Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter March 10, 2005

Miracle Money

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Miracle Money
Angel Scribe Walks into a Miracle
Creating  Miracles
Inspirational Radio

Dearest Readers,

Several newsletters ago, Newsletter story

I mentioned how our family was dragged over a four year, financial hot-bed with our home's emergency repairs, so I could breathe in the house.

Well, the repairs are done, I am home.  AND...I can breathe, so we will not be moving.

We are hanging onto the financial teeter-totter and it looks like I will have to find a job.

The newsletters are a nine year love for many of us.

It is a deep emotional let down to think about setting the newsletters aside and working.  (I applied at the post office... so you can see I am in shock).

It is my dream to expand the newsletters into media print, so that your wonderful miracle stories can uplift others in an ever growing circle.

That is why I ask you to write

and submit my name for her "Wildest Dream" show.... and also connect my miracle stories to interested newspaper editors.

Atira, my best friend, is very supportive of my Angel work and generously covers our travel expenses for the classes and workshops we attend.

Wonderful folks, who are on limited budgets, who never felt a dollar would help, sent in a dollar... and a loving note of support.

The enclosed notes made me giggle and some left me in tears. 

The ingenuity of the readers was so fun.

A reader wrote, "I Believe in Angels!" in bold-black felt pen on a dollar bill.

Dollar bills arrived with loving notes:

"One for each of my children."

"One for each year of the five years I have been reading your newsletters."

One reader sent a real $1 and a phony $Million$ dollar bill and a note, "This one is fake, but this is my wish for you and your family."

Another sent a dollar bill with a $20 wrapped in the middle of it.

"Your newsletters are a source of inspiration to me."

"I look forward to receiving the newsletters and love to read other people's stories."

"I now feel blessed when I see triple numbers, as I know Angels are always around me."

"Mary Ellen, I am more aware of the Angels love and protection because of your newsletters."

"For the woman who deserves a trillion dollars for the love she spreads around the world."

"You make my day, every time your newsletter arrives!"

"You fill peoples' lives with love and inspiration."

"Thank-you from the bottom of my heart and soul, you have made me aware of the Angels that surround us in times of need."

"We are blessed to have you in our lives."

One anonymous reader signed their envelope with "11:11er."

"Here is my $1 contribution, hope the other 49,999 people come through!"

"Thank-you, Mary Ellen for letting your light shine and bringing light to the lives of so many!"

"May you receive all you need to allow your light to shine bright and reach all those you are meant to reach."

A few dollars arrived anonymously.

Some arrived with a kind note of appreciation for reading the newsletters for years and how they brought light to the dark times in their families.

"You fill people's lives with Love and inspiration. 

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul."

From Athens, Greece, "With this donation I hope I help you keep your newsletters coming."

"Thank you for all you are, all you do and all you share with the world."

Each loving note and accompanying money, touched my heart... and enough to pay the AOL/website/phone bill for 2 months!

Thank-you and please keep the newsletter and our family in your prayers!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

I prosper where ever I turn!

My income continually grows!

     ~ Louise Hay ~        

Angel Scribe Walks
     into a Miracle

Yes, riches can be found in many places... and often in stressfull times.

Two days ago, the local Community College brochure arrived with new spring classes.

I read about one class I I want to take one day, ASL (American Sign Language) to learn how to communicate with the hearing impaired...and then I read that a FREE walk group meets at the College to walk around town.

The walking class does not start for two weeks, so to lift my spirits now, I decided to walk to the Post Office to pick up my mail, because physical exercise is known to help the "juices" flow in our body and minds and create health.

What a great idea...a two mile return walk to collect the incoming $1's and notes from readers...and smell the cherry trees in full pink bloom.

For a year I have been praying for a walking friend.

One who is into Angels, health, open minded, and intelligent.

Cottage Grove is a small lumber town, and most folks work, so finding such a person, as in my prayers....well it would take a miracle.

As I gratefully walked back from the post office with $6 in hand, I met a woman out walking.

Not being shy, I asked her if she walked much.

Rachel responded that she had recently moved to town and this was her first day out walking.

We began walking together, and it was soon clear that Rachel is a bright, intelligent, stay-at-home mother... who believes in Angels and has had divine experiences... and she decided to walk to lift her spirits and enjoy the health benefits!

We walked the same pace, and talked the same "fast pace" for five miles.

So, how is this a miracle?

The night before Rachel's spouse had encouraged her to get out and meet new people.

Also, Rachel's family moved to town on my birthday, AND she was also praying to meet a new "next best friend."

It appears the birth date is a significant clue that we are each other's gifts.

Moments before we met at the cross road, Rachel was sitting at her kitchen table writing her mother, when a force told her to get up and go for a walk...NOW.

Rachel could have chosen any direction to begin her spring walk, but the one she chose carried her into my life.

And coming home from the Post Office, I took a different road than I normally walk, and it led to Rachel.

I was her tour guide as we walked for hours around town.

Rachel's son's birthday is in two weeks, and his gift is going to be karate lessons.

She just did not know where the studio was.

So, we walked to the ATA karate studio and I introduced her to Morgan Baker, the Oregon State championship teacher.

Next, I told Rachel that my daughter is attending college to become an Emergency Medical Technician.

Rachel gasped...she is an EMT and wants to volunteer as a firefighter.

So we walked over to the fire station and she picked up an application.

My daughter then phoned from the swimming pool, where she was teaching the twins, (she is their Nanny) to swim.

Rachel again got bug eyed and said, "Last night, my son said, "Mom can you teach me to swim.""

So, Rachel and I went up to the pool and met my daughter and the twins.

Rachel mentioned that her son turns four, two weeks before the twins fourth birthday, the three children are the same age... so here are new friends for her son to play with.

I told Rachel that one day I want to take the ASL classes at college and Rachel gasped, "It is like you've been in my home...or mind!"

"Last night, my spouse and I were discussing that I should take a sign language class to teach our son!"

Rachel did not know where the college was, so we walked by for a brochure.

Rachel mentioned how she was looking for some health tips for digestion and I told her about Aloe Vera juice.

Another answer to her prayers.

I happened to have Aloe Vera juice at home!

I joked, "Is there anything else you need?  We are on such a great manifestation roll!"

When we pray, it appears that God/Angels begin to attract what we are asking for like a powerful magnet...the Divine timing for its arrival is not in our hands...that is where patience comes in.

Rachel and I have known each other for 24 hours now, and we truly found the walking partners of our prayers...almost spooky actually!

But, hey that is one of the ingredients to a miracle, add a dash of "WOW."

I wish you a life gifted with wonderful friends, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"    

Creating  Miracles

Dearest Readers,

When you pray to be a vehicle for God/Spirit or the Angels to work do you see it happening?

Do you consciously choose to create miracles and acts of kindness for others?

When my friend, Rebekah-mae, was deployed to Iraq the first time, Atira and I surprised her and drove three hours to the Armory and met her as she stepped off the military bus.

It was an eye opening experience.

One soldier had given up his apartment, put all his things in storage, and when he stepped off the bus...he had NO WHERE to go, and NO ONE met him! 

Rebekah-mae had also put her belongings in storage, as many other soldiers, but she was going to stay with me until she got back on her feet.

The other surprise was her car.

The car had sat at the National Guard Armory secured parking lot for a year.

Blackberry tentacles had wound around the vehicle, some tires were flat and the car's battery was dead.

Do you ask how you can help when you know someone is in need?

I began thinking of her arrival to the USA, after a second deployment of 18 months, and her last car situation.

I called the local newspaper office and asked if they had any tire shops, retired mechanics, etc., who might want to volunteer and go to the Armory and tune up the cars.

Well, the reporter LOVED the idea!

It was his way to give back for the soldiers sacrifice of their family-time away for what they believed in.

He said he would get right onto the idea.

I can't tune an engine, never changed a tire, but my mind was in full gear on how to make the connections to help others.

Is this a miracle?

Imagine flying for 20 hours and arriving home to a car you can climb in and drive home...yes, that would be a miracle for some!

Stretch your wings, use your mind and see who in your circle of friends can use your help with a miracle.

Acts of Kindness are indeed Miracles for the a miracle maker.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^    

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