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And the Angels said...
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Spring explodes into pink at the City Hall Covered Bridge, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Counting Life's Blessings
Scribed April 7, 1995 by Mary Ellen and her Angels
Welcome to the Light,
Where all are gathered to sing a song of joy . . . for our hearts are filled with joy, at the many of you who have read these words and benefited from the messages that we have sent . . . in Love.

When doing your daily work/routines, if one holds Love in their heart, the day goes by smoother . . . miracles happen . . . and you feel so full-filled at the end of the day.  The attitude one has as they greet their families at the day's end is one of joy and accomplishment.  The job has not changed, the routine has not changed, but you have, from your own personal choice.

Once we realize there is a choice, we can make, it is a new awareness. 
To drag through the day heartbroken, joyless, bored . . . or fill your mind and heart with Loving thoughts of who you Loved, who you Love now . . . and who Loves you. 
By not focusing on the lack of joy and focusing on the present Blessings, your life becomes filled with more Blessings.

Why is it that the negative thoughts hold so hard onto your consciousness, when in truth, it would take all day to count your life's Blessings? 
Start at the moment of birth and write your Blessings on a piece of paper, two pieces of paper, three pieces of paper . . .

Most were born in a clean environment that guaranteed their survival, most had shoes to wear . . .  every day of their life.  Most had one teacher, one relative, one neighbor who took a healthy and joyful interest in them.  Some had beautiful scenery around them to lift their spirit . . . and teach them awe.  Some had an animal's total and unconditional Love.  Some have humor to make others smile and laugh, and this gift of humor uplifts all.

So when you have a down moment in your life, grab a pen or a pencil, and make a list of all the Blessings that you are . . . and that have happened/surrounded you in your life.

May you be Blessed in God's own Light,  for you are indeed Blessed and now that you see/know this you may also add it to your list. 
And the next time you sneeze and someone says "Bless you," respond with, "Thank-you, I am."

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Spread your arms wide, feel the Blessings about you.
Pacific Ocean on the Oregon Coast reminds us of the beauty around us.
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Main Street Springs into Blossom, Cottage Grove, Oregon
For the last year, the numbers 1111 pop up;  111 mileage markers,  clock radio 11:11 am and pm. 
And what about 011110 which is the official day of my divorce! In binary code 011110 means the number 30, which is how many years my husband and I were together.  Hoping for lots of angles to help me through this difficult time.
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Angel First Aid, Remedies for Life, Love, and Posperity- by author Sue Storm.  This is a handy do-it-yourself book on how to increase your connection to your Angels.  Sue lists the Angels for you to call upon for support.  A lovely, easy to read, informative book.
Stories Wanted
C. L. Talmadge is looking for stories for her next book The Healing Circle.  Submit your stories contacting departed souls in which people come together to help a person or persons in grief.  Information: http://tinyurl.com/yewmy7g
Angel Scribe Readers Respond
- Linda in Washington State -
Thank you for your Angel newsletter.  I've been reading it since 2000.  You do so much to help others. You and the angels are my inspiration.
Linda in Washington State.
- Kathleen in Raleigh, North Carolina -
I save all your newsletters in a folder in my email box and go back and read them when I am having a "down in the dumps" kind of day. They make me feel so much better!  It's like each newsletter is written as an answer to my prayers!  That's incredible!   I love them! 
Blessings Kathleen
Thank you!
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