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May Your Life be Filled with Golden Eggs!
Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
It is not Easter yet, but Golden Eggs are all year round!
"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead -
Dearest Readers,

Maybe all we see is not real but what we imagine is!  It is quite a concept and a new and stronger compass directional to lead us into our future!

A few weeks ago, my psychic-medium girlfriend, Atira, said, "Dom says, 'Send God's golden raindrops down into your yoga/acupuncture studio/clinic.'"

Atira explained, "He said that it will change the energy."  She did not know what Dom meant by it, or what kind of energy needed changing, but we are past questioning Dom, so we just did it.

If a little golden rain is good, for a place, home or country, then the thought that more from others would be even better!  So I shared the information with both the yoga instructor, Colleen, and her hubby, acupuncturist, Dr. Darby Valley.

Fast forward two weeks...I phoned Atira and told her to rest for the next hour because I had an acupuncture appointment and would send her healing energy from the clinic.

At the clinic, remembering the golden rain drops, and being too lazy to visualize the entire office filling individually with them,  I instead visualized door dividers as long strings of golden-colored-tinsel hanging across the entire length of the clinic's ceiling.

That was fast and easy.  Now, bored , I  wondered what else to do for the next hour while the needles performed their unseen magic.

So, I visualized a large, thin sheet of golden energy,  filled with the room's healing wisdom and energy, over Atira's bed. Then I prompted the golden sheet to drop whatever healing energy Atira needed down to her auric field for whatever she needed.  Who knows, she might need acupuncture energy, aura adjusting etc. Best to let the 'experts' do their thing!

Then I promptly fell asleep.

After arriving home, I phoned Atira.  "Did you feel anything during the appointment?"

"Yes," she responded.  "It was the oddest thing, the room filled-up with golden candy wrappers raining down from the sky."

Yup, close enough!!!!

When I shared this exciting news with Colleen she said, "Since we began using the golden rain drops, we have increased appointments.  We have never been this busy and Darby is now ahead of the game with insurance billing and filing taxes."

The other noticeable thing is that Dr. Darby looks better, healthier and younger.  Maybe we all need to visualize God's golden raindrops drenching our homes and offices!

I told him about the Golden raindrop incident and added, "Gosh, growing up everyone accused me of having an overactive imagination!  Now I find out that it is real!"

Dr. Darby paused and reflected, "Maybe our imagination is all that is truly real."

Stunned!  He is right.  We often hear that what we say, what we believe, what we think directs us into our future.  Knowing that the possibilities of sending golden energy is real, what else are we missing in our lives that is real too!?

Well, this incident showed the potential of possibilities.  So the next time in the clinic I lay there, stuck with needles, exploring the possibilities of prayer.

Many people can't visualize a prayer, or the energy.  Some think they have to use some elusive exact words to capture God's ear.  Not so, so I chose a huge Goodyear Blimp-sized golden egg.  I filled this egg with God's golden healing energy and his/her love, added tons of courage and strength, and then tossed in a magical, hidden divine elixir that continually refills the egg as it is drawn upon. 

Now when friends ask for prayers I tell them that I am sending them this ginormous egg that will permanently sit over their home.  They can lie down and draw from it at any time.  They can draw God's/Spirit's love, healing energy, and courage to continue.

As you read these words, you're manifesting this egg above your dwelling.  Use it as your imagination directs you to do: for healing; to carry you forward; or as a tool to help your loved ones.

Teach your friends about the golden egg, and send it to their homes.  May God's golden raindrops flood your life and the lives of your loved ones.

And most importantly, visualize golden eggs above war torn countries, above hospitals, over schools, and over your government buildings. Unlimited. Your imagination to change the world and your life is unlimited.  You are amazing!
Dr. Darby Valley's info:
Atira's website
Fun and crazy rescue story involving
Dr. Darby, his family, their cat, and a community.
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
It was a happy story book ending for Curious George!
(Bailey, 18 years old, is camera shy!)

Angels Health Info
Disclaimer: Atira and Mary Ellen are not doctors. They have no medical background, are not diagnosing or prescribing.  What they are about to share is solely information from Atira's Angel.  Always seek your doctor's guidance.
Atira had a cold.  She went to her holistic medicine cupboard and picked up a bottle of Elderberry Sambucus syrup. She was startled!  Not only was the bottle the greenest energy she had seen,(healing), but as soon as she held it, it instantly changed her aura to a healthier color!

Dom said, "Take it once a week."  So, Atira took a teaspoon of it to enhance her immunity to ward off the cold.

I read about Elderberry on the internet and remembered that my Canadian Chinese doctor said, "People using it in the Middle Ages survived the plague."  With today's germs/viruses, Atira and I definitely plan to follow Dom's health advice!

Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sambucus mentions "Black elderberry has been used medicinally for hundreds of years......effective for treating Influenza B.....People using the elderberry extract recovered much faster .....93% of flu patients....were completely symptom-free within two days.....found that the H1N1 inhibition activities of the elderberry flavonoids compare favorably to the known anti-influenza activities of Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Amantadine.....found, symptoms of influenza A and B virus infections were relieved on average 4 days earlier .....Sambucol Elderberry Extract .....activate the healthy immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production.

Sambucol might therefore be beneficial to the immune system activation and in the inflammatory process in healthy individuals or in patients with various diseases.

Sambucol could also have an immunoprotective or immunostimulatory effect when administered to cancer or AIDS patients, in conjunction with chemotherapeutic or other treatments."  WOW!

Expect Miracles - Book Report
Mary Ellen, you and your book have a special place in my heart. Expect Miracles sits next to me, all day every day, 365 days a year and has for a very long time.  During these difficult times,  I know I am never alone and your book, just seeing it, makes a difference for me.  Please believe that.
TT in Ohio
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Myster E.

Your prayers and Reiki for Myster E.'s health are welcomed.
Send him a catnip Golden egg!
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