Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter April 23, 2005
Another Day...Another Miracle...Immersed in Miracles!

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Marianne Williamson on TV
Another Day...Another Miracle
Cat Rescued from War
Angel Scribe is going to NY

Saturday Night, April 23rd

Millions of fans can enjoy their
favorite Inspirational speaker
Marianne Williamson as she
appears on PAX TV's
"Faith Under Fire"

Internet Inspirational Radio

Dearest Readers,

Well, another day another miracle!

This time it involves you!

Recently, an Israel Angel Scribe reader phoned, and in a gentle-broken English accent described how important the newsletters were to them...and how the newsletters are a constant bright light in the stress of their life.

Then they said they would like to contribute to support the newsletters.

I thought, "Oh, it must be a $20 donation."

It took over a week for the donation to be processed and arrive in Oregon.

In the meantime, on April Fools day, my angel office computer crashed.

The following Sunday, as I walked past my husband into the Angel office he said, "Oh, by the way a new computer is $1,000."

Upset and worried, I thought, "Gosh, how am I going to pull $1000 out of thin air?"

I turned on my lap top computer to check my bank account and saw something so confusing my brain would not wrap around it.

The account had $1,050 in it.

How could that be possible?

Then a light went on!

I immediately emailed the reader in Israel and asked if they had something to do with the miracle money manifesting!

They said, "Yes, the newsletters are a bright light for me, and I know they are for others too."

Then I had to tell them that they were the miracle for the newsletters to continue.

They had NO idea that the computer had crashed, and they sent the support from their heart to keep the newsletters flowing...and their gesture surely is keeping it flowing to you!

So thank-you to the wonderful reader in Israel from all of us!

Because of you, the newsletters will continue... your act of kindness touches hearts around the world!

The new computer arrives next week!

(I am on my little lap top, so the format of this issue is different.)

Dearest Readers, when life backs you in a corner, know that miracles can and do happen!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

If you want others to be happy,
practice compassion.

If you want to be happy,
practice compassion."

- Dalai Lama -

Taos Reservist Rescues
Feline Friend from War
By Kathryn Holzka
Thursday, April 14, 2005
Copyright 2005 Albuquerque Journal

Garfield is a cat who won't take no for an answer.

Not from a general, not from a captain, not from a lieutenant and certainly not from a bunch of soldiers who booted him off several convoy trucks transporting U.S. troops from Iraq to Kuwait for the trip home after a year long deployment.

In a scenario worthy of a feline version of the World War II movie "The Great Escape," the lean and lanky Iraqi-born kitty now calls Taos home after covering more than 6,500 miles to take up residence with his owner, Spc. Regan Weber, who returned last week with the Taos-based 1115th Transportation Company of the New Mexico Army National Guard.

Of course, Garfield had a little help from his friends.

They included another bunch of soldiers who let him hitch a ride, a few officers who weren't upset that Garfield was headed stateside, Weber and a volunteer group called Military Mascots that helps soldiers bring home their adopted pets from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Weber, 23, a truck driver and gunner with the 1115th, said Garfield, figuratively speaking, saved her life, and "I wasn't going to leave him behind if I could help it."

Stationed at Camp Cook in Taji, a town about 12 miles north of Baghdad, Weber said a friend from another base, Camp Gunslinger, gave her the kitten because she had gotten depressed and homesick about six months into her deployment.

"He thought I needed something to take care of, and since the kitten desperately needed a home, he brought him to me," she recalled Wednesday from her mother's home in Taos.

Her mother, Yvonne Montgomery, is also an animal lover.

Between them they have five dogs and four cats, counting Garfield.

Weber learned about Military Mascots from the armed service newspaper Stars and Stripes.

With her mother's help, they contacted the group to ask for assistance in bringing Garfield to the states.

According to the group's Web site,

the Massachusetts-based organization works to heighten morale by helping U.S. service members to get their mascots home to their families.

The military's General Order 1A prohibits deployed troops from adopting or even caring for pets.

But many soldiers do it anyway, Weber said.

Weber said she had made all the arrangements to ship Garfield home, and that Garfield, safe in his carrier, set out with the troops in a large truck convoy for which she was serving as gunner.

They set out around March 11 on a 400-mile drive to Kuwait and then home.

But when they crossed over to Camp Victory in Kuwait, Garfield was discovered by a captain, who said Weber couldn't take the cat, a decision reinforced by a general.

Eventually, a lieutenant told her she had to get rid of the cat, and he tossed it over a dirt berm surrounding the camp.

An hour later, the convoy rolled out again, headed for Camp DoHa-a 90-minute drive away.

"I was crying and beside myself," Weber said.

But the next morning, a soldier who arrived on a third convoy behind Weber's came up to her and asked her if she was the one who had a cat.

"He told me this cat kept jumping on the trucks in the convoy and that the soldiers kept throwing him off, but he kept jumping back on," Weber said.

The soldiers finally let him stay on the truck, said Weber, who later rediscovered her lost pet hiding under a tarp on the back of a truck.

An officer from another unit let Weber use a satellite phone, and she called her Kuwaiti contact with Military Mascots, who sent someone to pick up Garfield.

Weber said the cat flew on a commercial flight from Kuwait to Houston, where he was picked up by a volunteer from the Shenandoah Animal Hospital in Woodlands, Texas, and put on a plane to Albuquerque.

Her mother collected Garfield in the Duke City and took him to his new home.

Garfield made it home before Weber, arriving on March 21, five days before the 1115th Transportation company got back to Fort Bliss in El Paso.

Angel Scribe
in New York

I will be in New York June 2-5 to help author- friends find publishers and literary agents for their books.

I am assisting long time "Angel Scribe" subscriber, Randy Peyser, at Book Expo America.

BEA is the publishing industry's largest trade show in the United States with 2,000 exhibits.

(Randy has successfully helped authors find literary agents, publishers, and media connections for her clients at this event for years.)

If you are interested in finding a publisher or literary agent, I can help three more people, please let me know ASAP!

If you know and love anyone that lives near the Jacob Javitz Conference Center...I need a place to stay.

Or if you are going to the BEA and want room mates, let Randy and me know.

This is my first time in New York City!

by Lisa Dudley

"An Angel on My Shoulder"

Christmas Pom Pups

I have heard from those who
received their Pom's and love
them is anyone having trouble
with the dogs they received?

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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