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Atira's Weekly Radio Show
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Today's Subject is Miracles
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Atira can see and hear the Angels!
Dearest Readers,
A few of you have already read Atira's latest miracle, but here it is for new readers to enjoy.
It is a blessing she has the radio show to teach, kindly make your questions ones that will help support us in today's show.
Thank you.

Atira Saved
from Bank Robbery!
I make it a practice to always listen to my Spirit Guide, Dom, and today it may have saved my life!
Today, I felt pressured, a million things needed to be done, but the phone kept ringing.
Everything delayed me from getting out the door to run to the bank, post office and store.
Finally, I made it out the door, and as I fastened my seatbelt, Dom insisted on changing the order of where I was to go first.
His advice confused me.
It would take more gasoline to do the errands backwards from originally planned.
Dom was so insistent that I go out of my way to return the items to the store first.
It was difficult to follow his advice this time, BUT I have learned that listening to Dom's guidance is always the wisest course to take.
Who knows, possibly he wants me to help someone, that seems to be a natural theme of my life.
(I carry coats, umbrellas, and gloves in my car to give to those in need and he guides me to them.)
It is not unusual to have Dom tell me to go to this place or that and help someone.
I swallowed my irritation of breaking the routine and surrendered to his suggestion.
But, at the store, when I returned the item, I looked around and there did not appear to be anyone who may need my help.
Then Dom insisted I go to the post office next.
I usually always go to the bank first, but he was so insistent that I again thought there must be someone for me to talk to.
The long line up at the post office was not encouraging.
I patiently waited in it, still thinking there is someone I am to meet and talk to.
So, I tried to engage several customers in conversation, but nothing went further.
I walked confused back to my car, asking Dom, "What was that all about?"
I finally pulled into the bank's parking lot, and climbed out of my car.
I saw a police car parked in front of it, not thinking anything more than, "Police officers have to cash their checks, too."
But as I walked towards the door, the hair on my arms began to stand up, a sinking feeling developed in my stomach.
Something was not right!
I reached out and pulled on a LOCKED bank door.
I could see people inside, so I looked over at the bank hours to double check.
I instantly was a bank robbery!
I turned to go back to my car and four FBI agents, in bullet proof vests, walked toward me.
They said, "The bank is closed. You need to get back in your car and get out of the way!"
I immediately started praying for the people I could see in the bank.
When I was by my vehicle, another bank customer asked, "Is the bank closed?"
I said, "Yes," and pointed to several other police cars beside the building and said, "God kept us safe today."
I got into my car and said, "Dom, thank you! You are the man!"
Maybe Dom kept delaying me hoping the bank robber would listen to their spirit guides and not do the robbery.
I am so glad following Dom's guidance and delays protected me from being in the bank.
I wondered why Dom did not just say, "There is going to be a bank robbery."
Then realized, that would not work because I would have tried to do something to prevent it.
Having had my gift since as long as I can remember, I have learned that forewarned does not mean anyone will listen to you.
Trust me, it does no good to call the police and say, "There is going to be a bank robbery!"
Because, they will then think you are an accessory to it...instead of an innocent psychic, trying to figure out how to save the world.
I will never take the luxury of safely walking into a bank for granted again.
Follow your nudges, follow your inner guidance, it pays off.
When there appears to be a lot of delays in your life, just know that things are the way they are supposed to be.
They may not be the way you want them, but they are the way they are supposed to be and the reason will be revealed.
I encourage you to listen to your Angels and guides, their whispers and the frustrating delays may be trying to save your life!
Angelic Blessings,

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