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Anger, Finally Leads
to a Miracle!
Double Rainbow over Vancouver
 Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver B.C, Canada
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
Let there be many Rainbows of Hope, in Your Life 
Dearest Readers,

Because of the recent event in Virginia, this newsletter is about our own investment, and accountability, with anger.

Each emotion is a choice. 
We subconsciously become that which we focus on. Hopefully, the following story will give permission and become a catalyst for some, to change directions in their lives.

At the time of this story, we lived on a Peninsula, in Washington.
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, separates Tacoma from the Peninsula. Every hour, thousands of cars travel over the bridge. 

When there is a vehicle accident, and a resulting death, they close the bridge for a minimum of three hours, to investigate.

Originally, rushing for an important appointment, I was now solidly stuck in a horrendously long line up of cars and semi-trucks. 
All of us, freeway travelers, had important destinations that were now irrevocably delayed.

You could almost visibly see the anger, steaming out of the car windows.

Walking through the long lines of traffic, towards my car, was a man with the happiest face. 
I watched, as he bent over, chatting with each driver, in the endless line up.
He was chatting with them all, a kind word, giving a traffic accident report, or patting their pets.

He was a ray of sunshine, in the madness.

Since traffic was completely stopped, and would not be going anywhere for another hour or so, I walked up to him, and asked what his secret to happiness was.

His reply was startling, because he knew exactly why he was so happy. Most people don't.

He said, "Three years ago, the day my wife said she was going to leave, and take the children, because of my anger...that was the day I looked at my life. 
She said that neither she, nor the children, wanted to drive with me any longer.
She said, your anger drives you, like a maniac on the road, and in our lives.

I was confused.
I assumed everything in the world was irritating. 
She told me I had three days to figure out why I was so mad, and to fix it, or she was leaving.

Well, at first it was obvious. 
I KNEW I was mad at her! 
Then after a pause, I thought, no I am not angry at her. 
What am I angry about?

Then I KNEW it was my job. 
I was so mad at it, and the boss, and the hours, and the coworkers.....then after a pause I said, no, that is not what fuels my anger.

Thinking about it, made me realize, I really was not mad at any of them.

More confused than ever...what was I mad at? 
What was it that fed this deep insatiable anger?

I thought about it for three days, on the way to work, on the way home...eliminating one thing, and one person after another.

The third day, as I was driving over this very bridge, the revelation struck me so hard, I could almost see fire works!

MY FATHER....he died when I was 14 years old....and I WAS MAD AT THAT!   

I was shocked.
Instantly, in my mind's eye, I saw his funeral. 
Seeing it, I felt the anger slowly seep into my body, and solidify. 
I then realized how, like a serpent, it turned its ugly head, and poisoned my life, and my relationship with my wife. 
I experienced how it affected my children. 
Seeing them, fearing my angry outbursts. 
I saw, and felt it all.

The realization brought me to my emotional knees. 
At that moment, it was like flipping a light switch.  I was a changed man."

He laughed and said, "My family did not know what to do with me at first. 
They kept waiting for the old, guaranteed explosive outbursts.
They thought I was acting when I changed. 
Maybe I was, but dropping the weight of that long ago pain, the heart break of Dad's death, and the resulting solidifying anger, was such a relief to me ... and to them. 
Our family life is so much better now!  One thing we do different, is laugh a lot.

What happened is as close to a miracle, as anything in my life and my family's.

Now I look for the good, do not focus on what is wrong, or who is wrong. 
There is good in every situation, and in everyone. 
It is not my responsibility to point out faults, and focus on them. 
All the anger did, was poison me and my family's life.

I am so glad that my wife said what she did, or I may still be an angry man, only angrier and older. 
She did us all a big favor, the day she told me that she had, had it with my attitude.

So, that is why I am out here now.  It feels good to uplift others, to say, Have a nice day...and mean it. 
I am having fun, and from the smiles on others' faces, it is fun for them too."

Dearest Readers, there are teachers every where in our lives, when we keep our eyes open for knowledge and wisdom. 
It is our choice, whether we learn from their experiences.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Dearest Readers,

Inspiration can come at any time, this next Angelic writing, floated into my heart while out walking, it made me recall the above story, and have compassion for those we see without smiles.
ME ^I^  
Homeless Man in Isolation
 photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Homeless person resting beside the freeway
Just because we feel Isolate, doesn't mean others can't see us! 
                        Lost and Found
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

When did you lose your smile?
When was the moment it fell from your face?

What caused the joy to evaporate from your life?

You have been punished long enough.

You have punished others long enough.

Those that love you, and live, and work with you feel the isolation you choose...and then inflict on them.

The world is not about you, but what you do in it for others.

You are not invisible, your life, and your energy touches others, every day.

Do not be a vampire and leach others' happiness and joy, to give your life meaning.

Being mean... is no life at all, but the action of digging a deep hole and then falling in it yourself.

Self imposed isolation. 
Self built walls.

Do not play the role of the victim, that no one can see you, or help you from the results of your own actions.

Everyone has life disappointments, but there comes a moment they paste on a happy little face, and carry on in their lives.

When being sad, grumpy, and miserable no longer feels good, or serves, and only you, have the power to change your facial expressions, and attitudes about life and others.

Would it startle you to know you are not the victim, but you happily victimize others as a release?

You are like a hot, boiling, tea kettle, seeking release by blowing off steam.

But it does not stop the internal boiling anger.

Only you can take the step off, and away from what you have let irritate you for years to heal your life, and become a JOY in others.  Is it possible?

Only if you give it pause, and change gears of the vehicle, you are barreling downhill out of control in.
You have the power to see the run-off lane, take it, and the relief at finally coming to a FULL stop...will allow you, to stop...and take a deep breath...and live.

To really live and enjoy the special, magical and loving moments of life.  You have missed too many, don't miss one more.


I read that the homeopathic remedy NUX VOMICA helps alleviate symptoms of anger and rage. 
You can read up on it on the internet and ask your Naturepathic or Homeopathic Doctor for more information.

Mary Ellen on TV
- View on Your Computer -
It was an honor, to have Mary Ellen, as my guest on Manhattan Neighborhood television, THE ENCHANTED SELF
Mary Ellen, is an inspiring woman, with a profound message about love, hope and miracles. 
My work, as a Positive Psychologist, is comfortably at home with what Mary Ellen teaches.
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Note from ME ^I^
When you see my eyes, going from side to side, like a wall clock cat's eyes, it is because it was not clear which cameras were on.  I was searching for that little tiny red light!
Miracle TV Show

Readers Reaction
to the TV Show
Mary Ellen,
I'm happy to be a long time reader, enjoying your newsletters and photos, over here in Europe! 
My American friend, Medora, introduced me to your work five years ago. She has since passed, and I continue to read the newsletters.
I am speechless. I enjoyed your TV video so much! I felt lifted up to another, a higher vibration.
I love your face, the way you talk, and your long hair.
I was moved by the story of your cat, Camalot, and can imagine how you felt when he was lost, and the moment you found him...amazing!
with love,
Marlene, in The Netherlands


You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
~ Anonymous ~

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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