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Dearest Readers,

My best friend, Atira has amazing experiences which provide us valuable information helping uplift peoples' spirits. The following story is just one example.

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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Edgar Cayce and Atira
- Arthritis and Peanut Oil -
Atira shared a story about her Grandmother's arthritic hands.  Her experience changed my 60-year-old hands, fingers and toes!

It all started over the phone when I mentioned, "My 87-year-old mother's hands are gnarled with arthritis."

"Why don't you try what I did in my early twenties?" asked Atira,"My grandmother, who spent all her time quilting, began suffering from arthritic hands.

In no time at all, her fingers twisted and she couldn't quilt, which was her life.  
I took her to her doctor. He declared that "she has arthritis" and added that he wanted to start her on a strong drug.

"Let's wait on that treatment for a few months," I said, knowing that Edgar Cayce's book, Handbook to Health, covered a lot of topics and was worth checking into before starting my Grandmother on a drug program. "You can't do anything about arthritis,"  was the doctor's discouraging reply.

We went home and I pulled out Edgar Cayce's book.  Yes, he had written a section on arthritis in which he suggested rubbing the affected areas with peanut oil.  It seemed simple enough.

Having nothing to lose, we bought an inexpensive small bottle of cold-pressed peanut oil from the grocery/health store. I rubbed Granny's hands and feet every night. Then, as she prepared for bed, she put on a pair of socks and cotton gloves to keep the peanut oil on her feet and hands, but off of the bed sheets.

Six weeks later, we went back to the doctor.  He looked at her hands and announced,  "Oh, I must have misdiagnosed. You don't have arthritis after all!"

I asked for Granny's money back from her first appointment, since she was misdiagnosed and she got it!

Her hands were normal!  She was back to quilting. In simple terms, according to what was read, the peanut oil lubricates the hands, breaks down what ever toxins are in the way, lubricates the joints, and mobility returns. Your mother may want to read about peanut oil," said Atira.

So, we purchased a cold-pressed peanut oil.  It is soooo slippery.  I rubbed it into mother's hands, massaged her hands, then realized my hands were coated in the oil too.  So, rather than wasting the oil by washing it off, I rubbed it in.

I am 60 and have no signs of arthritis.  But, who knows when a condition like that may begin forming in our body? So, with prevention in mind, I continued using the oil nightly.  Within days, one finger after the other gave a weird pop. The mobility of each finger increased with each pop.

At the end of 2 weeks, the left hand fingers bent 90 degrees front and backwards.  That is when I noticed the right hand did not have the same flexibility.  Absentmindedly, I was massaging the left hand...so for the next week, the right hand got more care.  Now all my fingers feel lighter, they bend easily, and are definitely straighter!

Over the next few weeks, my fingers, which looked perfectly fine, continued to straighten.  To further the experiment I began rubbing the  peanut oil into my toes and ankles...and the same thing happened.  The joints became more limber, the toes straightened and even really did have arthritis it doesn't matter now, as my experiment was a success!  The peanut oil is real slippery on feet, so putting socks on after applying prevents slipping.

I wished that we had taken "Before" photos of my toes and fingers.  A pair of summer sandals had a thick strap that "kinked" both my big toes off into and abnormal position and both toes are now STRAIGHT!

ALL of my toes straightened, even the ones that did not appear to need any "help".

Peanut oil and the massaging did two things it broke up toxins in the joints, and straightened my fingers and toes, so it is a happy double whammy.  It was so worth the experiment!
I shared the experience with Dr. Agnes Thomas, pet communicator, because she has arthritis.
She put it on her hands, feet, and arms.  Even after having her hands in dishwater four times, her hands remained "soft as can be and no pain in my fingers."
Then I shared it with another friend, Jean, who bought the oil and proudly showed me her clenched fist a few days later.  She was unable to tightly clench her fist until after applying the peanut oil.  How fun!

Information is for reference purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. It is not intended to substitute advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health care professional. Always consult your physician.
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