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Angel's Spring Health Tips!
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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Spring Arrives in Oregon!
Dearest Readers,
With the current news, many readers have copied the following Angel Writing and used it as a daily remembrance.  May it uplift your heart too and may the health tips be a blessing to those you love.
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Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Spring Explodes
Main Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon!
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels
AND...God reaches out
And...you reach back.

You stretch forward to connect, AND...the energy of Love shoots through your clasped hands...It courses through your veins and melts in and around your heart.
Opening it.
Warming it
ReJOYcing it.
AND...you gasp!

Had you known that your connection to God/Spirit would be like this...then...you would have reached out earlier.
It is as if your whole world changes from black to white to technicolor in the flash of a microsecond.
You wonder why you waited...
You wonder why you did not see the world this way before! 
And...you wonder if others, who are also reluctant to reach out, as you were, will they ever understand what they are missing and what joy they are devoid of in an attempt to control their own world and not let go?
Release...the need to control...Because in truth, you are not in control!
And your hands burn from grasping the reins of your life so tightly.
Because God reaches out...

And you reach back...

With FREE hands.


Betty Tisdale - Update

Betty Tisdale is back in the USA.  All her suitcases arrived safely in Vietnam filled with goods for the orphans.  Read about her trip!

Also, the Vietnamese News printed an article (in English) on Betty's work with the orphans.

Betty, who lives in Seattle...could use a handyman/woman to help her with the garage door that isn't working, the cold air that is coming through her back door, and a finicky garbage disposal.  If you can help.... bettytisdale@aol.com
Ariel - Update
Many of you have followed my daughter, Ariel, over the years.  She and her fellow fire fighters LOVE cooking and they also love Pampered Chef products.  So Ariel is now selling them....the products, not the fire fighters!
If you are in need of things to jazz up your kitchen and make cooking fun and easier. Check out Ariel's web page and see the catalogue and special sales etc. (click on 'our products' at the top of the page, then on 'cookware, bake ware' etc. on the far left.)
Ariel is applying for Fire Fighting/Paramedic jobs and Pampered Chef sales help her pay off her Paramedic degree student loans.
 Mary Ellen - Update
Nature's Pathways
The March 2009,Wisconsin's Nature's Pathways; Your Path to Healthy Living magazine, has an article on Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe". 
Long time Angel Scribe reader and The Inner Voice columnist Nancy Freier wrote, "It's a Wonderful (Miracle) Life." featuring Mary Ellen and her Angelic work.  Nature's Pathways contains articles on healthy livestyles, recycling,  clean energy, supplements, pet health care, and homeopathy etc.
Feline Wellness 
The Spring 2009  issue of Feline Wellness
features Mary Ellen's article on outdoor enclosures for cats.
Complete with a photo of Nymbus, Myster E. and Whyspurr!
Health Tip #1

Dearest Readers,

Yahoo! An amazing health tip that began when the laryngitis-respiratory-bug was flying around the planet.  Instinctively, I knew that our family's healing from it would benefit others.  And the Angels delivered an answer!
What blood type are you?  Refer to the blood type book.
Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

Dr. D'Adamo's book lists herbal teas that are beneficial for your specific blood type.  What is good for one type is not  for another.  His information reveals which herbal teas and foods to avoid, and which strengthen your blood system, immunity, and body.
The herbal teas mentioned are readily available at health food stores in bulk.   So, I bought small amounts of 5 different teas and phoned Atira for an experiment.
I asked her to ask her Angel Dom, "Would taking one of these herbal teas in the morning, or mixing them together be more beneficial?"
Atira has the gift to see energies, she is not prescribing, her Angel told her that some teas are better to drink in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some prior to bed. 
So, I tried doing what Dom said.  The third morning, upon awakening, I KNEW that things were different!
In a matter of days, sheer exhaustion has lifted!  My face looked more relaxed, face lines are fewer and not as deep!  So you know that internally healing was happening.
This makes us rethink how easily health can be changed! Change the blood, change the health.

Every time we search, we learn.  When we share the information with others... we teach the world.

This information is my personal sharing as our family works towards improving our health.   Please remember that If you are interested in any of this information talk to your doctor or natural health care practioner,   All our bodies are individual, and what works for one may not for another

Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Pink Spring Blooms & Green Fir Trees
Spring Health Tip # 2
by Robert Neumann BCH - Herbalist
Dear Angel,
It's spring again, which means it's essential to eat lighter so your body can detoxify from all the heavy foods of fall and winter - such as, baked goods, meats, alcohol.

Drinking more water, Dandelion root tea or green tea can help with this as well. These teas help cool the liver and the body in general to prepare for summer.
Another option is an organic detoxifying product called Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien.
For those with allergies Pe Min Kan Wan is a natural organic high quality product that can reduce and in many cases completely eliminate hay fever, mold and pollen sensitivity, etc.
These products may be an asset for those suffering from hay fever or left over winter heat.
I am happy to help your readers with their health needs and products.

Robert Neumann BCH-Herbalist
1.800.916.2643 or 253.474.2643
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