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The Sands of Time
Photo of Mr. AngelScribe's hand
beside an Oregon sand dune by Mary Ellen "Angelscribe"
Dearest Readers,
When we pause in our busy lives, and take a deep breath, unseen things often reveal themselves. Have you noticed the words....."thousands of times"--contain the worlds SANDS OF TIME?
Thinking of you, sending you Angelic Blessings, and wishing you a life filled with miracles.
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
By Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Often, just when you feel defeated, is when the tide turns, the winds change, and the desired outcome manifests.

Divine Timing and our own desires each have a different time table.  When we finally release the tight hold on the reins is the best time for Spirit/God/The Angels to step in, pick them up and guide us with strength to our desired Destiny.

We are often like little children in our desires; banging our feet and hands on the floor, yelling, "No!  No!  No!  My Way!  My Way!  Want it now!"

And look around, who can safely get close and help you in this state?

Instead, open your heart to the help of others and the Angel's guidance.  Hold your desires gently and firmly in your heart.

Do not hold them so strongly in your hands like sand that the harder you hold it close to you, the more it flows out between your fingers.

All from the Light,

Photo of Oregon sand dunes by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Authors: Mary Ellen Angelscribe and her Angels
When one reaches out
from their heart...
to uplift another...
they are a walking example
of God in action.

For how would you see God behave?

Would He/It/She watch
an elderly person struggle to open a door,
or would He/It/She beam a smile
of radiant Love and assist?

As you walk your path of life today,
creating a new page on the book of
your life's story, how would you like
it to read?

And how do you think God would walk it?

When you see and hear things, stop,
and respond from the Divine source
from within you.

Photo of an Oregon Sand dune by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Stop and think what impression you
would like your footstep in the sand
to leave for the next to see.

Stop and think what you would like
to see written down in your book,
on today's page,
of what you see
and what you plan to do.

And in this split second of eternity,
know that you make the right choice,
when you hold the Love of God/Spirit/
Universal energy in your heart.

You will discover more courage and
strength and your choices will flow,
your heart will sing.

And those whom you meet,
assist, guide, or help, will feel
Blessed in your presence.

And is it your presence they feel,
or the Divine essence that you are
radiating out ...  that they feel?

Imagine doing something today and
someone goes to bed tonight
and gives thanks for encountering you,
they feel Blessed for knowing you.

How would that make you feel?

Would you feel the day had been
a gift to you both?

Whom do you feel would feel the greatest joy?

What path you walk is one thing,
how you choose to walk it is another.

Walk in the Light, walk in the energy
of God's/Spirit's Love and you walk the
most highest of paths known.

Whichever path you are on now...
may become this new path...
in this second . . .  now . . . of your life.

May you be Blessed in God's Holy Light.
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