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Pets & Angels
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In this Issue
- New Pet Food Recalls
- Did You See the Angel Fly By?
- Angels 'n' Dogs, Travel'n Together 
- Readers Respond to 'Angry' Newsletter 
- Myster E.'s Mustache
- Dr. Thomas, Oreo & Bear 

Poison Pet Foods
(Send to all Pet Parents!) 
The Media is not reporting that daily, that many more pet food brands are added to the RECALL list. 
Once safe foods, are now under recall, because of product tampering!
Karen, an Angel Scribe's newsletter reader from Ohio, is mailing out current recall updates. 
To be included on her list, write;
for a complete list of safe products.
And for an update of recalled pet foods visit;
Last Saturday, I bought a bag of Kibble at the health food store. 
The clerk happily told me that this brand of pet food was not on the recall list, and the bag said, Made in America.
But the next day, our cats' health dramatically took a turn for the worse, and we rushed Miss Wings and Myster E. to a veterinary clinic. 
Three days later, that cat food brand was on the recall list!
Double check your pet's food.  Type its brand name and the word recall, into
Stay alert!  When your pet does not eat its food, or loses its appetite, there is always a good reason.
Mary Ellen ^I^
Last night, I woke up, wide awake, looked at the clock and saw it was 4:44 am. I thanked the Angels for their presence....or is that presents?

After he is sick, he eats charcoal to soothe his stomach
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Myster E. is regaining his health.
He eats charcoal, after he is ill,
giving him a dark mustache.
(Charcoal has historically been used for poisoning,
and this cat instinctively eats it.  It may have saved his life!)
(We use health food store, Activated Charcoal by KAL,
open the caps,  and put in a bowl.) 

Did You See
The Angel Fly By?
Dearest Readers,

How and when do you know that you are Divinely guided? 
Would you know a sign if you saw it?
We would all love to know, that each step of our day, we are protected and watched over by Angels.

Speaking of steps, this week, I put on a walking pedometer, opened its cover, and set it to "0" steps, then headed out the door.

(Dr. OZ, was on Oprah, and he suggests walking 10,000 steps a day for your health.)

After walking for fifteen minutes, with an inner nudge, I opened up the pedometer's cover.

Shocked, in disbelief ... not believing my eyes, I thought the pedometer was broken.  Yes, that was it, it must have stuck!

The meter read 1111!  The numbers that signify the Angels are guiding you!

What are the odds? So, I closed the cover, walked a few more steps...and discovered that the darn thing was indeed working!
How on earth, could I have walked, and then stopped exactly at 1111 steps?
Magic obviously unfolds when you follow your invisible Angelic urges!
That is the time, the silent voices of the Angels whisper to you. 
Pay attention to their signs in your life. 
The Angels encouraged me stop, mid-step, open up the meter, at exactly 1111 steps.
One more step would not have held the same powerful message.

May you and your loved ones walk with the Angels.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Angels 'n' Dogs,
Travel'n Together! 
Dr. Agnes Thomas, pet communicator
Karen and Dr. Agnes Thomas
chatting with Oreo and Bear
Last weekend, I drove twelve miles into the Ohio countryside, to beautiful Montrose Pet Resort.

I was the featured speaker for their Golden Retrievers in Need group. (GRIN)

A few minutes before the lecture, my friend Karen requested I follow her up to the front lobby.

Standing outside the Pet Resort's front doors were two dogs. 
They had just arrived on their own, apparently, this happens regularly at the Resort.
Once again, no one knew the dogs, or where they came from.
The Resort owners were concerned, because of their remote location.
While they came to get me, concerned and caring staff gave the dogs water to drink, and snacks to munch.
They hoped I could find some answers, by communicating with the dogs.

Both dogs were very dirty.
It looked like they had just had the time of their life, wading in some kind of pond.

As a professional Pet Communicator, I asked them who they were, and how they became lost. 

They said, "We live together.  Last night, we went out on an "adventure" and now we can't find our way back home."

I asked, "How did you find us, because this pet resort is isolated, on a new street, and not easily seen from the main road?"

They answered, "An Angel found us.  She told us to follow her, and this is where she led us."

The receptionist called the animal warden.
The warden said he knew who these dogs belonged to and gave her the guardian's phone number.
He said, "Last night, Bear and Oreo's guardian frantically phoned me and reported them missing."

Karen then phoned their worried guardian, with the good news, and relayed where she could 'fetch' her adventuresome dogs.

Karen mentioned how dirty the dogs where, and the owner asked if the pet Resort could give
them the spa treatment!

Following my lecture, and their bath, Bear and Oreo, came into the classroom clean and fluffy. 
The audience cheered and clapped, when their guardian arrived to take them home. 
It was a happy ending for everyone.
The best advertising for this Resort, is obviously, Word or 'Bark' of mouth!

Angels can make their presence known in many ways. 

Animals are particularly sensitive to the Angels, and surrounded by them. 
It is good to know that those we love are being cared for even when we are not near them.

Agnes Thomas, Ph. D
Author and lecturer

Angel Scribe
Readers' Responses
"Anger, Finally Leads to a Miracle"
Read 'Anger' Newsletter;
Simi Valley, California, USA
Dear Angel Scribe, 

Thank you so much for the last newsletter on anger.

I am struggling, with my own personal anger and demons, and your words spoke directly to me.

Recently, I lost my Dad, and emotions are running rampant through my home and family.  They are overwhelming. 

Thank you again, for helping me focus.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I was enjoying the story of the man discovering why he was angry, then,
I almost fell off my chair when I read, "MY FATHER....he died when I was 14 years old....and I WAS MAD AT THAT! "
I realized that I was just as angry at my father, as this man was! 
My father left our family, when I was thirteen, and the anger still drove my life!

Thank you for this powerful story. I am 57 years old and realized enough is enough!

I now recognized that Dad's absence left me angry, for the loss of his love, I wanted it then, and I still want it now.

Reading the words was like hitting DELETE on the computer keyboard, it put everything into a new perspective, and now I am at peace with his recent passing.

Thank you,

Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Dear Mary Ellen,

Today, it felt like the newsletter was written just for me.

Because of this newsletter on anger, I sent an email to my sister, who I haven't spoken to in two years. 
I decided, it was time to reach out once more. 

Over the last four years, by going through so much with my family, it feels like I have become a better person.
I am kinder to others, and help people when I can.

I live my life like our Lord asks us to.  I loved Angels, since I was a little girl in
fFirst grade.
My husband and I have four children and ten grandchildren.  I worked at the Mayo Clinic for twenty years and am still on call.

Thank you so much for the work you are doing.  God is working through you every day.

Warm regards,
Helen, age 70

San Diego, California, USA
Dear Mary Ellen,
I enjoyed your latest Angel Scribe, with your story on anger management.
The way you wrote it, it came alive for me.
It was as if it happened yesterday, and right in front of me as it delivered a valuable lesson about self-control.  
I also enjoyed your photos, especially the one of the homeless man sitting under the tree you so beautifully photographed, and its caption about none of us being alone.
Thank you, an excellent Angel Scribe issue!

Bull Shoals, Arizona, USA

What a GREAT MESSAGE in the "Angry" newsletter.

I passed this newsletter on to a dozen people.  Just think if everyone who subscribes followed its advice!
In every aspect of my life, I try to pass on positive things and not the negative.

Creswell, Oregon, USA

Halo Mary Ellen,

I must share with you, this newsletter totally spoke to me. 
There is no way, you could know the healing from hurt, and anger, that I have been going through for the last two months. 

I will read this newsletter issue...daily while I work through my emotions.
The words brings me so much hope.  I can hardly explain it!  

Please pray for me, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Hugs, Audrey

Seattle, Washington, USA

What a wonderful true story! 
This one should go out to the schools for the out-of-control kids.
Get the message, before the anger and dark emotions you carry give you a different life than the one you want.

I applaud the gentleman for respecting the three day window his wife gave him --- how refreshing --- this angry man chose to LISTEN.
Loved the rainbow photograph of the Lions Gate Bridge -- another winner.

London, Ontario, Canada

Mary Ellen, your newsletters make people think. 
My ex-husband, used to tell me that I was always mad about something.
He was right, I could get mad.
Now, I realize it is because my dad died when I was five, and it was never mentioned in the house, like he wasn't there, a secret or something.
My brothers and sisters were sent away to the country, when he was dying.
We came back...and he was gone!  Poof just like that. Gone forever.
Thank you, Mary Ellen, for generously creating this inspirational and healing newsletter, for all of us, around the world, that you do not know, except through our email addresses.  Bless you.
Love Ann 

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