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Vows & Vices!
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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Babies; Myster E., Whyspurr, and Nymbus
Sometimes, as a family, we need to regroup and search for something new.
Dearest Readers,
In a week, when Betty Tisdale www.BettyTisdale.com arrives home from visiting her orphanages in Vietnam, she has promised to phone me to share her miracles with us.  Stay tuned!
Also, with the current media observations on relationship abuse, recently witnessed in the media, the Angels want you to know.....
Vows & Vices
By Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" & her Angels

Dearest Ones,

For those of you
dedicated your life to your spouse, and put your heart and soul, into your marriage vows, may we share this with you...

Your intentions were pure and honest, and if your spouse has broken the chain of your vows, and sliced the perfect circle of your wedding rings, as with a loud chainsaw...know that they are indeed broken!

Do not spend your precious life with an abuser.  You are a bright and beautiful star in the Universe. 
When you spend your days cowering in confusion and deception from their mean manipulation of your words, with their loud words, or the insanity of waiting for them to erupt like an erratic volcano.  And shatter your days with their following onslaught...you are no longer truly married, according to the vows you honestly voiced.

You are now held prisoner, scared and starved for the love and protection that will not be fed to you.  Your life is so chaotic and controlled with craziness that your spirit and soul become crushed and you cannot shine your light as you were created to do.  Throw off the blanket of heavy oppression.

See the Light.  See your reflection in a mirror.  You are not invisible to the world and have much love to give, and many gifts to share.

A road is only good when it goes from here to there.  When a road is washed out with a landside...it becomes two ends going nowhere.

An abyss forms, and you wonder how to get where you were going; is it any longer possible, and is it worth it? Everything in your life changes in an instant: hopes, dreams, goals, and a clear view of your home.

When a precious marriage vow is broken with violence or betrayal, it is no longer a vow, but two broken pieces that can hold one person hanging in limbo.

Your life is precious.  You are a miracle of your birth.  Do not let two small words, "I DO", hold you a prisoner in your life to be abused.  When you look at the new life you can lead...free of manipulation and control say, "I WILL" as you look forward to a bright future, new loving friends and a freedom to enjoy it all.

The Ladies of the Light
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
When the party is over,
it is time to pack up
and move on to other awaiting ventures.

Stop Walking on Egg Shells
Author Randi Kreger
Do you feel that anything you do or say will be twisted against you? Are you being accused of things you never did or said? Do you try to avoid horrible, confusing arguments by concealing your thoughts and feelings? Are you at the end of your rope?
Additional information:

 Money Saving Health Tips
Robert Neumann BCH- Herbalist

Hello Angel,

Here is a health tip for your readers: Baking Soda is a product that has been used for centuries.  The Egyptians used it as a washing agent, we can use it to whiten our teeth, reduce the acids in our stomachs and address a dandruff problem. 

For more information on the many uses and cautions surrounding Baking Soda:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baking_soda

Also, pets with flaking and or itching skin may benefit from a wash/rinse with a baking soda solution.  If your pet has a tendency to vomit, a very small amount in his/her food or water may remedy this problem.  A simple healthy fix...

Mary Ellen, for information regarding Dr.Simoncini's work regarding cancer, fungus and Baking Soda, please refer to:   http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/
In some cases, individuals with heart conditions or edema it is best to use with caution.
Apparently, 1/4 tsp in the morning with 8-10 oz. of warm water will settle an acid stomach.
Washing your clothes with baking soda, or mold growth on a patio takes off the liken and yeast growths.
Good health and Blessings to your readers,
Robert Neumann BCH - Herbalist

Editor's Teeth Note
My dental hygenist commented that she once saw some bacteria on a slide, and some germs on the same slide.  Within a minute she said the bacteria was dead.  No wonder our grandparents used Baking Soda to brush their teeth!
Reader Responds
North Carolina
Dear Mary Ellen,

I am an apartment Leasing Agent and recently rented an apartment to a lady who has breast cancer.

Soon after, while cleaning out some papers, I found your newsletter from Year 2000 which told about Atira's Angel/Guide Dom recommending tapioca and also another remedy (Cell Forte.)  There are no accidents!
Angelic Dream: Healing &Tapioca.
She used both from that day forward along with positive visualization, which I had used when I had cancer in 1979.

Lo and behold, after surgery the other day, her doctors pronounced her cancer-free.  I must tell you she was in very bad shape when she came to us to rent an apartment (to be close to the hospital here.)  She is going to sign up for your newsletter and she has told others too.

She is so grateful to you and she believes she received a miracle. Thank you Mary Ellen.  You help so many.

Cary, NC

Psychic Healing
Newly Released Book
Sylvia Browne's newest book is on self-healing. The information is largely from actual research trance transcripts from her guides.
Sylvia discusses her innovative and proven methods of healing relating to cell memory and morphic resonance.  She is a deep-trance medium and the information that comes from her guides covers healing methods that give tools to heal ourselves and become more spiritual.
Her book also gives us insights into preventive methods that ensure health and happiness so that we can enjoy optimal wellness-both inside and out! 
I have not read it yet; just ordered it and looking forward to reading it!
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