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Angel Scribe's Cats
Pet Food Recall 
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Four Cats Survive, Pet Food Recall, Tips for Returning Health 
Pastor Cindy Slaymaker's grandchildren, Kristina, Shaina, Evan & Nathan,
visit Pet Tips 'n' Tales columnist Mary Ellen's famous swimming cats,
Myster E., Miss Wings, Nymbus and Whyspurr,
who are recuperating, after their experience with tainted cat food.

Dearest Readers,
Since millions of families in the world have pets, it is important these health tips are shared. Luckily our cats survived, hopefully theirs will too.
If your family pets were not effected, you may want to forward this information onto people whose pets were.
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Atira uses her psychic gifts to save her cat, Mr. Purrfect, from the tainted food recall.
Recently, Atira went to repurchase Mr. Purrfect's favorite brand of canned food, but she stopped with her hand suspended...half way to the shelf.
The food's aura was a sickly pea green shade, not a good color at all.  Atira likes to buy both her cat's food and her family's that have a deep forest green energy.
By stopping for that minute, and scanning the rest of the shelves of cat food, she instead bought Fancy Feast. One of the brands that is safe for pets. 
Again today, the FDA recalled an additional nine more brands of tainted pet food!
Atira's guide Dom, has something to say.
Hopefully some of the information is a benefit to you and your friends much loved fur family. 

Pet guardians in the United States and Canada are still on red alert.
Earlier this year, they suspected something was horribly wrong, yet they could not put their finger on it.
They had no way of knowing sixty million containers of pet food, in stores and in their homes, were contaminated.

Tragically, Pet Tips 'n' Tales columnist, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe's" four Silver Persians, seen above, became seriously ill.

Within days, her friends' pets in Ohio, California, Washington and  Cottage Grove began exhibiting odd unhealthy symptoms.
We began our search to bring back our cats' good health by taking Myster E. to Veterinarians. They said he had food allergies and later that he was allergic to fleas. (He had no fleas on him.)

With the same symptoms happening to friends pets around the United States, we knew it was more than allergies.
How could four healthy Persians begin throwing up day and night, develop diarrhea, lose all the fur off their winter ruff, in three days, making them bald...all at once?!

It was obvious this was not seasonal shedding, but a serious health problem.
One cat's skin erupted into massive amounts of scabs like chicken pox over night. One began urinating around the house.
In the only way they could, they were showing us something was wrong!
We changed their brands of food, again and again, trying to find a solution.
Mary Ellen instinctively knew it was a poisoning.  Atira was visiting and Dom, her Spirit Guide, suggested charcoal to help absorb the toxins.
Mary Ellen held up two bottles of charcoal and Atira chose the one with the vibration that best suited the cats needs.
(Edgar Cayce mentioned the use of charcoal in many of his readings.)
After the cats threw up, they would go over to the charcoal left out for them on a plate, and lick it up.  This left little black mustaches of ash on their beautiful white faces.
Robert Neumann, a Chinese herbalist and founder of The Vital Connection in Tacoma, Washington phoned, "Mary Ellen, consider feeding your cats fresh, raw chicken or raw tuna, a dash of sea salt, a little water, and small amounts of broccoli. I believe this will flip their health around.
Ask yourself, 'What would my pets eat in the wild?' Feed them that and their health will return."  www.TheVitalConnection.com
Desperate, not trusting canned and dried cat food any longer, as every day the FDA continues reporting a new brand containing the offending Chinese wheat gluten, contaminated with melamine...we tried what he suggested.
The results were outstanding!
The cats health immediately returned. They became alert, their missing fur grew back, their stomachs settled, the litter box was once again in normal use.
In reflection, when our cats refused to eat their food, the third week of January, we were upset as it had cost us money, and we thought they were finicky.
We have since learned to appreciate the cats' sense of smell, and discernment, when a can or bag of cat food is not healthy for them.
Not listening to them, nor observing their actions, nearly cost them their lives.
Veterinarian Dr. Kenna suggests pet guardians watch for, "Lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting, and an increase in drinking and urinating.
If you have any concerns, have your pets evaluated by your Vet. Kidney failure is serious." For more information Dr. Kenna suggests visiting www.oregonvma.org

Creswell, Oregon's Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Piccioni, who is certified in animal chiropractic care says, "When an animal experiences poisoning, repeated vomiting misaligns their spine and position of their stomach.
Consider having them realigned by a professional animal chiropractor to help aid them in returning to a healthy state."   www.pawsitivemotion.com

Cleveland, Ohio animal scientist and researcher, Dr. Agnes Thomas suggests, "Search for animal cook books at local bookstores. These books have nutritional information and healthy recipes to prepare for your pets.
Fox News reports sales on cook books for animals have skyrocketed. Consider cooking your pets meals, until the FDA gives the word that all contaminated food is recalled, and any new pet food is tested.  www.PetsTellTheTruth.com

Home-cooked food is good for pets, but they also need some healthy nutrients specially formulated that are included in canned food. Use safe brands of pet food as a supplement. Mary Ellen's cats are also eating Fancy Feast."

Daily, pet food recall information can be found on www.petconnection.com

And Fox News lists new contaminated foods www.FoxNews.com

The FDA has a complete listing of recalled pet food brands, dog biscuits and treats, as a service to consumers:  www.fda.gov
Photo and story by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

 Pet Adoption info: www.PetFinder.org 
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