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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Lions Gate Bridge, Gateway to the 2010 Olympics and Grouse Mountain.
Dearest Readers,

I was raised on Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, BC, Canada from where the Olympics are being broadcast. 

Our High School was the perfect setting for day dreaming. In class, looking out the window, we were surrounded with magnificent mountain scenery, and we could also see the Sky Ride gondola as it took people up to ski. 

At night, from my bedroom window, I watched skiers skiing down the mountain illuminated under bright night lights.  I worked at Capilano Suspension Bridge, just down the road from the Sky Ride that takes millions of tourists up the mountain.  And yes, North Vancouver is as beautiful as you are seeing on your TV.
The view from our living room window was spectacular.  It looked out over the expanse of Vancouver's sparkling city lights and the inlet.  The sound of ocean going freighters  sounding a warning horn blast as they went under Lions Gate Bridge, to smaller boats that were too close to them, was also heard way up the mountain where we lived. Our family never tired of the ever changing spectacular views from our windows.

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Lions Gate Bridge under a full moon.
Grouse Mountain was an awe inspiring place to grow up.  The only thing I do not miss is the 130 inches of yearly rain.  We did not own sunglasses, we all had a wild assortment of umbrellas in our hall closets.
Enjoy the Olympics!
Angelic Blessings Mary Ellen ^I^
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Tuck a Rainbow in Your Heart
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels
Rainbows mysteriously appear
like the thread of hope
when times are dreary in our lives.

The rainbows presence and color
gives us something else
to focus on and to look up to
and alter our previous moment of thinking.

This change in perception
and sight
alters us
as we can see further
than our original thoughts
and an element of color and hope is added to the situation.

Rainbows link heaven to earth.

Hope links us from earth to heaven
and the rainbow is the symbol of the bridge.

On your cloudiest days visualize a rainbow
and you stepping lightly on it ...
and as you ascend it towards the peak,
your heart becomes lighter,
worries melt off you...
in the sparkle of the rainbow's energy.

Joy enters your being as you continue
to climb the rainbow.

You have a new fresh view of your situation
with the radiance of the rainbow added.

And, as you reach the gently curved peak
of the rainbow's arch...
feel all the colors course through you
and run in your veins and revitalize you...
transforming and renewing your heart and spirit.

And as you raise your arms,over your head,
poised on the center of the rainbow,
the world lies at your feet and a world of new possibilities lies before you.

You have the power to be triumphant in your life.
Sometimes all we need is a shift of view.

And as you come back to the earth's floor
bring the rainbow with you.

Tuck it into your heart
so you can feel its energy of hope
and recall it at a moment of need.

Soon your entire being
will reflect the rainbow's energy
out to others and into their lives.

And your life
will never be as it once was for you become a Light bearer,
a walking example of God's energy to others.

Enjoy your journey through life.

Want to Have a Story Published?
Author and radio talk show host Donna Seebo is collecting 100 paranormal experiences for her next book.  Contact: donnaseebo@comcast.net 
Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is here and it's time to clean and clear.  In other words get rid of clutter,  because clutter on the outside is indicative of disharmony inside. 

Besides money grows where order flows. Happy New Year - Year of the Tiger.
(Robert is the herbalist that helped right my body chemistry from both asthma and cancer, so that I am healthy and enjoying life.  If you would like to feel better, may you find someone like Robert to support your healing! --Mary Ellen )
A beautiful gift arrived in the mail!  Angel Blessings by Kathy!  It is a bottle filled with an essential oil spray formulated by Kathy.
Oh, it smells heavenly.  A soft fragrance captures your spirit, then it evaporates, then mystically captures it again.  I do not wear perfumes, but this Angel Blessings essential oil spray is so soft that I feel compelled to wear it.
Angel Blessings contains Agarwood which is known as a mystical resin used for meditation to unlock the subconscious, balance body energies, and calm the mind and spirit.
Thank you Kathy for making this wonderful product available to us!
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