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Happy March!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
You are special, and stand out in a crowd!
Dearest Readers,
Angel Scribe newsletters turned 13 years old last month!  It is an honor to have so many of the original readers contributing and enjoying the stories.
Also, many readers still believe that I only write Angel Scribe newsletters.  Actually, I write two newsletters.  My newspaper column, Pet Tips 'n' Tales is also available weekly to those who love to read inspirational, funny and heart warming pet stories. Subscribe at the end of this newsletter.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Sometimes God calms the storm
and sometimes God calms His child
- Anonymous -

Angelic Flu Help
Atira, my friend, is amazing!  She sees and hears the Angels! Luckily, we benefit from the information.
Last week, I came down with a cold, or so I thought!  Atira phoned and said, "Dom, (her Angel/Guide) said, 'Mary Ellen doesn't have a cold, she has the flu.  She needs to take a homeopathic remedy INFLUENZA (by Boran) or Influaforce.(by Bioforce)'" Then she pauses and adds, he said, "'She also needs the herb golden seal.'  "I know it tastes yucky, but he said it would really help."
I dragged out of bed, took the remedy and herb and noticed that from that moment on, the downhill roller coaster slide of symptoms... leveled out.  Whew!  No need to suffer an asthma attack or become sicker.  It still took a week to get energy back to full steam, but friends are taking a month!
That evening, the TV news reported record numbers of children absent from school and people from work because of the flu!   Angels obviously have inside information and don't need a TV crew!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Stay Healthy,Keep Warm and Always Sleep with Your Angels!
Babies: Myster E. on top, Whyspurr under him, and Nymbus on the bottom.

Angels Work Weekends!
by Edith in Michigan
In these difficult times, and with children in college, my husband and I both work two jobs.   Last week, I was driving to my second job, right after dropping my younger son off at his friend's home.  

After dropping him off, I spontaneously decided to drive back home and check the mail. 
Surprised, standing in our home, thawing out from the cold...was my boss (from the first job.)  It is a good thing I listened to the inner prompting.
We live in Michigan; on this day, the temperatures were frigid.  The cruel wind chill was fast subtracting from the already minus temperatures. 
Here is where the miracle comes in: Apparently, my boss, had locked herself out at work while helping a bird that was inside our office find his way back outside.
As she let the bird out, the door closed on her, and she was stranded with no coat, keys, etc.
With no other options, she thought she'd walk home.  It did not take her long to discover how unsafe that was, as she was freezing!  So, instead, she decided walk to my house, which is closer. 
The week before, after work, as she dropped me off at home, she saw where I 'hid' the house key.  She harassed me about a safer place for the key.

So, what a miracle she had seen it!  And how wonderful that I had not taken her advice to re-hide it!  Allowing her safety in our home.

This weekend, the Angels were definitely around! Too many coincidences!  First, she didn't know where the key was before last week.  Second, there was no reason why I needed to come home and get the mail -- when I was already on my way to work.  Thirdly, arriving just in time to help her out and drive her back to work!
Also, thank you Mary Ellen! I forwarded the story of your recovery from c. and the Angels advice on tapioca for healing to a friend dealing with breast c. 
Angelic Dream: Healing &Tapioca.
She's trying a proactive approach and I thought she would appreciate the information   
Edith and her Angels in Michigan
Health Teeth-Tip

Here is the most requested information from last year!  Thankfully, we are open to holding back the tide of aging, and stay healthy and strong.  One of the ways is to have healthy teeth and gums.

Over the years, I have tried everything recommended, but nothing has helped as much as this new discovery! While in EvergreenNutrition.com store, in Eugene, Chris smiled and I remarked, "I don't remember your teeth being so white!"

"I've used a new product, Dentizyme, for a month."
Chris exclaimed with her pretty new smile, "My gums are stronger, they no longer bleed...and you noticed how white my teeth are as a result!"

I purchased the bottle and turned to leave the store.

"You are going to love that product so much," Chris added, "I bet it appears in your next newsletter."

Well, Chris is right ... I LOVE it ... and have noticed all the same things the product produced for her.

It is as if the bacteria and plaque dissolve and your teeth become naturally shiny,
white and healthy like when you were a child...with NONE of the chemical whiteners
on the market.  Also, your teeth feel smoother.  The ingredients listed are natural!


Wishing you health and a beautiful smile!
Mary Ellen ^I^
Readers' Comments

Mary Ellen, You always take the time, and care enough to brighten the lives of others, and share the wonders you have discovered.  Thank you!
Kathe in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Angel Scribe,  no matter what's going on in my life, whenever I open your newsletters
I am always glad I did!
Nancy in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
This is one of the most beautifully written and moving news letters I have read. Thank God for You Mary Ellen. You lift the spirit of people who are faced with life struggles.
Love Melanie in Portland, Oregon

I have been reading the Angel Scribe newsletters for longer than 5 years.
I was looking for a way to deal with my lymphatic system health, due to the fact that my body is swollen following a weight gain. In addition I experienced problems with my neck and my therapist told me I have to keep my lymphatic system healthy!
I asked my angels to help.  Unbelievable!  "Angel Scribe" delivered me the answer in the very next newsletter!
A few years back, while visiting Canada, I bought one of your books with your autograph in it.
All your stories are an inspiration for me and many others. I love the stories, because they bring the unseen wonders closer, give hope and show that we are always connected with God.  Keep up the good work
Yael in Israel
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Humor like Erma Bombeck's

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