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Dearest Readers,

My best friend, Syd, in University Place, Washington and my mother, in Canada, are urgently in need of help, so I am leaving immediately.
I wont have a computer, and will be busy attending to them, please do not send any emails, until you hear from me, in a few weeks.

Kindly keep us all in your prayers.

Last month, Atira said, "Mary Ellen, Dom (her Angel/Guide) says you need to have five Pet Tips 'n' Tales pet newspaper columns lined up."

I thought, 'Oh. Oh. The only reason, this would be necessary, is if I was unexpectedly leaving town.' Once again, Atira and Dom were right."

There wont be any Angel Scribe newsletters until my return.
Todays, is sent with out proof reading, a gift from my heart to yours.

If you want to sign up for the educational and fun Pet Tips 'n' Tales newsletters, one a week, for five weeks, will be sent out.

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Thank you for understanding and your prayers,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Spring Lambs
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
New Kids on the Block  
Spring Lamb
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Cottage Grove Lamb

Heart Wisdom
Mary Ellen AngelScribe

Reaching out for spiritual knowledge, is done with the heart, not with the hands.
It is better to fill your heart, with deeds of love, than your mind with books of knowledge, to better understand the Divine Kingdom.
What if God could not show up and to help someone He/She sent you in place of Him/Her?
How else do you think most miracles occur?
It is one human responding to the Divine prayer for assistance from another.
Imagine having God use you, for the instrument for His/her work?
Do not expect a phone call to confirm your job application as an Earth Angel.
Do not expect a limousine to pick you up for your assignments.
Your job is subtle/telepathically guided by others' prayers and the unseen hand of God nudging you forward to your next job assignments.
Imagine for a moment: moments before you are born that you are talking with God and finishing your paperwork to be a co-worker on earth, as in Heaven with God and his/Her Angels.
You carry this contract in your heart, upon arrival, as a seed that will grow as you grow and mature.
It is part of your very essence and being.
And one day you can not ignore its growing awareness...your spirit grows and expands and you know/remember your mission on earth.
You respond with acts of kindness and gentleness...and know this is what a spiritual life is.
One where God's energy can flow through you to others and your spirit is full.

Know I love You
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

And the Hand of God reached out for you.
You look up with awe, and amazement, and disbelief...and deep humbled appreciation.
Your eyes bow in reverence.
And with the greatest, kindest, gentlest face of love you have felt...
God looks at you and says, "Dearest Child, you have wandered far to find me.
I have watched you search, and suffer, and discover dead ends in your road.
I have been with you, watching in your dark nights, your dark moments and your dark thoughts.
I have watched you grow through your experiences. You have learned love, compassion and treat others with kindness.
Truly there were no dead ends on your path, but learning lessons.
I have watched you with pride, as you have blossomed in character.
I see deep with in your soul, and know you always knew I was with you.
Your belief is you tie to me, a bond of love ... I believe in you.
Life is not easy. Love is not easy. Yet, when you live your life with Love you discover the magical essence of miracles in the making.
I watch you with you and appreciation know I am with you.
Know I love you.
Know you are a blessing to others lives.
Know you are a blessing in mine.

You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
~ Anonymous ~

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