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Angels and Memory Loss!
Dearest Readers,
There was a huge response to the last Angel Scribe story on Mary Ellen and Atira and the golden raindrops and golden prayers, that we sent out to her mailing list. 
On the same note, Atira's newsletter on "memory loss" also had wonderful responses and we felt you would love to read it too.  Enjoy!
Mary Ellen ^I^
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- Angels Teach -
Memory Loss Helped By Angels?
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe
A few new readers of Atira's newsletters want to know why I write many of her newsletters, verses Atira, herself.

Simple:  I am Atira's best friend and journal many of her amazing experiences.  Atira is an awesome reader and not a computer wiz, so we blend our skills to educate you on how "The Other Side" functions, so to speak.

Disclaimer: Neither Atira or Mary Ellen are doctors. They have no medical background, are not diagnosing or prescribing.  What they are about to share is solely information from Atira's Angel, Dom.  They followed his advice for a miracle of the mind! When you become ill, always seek your doctor's guidance.
Atira and I have a dear friend/neighbor in her 80's, with severe memory loss.  It hits her like a brain fog, descending, then lifting.
I had been complaining to Atira that every time our friend went for a vaccine injected directly into her eye, for macular degeneration, I saw a drastic and immediate change in her cognitive abilities.
Minutes after receiving the "shot", she'd stare like a living person in a dead body, stop talking, shuffle her feet out of the office, and over the next few days her speech would become disjointed.  It was like watching a piece of her brain die each day.
While we were out on errands, she would try to describe something, then she would fall silent.  The end of her sentences evaporated.

I saw in her eyes that she knew what she wanted to say, but it appeared that the link to communicate the message was gone or severed.  There was a look of terror in her eyes.  It was evident that she realized she was losing her thought pattern, her memory. I asked her if she knew what she wanted to say, but couldn't.  She nodded and said, "Yes. I tell people, but they don't believe me."
Once home, in frustration I phoned Atira, shared my observations with her, and she said, "Dom says that the homeopathic remedy Thuja will help her."  (Thuja is the homeopathic remedy for ill effects from vaccines). " Also, go onto your favorite homeopathy website, research memory loss, and see what the website recommends."

Our friend is an advocate of homeopathy, so the next time I visited her, I asked  if she had Thuja.  She did, and went to fetch it.  I told her what Dom said about the remedy, so she  enthusiastically took one of the small pellets, followed by more during our visit.

Upon my arrival, before taking the Thuja, she was having trouble putting words together.  She could not finish the end of  sentences, and then in frustration, she would mutter, "Oh. You figure it out."  The flow in her brain kept shutting down, leaving her sentences "hanging in midair."
When I was ready to leave, she was still holding her homeopathic remedy vial, and she was a different person from when I arrived!  She said, "Good-bye sweetheart.  Your hair looks so shiny and beautiful today.  You are such a good neighbor, thank you for coming over."  I was stunned!  She had not talked in "paragraphs" for the past few weeks!  This turn of events was nothing short of a miracle.

Excited, I walked home and followed the second part of Dom's advice thinking, "If it's that easy to help a memory-impaired loved one, then surely we would have all heard about it! You can bet it would not be as simple as a homeopathic remedy."

Within minutes of turning the computer on, a quick search on my favorite homeopathic website turned up Lycopodium Clavitum as a remedy to help with memory loss.

CHILLS! Unbelievable! It was that easy! Plus, coincidentally, earlier that day, my husband wasn't feeling well and I had read about "his" constitutional remedy, Lycopodium Clavitum. While reading the thought emerged, "Could this also be beneficial for memory loss/impairment?"  
The answer from Dom's suggestion to research the internet was also confirmed by the information in the book.

Our life holds wonderful directional guide posts if we just pay attention! A little help from an Angel helps too!  

I walked over to our friend's apartment, we searched her homeopathic remedy box. Voila!  She had the remedy!  I enthusiastically told her what it was for and she put it beside her bed along with her Thuja to take before and after naps.

Two weeks after writing the above information our friend had improved a hundredfold.  
On the day I began Journaling, I had taken my friend shopping as outings help to stimulate her, and on this particular day, she did not know her way out of her favorite store!  During our next outing, while she was signing her charge card, she looked at me in a panic and said, "I  forgot my last name." However, three weeks after taking her homeopathic remedies, she phoned me!  Thrilling!  She had not phoned for months!
"I am out of red felt for a project. Will you drive me to the store?" she asked.
What a surprise! This time, as we entered the store, she remembered everything! She walked to the far back corner where the Craft Department is located!  She remembered that she needed red felt.  Before the "miracle", she would have "spaced out" and forgotten why she was even in the store..

Once again, her eyes are bright, she is giggling and making jokes!  It is like her brain went on a holiday, but did not take her, and now it is back!  How joyous!  It was her laughter that I missed as she succumbed to memory loss.  
Now, she looks me in the eye when talking and it is such a joy to welcome her sweet spirit back.
It is now 2 months since she began taking her remedies.  She phoned me at Christmas, and asked to come for a visit.  She sat beside our Christmas tree and shared EVERYTHING that happened at her family Christmas:  What people did, said, what they gave to each other, what they laughed about. It was the best Christmas present from Dom to me to have my friend's brain, spirit and personality reborn!
Knowing Atira, and having her share her Angelic wisdom from Dom, truly adds sparkle to our lives.
A few weeks into the New Year our friend had another vaccine injection into her eye.  I visited her the next day, and she was having speech difficulty.  The day after that was even worse. So, she increased the dosage frequency of her remedies and she is back to laughing again!

Then a few weeks later, she was bursting with enthusiasm.  "My young friend dropped in this afternoon with her baby! I was in heaven!  I held the sleeping child for most of that afternoon!"  

She chatted up a storm about how exceptionally beautiful the baby was, she shared her joy of the day, and the memories of her own children.  She remembered the baby's name and birth date.  It was a thrill to know that our friend was given this day of joy, and her family has Christmas memories with her acting as her "old" self.  None of this would have happened if an Angel hadn't been watching over her. An Angel who talked to Atira, who then passed the information on to me, who then discovered that our friend just "happened" to have the "correct" remedies on hand. What a beautiful example of how Spirit works in our lives!

A month later, I was writing a pet story and needed to spell the word "debris".  The correct spelling eluded me and my husband, so I phoned our friend and she said, "Debris is spelled d-e-b-r-i-s .  Most people do not realize it is a French word."  Once again, her memory was stunning!

Here is the best part of the story!  She went to her medical doctor recently, and in a surprised voice he said, "You sure are different!" And he is right, she is!

My friend and I burst out laughing when she said, "I watch my relatives, watching me.  They know how bad I was, and they can't figure out how I got better."  Then, just like we have for the last ten years of our friendship....we laughed and laughed -- at the thought of THEIR puzzled minds!

(Oh, my husband, Atira, and I took a few doses after seeing our friend's health improve.  We realized that over the years we have had injections for dental work, surgeries, inoculations. I must report that my brain feels much clearer now that the "cotton balls" and "spider webs" have moved on out!)

We are sharing information, we are not prescribing or diagnosing. The above information is a personal experience.  Follow your inner guidance and always consult with your health care professional.
Click on book cover for more information
and the Doctor's Video explanation.
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The shamanic practices, meditation, and visualizations will help to enhance those brain regions responsible for peace, compassion, innovation, and joy to arise naturally.

Watch the doctor's video too, fascinating!   http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=5360
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