So where does your love go?  How does it grow?  How can you sprinkle its essence of joy?

Some give their love to their pets, devote hours to charity work.  Some find like-minded friends and offer each other the encouragement they needed as a child.

Some find loving surrogate parents and children to nourish and encourage and fill their void.

Just because you were born into a family do not be shortsighted and miss your greater family.

Your next best friend, your soul sister, your fun brother, or a younger friend may bring you such joy and balance and you to them.

Widen your definition of family.  The world is full of billions of people, you are not alone.  Love is there for those who share theirs.

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Invent Fun...just like when you were a child!
Health Tips
My husband and I discovered two powerful health tips.  The results are wonderful, both of us have taken our belts in two notches in a week!
We reasoned that foods contain antibiotics, and over the course of a lifetime, these antibiotics must be interfering with our digestion. 
So we bought some probiotic pills because they stay intact until the lower intestines where they are apparently needed the most.  We did not have the same results with yogurt. 
Immediately we noticed we were not bloating after eating, and that our elimination was as good as an active child.
(The proof readers asked which brand we use: ULTIMATE FLORA-Adult formula-15 Billion by High Bifido-one a day probiotic.)
The other tip, we began the same day.  Our Chinese herbalist, Dr. Darby, who helped with the dying kitty, suggested drinking Jasmine Green Tea pearls.  Not black Jasmine tea, not white Jasmine, but Jasmine green tea pearls.  The green tea leaves are rolled into little balls...and taste like fresh air.  (We buy the Tea for Tao brand in a silver can.) We found both products at a large health grocery store.
For the ladies, my husband has changed!  He is friendlier, happier, says he feels lighter in body and spirit.  He smiles more. 
Curious, we looked up the tea on the Internet and discovered it is an antioxidant, prevents cancer, reduces weight, mood balancer, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, calms nerves, fights bacteria and viruses, and strengthens the immune system.  Yahoo! Count us in!
Blessings to you and your family's health,
Mary Ellen ^I^
I am not prescribing, only sharing what happened to our family.  Always consult your own doctor.
NOTE from Proof Reader, Paulette
Years ago, I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and did not want to stay on the medical solution for life. 
IBS is an uncomfortable ailment - abdominal pains, diarrhea or constipation, nausea  that can go on throughout the day every day and a terrible bloating feeling after meals. 
I began taking probiotics and found they helped control the IBS.  I've taken one a day for years and my energy level is up because I don't feel sick anymore.
Save a Life
- How to stop an accelerating car -

DON'T--TURN OFF THE KEYS! It locks the steering wheel, and makes driving next to impossible!

This Consumer Report video shows how to stop a car that is accelerating out of control.  It applies to all cars, not just Toyotas, and is a good idea for everyone to watch.  This info will save lives.

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