Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter
April 1, 2005

Look up! Look UP HIGHER...It is a Miracle!

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In this Edition:

Introducing Angel Scribe Staff
Canadian Angel Cloud
Crashing into a Miracle

Dearest Readers,

Readers who receive a postal letter from me, may find an Angel feather in it.

Here is my staff helping stuff the envelopes!

The next two miracle stories teach us that even when we least expect it, a miracle may be right above us!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Angel Scribe Staff Photo!

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Miss Wings helps Mary Ellen
send thank you notes with
Angel feathers.

The tuff part is rescuing the
feathers to put in the envelope!

So if you have a bent one
consider it kissed by an Angel kitty!    

Canadian Angel Cloud
by Gisele in Montreal, Quebec.

Four years ago, two weeks after my twenty-two year old daughter, Ginette, passed away, her fiancé and I were chatting on the outside deck.

As we stood there mourning our loss... he glanced up into the sky and points.

Floating above us was a perfectly shaped Angel cloud!

Her wings were spread out, and the cloud held its shape a few minutes, long enough for us to enjoy.

We laughed and cried.

We took this as a sign that our loved Ginette was with us.

My husband came home from his chemotherapy treatment and as he came in the house, "I saw an Angel cloud on my way home."

What are the odds that we all saw the same cloud, when all the other people in town walked or drove on by and missed it!

Seeing the Angel cloud was a miracle from heaven for us and it still comforts me now.

My husband passed away a year after our daughter.

I yearn to see them both one day.

I miss them so much.

My heart is forever broken, some days are more difficult than others.

When I think back to that moment, we all saw the angel cloud, it confirms that she is watching over me and so is my husband now.

I believe it is good to validate the messages our loved ones send us...

They are a lifeline for me!    

Editors Note

Our family learned about IGNATIA,
the homeopathic remedy for grief.

We take it for grief of relationships,
deaths, moving, any kind of loss.

We have even given it to our pets
when one of their favorite animal
friends passes.

Check it out on

Crashing into a Miracle
by Kristen in Appleton, Wisconsin

Three years ago, I was involved in a car crash.

I caused was no accident!

My car hit a tree...head-on at 50 mph.

I lost control of the car, because I was under the influence of alcohol.

The car landed thirty feet down a ravine.

My car and I were hidden in the bushes and it was impossible to see us from the road.

Even though the headlights were on no one could see them, because of the dense brush.

I was in the middle of nowhere... alone and injured.

It was 11 clock at night and a man, whom I believe was an Angel sent by God, miraculously found me.

How he found me was a miracle!

He never leaves his house at night, but God was talking to him while he sat on the couch and told him to get up and go get his morning rolls.

This meant he would have to drive past where I was buried in the bushes to get to the store.

For some unknown reason, he took his spotlight with him.

He never takes it with him, but thank goodness he did this time!

As he drove by the spot where I had driven into the ravine, he noticed a dust cloud.

He thought, "That's unusual!"

He stopped and turned his car around.

He got out and shone his spotlight... and saw me!

He flagged a car down and asked them to get help.

If he had not followed his "gut feeling" to go to the store, and to take his spot light... who knows when I would have been found!

Later, after healing, I put an ad in the newspaper to locate him.

He called me and I said, "You are my Angel and I will never forget you!

He told me he also believes discovering me was a miracle.

God can send people as Angels...who knows if I would have been found at all!

God spoke to him and he saved my life.

From this experience I learned that God has a plan for me!    

Newsletter Reader Responds

Mary Ellen,

You are all about love, happiness and wonder.

I can feel your energy in your newsletters.

I forward your newsletters to ten people.

AND...I know for a fact that the people I forward it to... in turn send it to everyone they know!

You are touching over 100 different lives here in Ontario, Canada through just one of your newsletters! 

My girlfriend Jacqui forwards her Angel Scribe newsletter onto her Minister, and I have heard that she simply Loves it... and often uses stories from it in her sermons!

Karen, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada    

TO: Paula in Israel

Paula, thank you for phoning me to share how much Angel Scribe Newsletters mean to you!

It was an honor to receive your call.

And a joy to hear your sweet voice ˝ way around the world!    

Newsletter Reader Responds
on Pet Tips

A helpful modality for pets urinary problems (and many others) is acupuncture.

Urinary tract infections in cats can be life threatening, so in the acute phase other remedies might be needed.

For chronic or mild problems acupuncture can restore balance to the system so the problem won't recur.

My male cat had urinary tract infections every spring.

Since he has received acupuncture treatments, he has had only one mild infection in the first year.

None in the three years since!

Acupuncture heals on the physical level and also on the level of emotions and spirit.

It is a powerful healing modality for humans and their animal companions as well.

Acupuncture Intern
Catonsville, MD    


Atira is teaching a class
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Last class folks arrived an hour
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I was there and Atira's info had
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It is wonderful to hear what
someone who actually sees

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Top Inspirational speakers and authors
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Never doubt
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indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


Angel Scribe newsletters are
my intentional act of kindness for the world.

Your donations enable
this web site to stay active.

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
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