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1) It Started in Seattle
2) Divine Action

Dearest Readers,

I submitted 100 Christmas Miracle stories sent to me, by you the readers, and the publishers have chosen 65 of the stories for our next miracle book.

The selected 65 contributing authors were informed by an email on Monday.

"A Christmas Filled with Miracles" will be available Christmas 2000.

Thank you to everyone who shared their magical holiday stories for our consideration.

This week’s newsletter story is from EXPECT MIRACLES.

I am on work-overload at the moment and thought this would be a fast way to bring you a miracle.

Also, Atira who authored the story is preparing for her 15th business trip back to Egypt

We look forward to another touching annual story on her return.

Bless Your Angelic Heart,
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe" (ME^I^)
Creator of Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter

It Started in Seattle
from “Expect Miracles” by Mary Ellen
Contributing author
Atira in Seattle, Washington

My Mother-in-law was watching the TV show 20/20.

She knew of my interest in Egypt, as I own and manage an Egyptian import business, so she told me about the show.

It was about Sister Emanuel, a Nun in Egypt, who is dedicating her retirement years to the garbage-dump city in Cairo.

When I saw the story on Sister Emanuel and her work for the poor and homeless at the city of garbage, I knew I had to help.

I ordered the transcript from the TV show and set out to see what I could do.

I asked everyone who was coming to my home for a baby shower to bring a wash cloth and soap.

They thought I was nuts until I explained why.

I called my dentist and doctor's offices and asked what kind of medicines would be needed to help out in poverty conditions.

I collected toothbrushes, bandages, etc . . . until I had suitcases full of things to take to Cairo with me.

My goal was to help Sister Emanuel help others.

I was going with a group on my next trip to Egypt so I asked some of the other members in the tour group to help by bringing used children's clothing and children's books with them to be given to this caring nun.

Eight other people were kind enough to collect and bring pens, coloring books, clothes, and various toys to help.

On our arrival in Cairo, I suddenly realized I did not know what to do with the mountain of supplies the others had poured out of their suitcases onto my hotel room floor for Sister Emanuel.

I had no idea how to find Sister Emanuel in Cairo, a city of 44.7 million people and growing at a rate of nearly 3% annually.

Finding her was like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

I had no idea on where to start.

So, I asked the hotel manager if he could help me locate this healer of the poor.

Later that afternoon, he had located Sister Emanuel. But he had discovered she was going to be out of the country and would not be back until I had returned to Seattle.

The hotel manager said he would store the goods and present them to the Sister Emanuel for me.

But, that is not the miracle part.

The miracle is how one person can affect the lives of others, how our intentions lead us to miracles.

The hotel manager shared the story of my mission to help the mysterious Sister Emanuel with other members of the tour.

As it turned out, there were two people who were on the tour who worked with World Wide Health Care Project for the Poor.

They had never heard of Sister Emanuel and her plight to help the poor.

These men stayed in Cairo longer than I could, and were there when the goods were collected by Sister Emanuel.

These men ended up talking to Sister Emanuel. They were able to get her funding for a health care clinic for her garbage city residents.

When the hotel manager saw Sister Emanuel he realized that she often came into the hotel to use the phone, and he just did not know who she was.

And now, she has FREE phone privileges in his hotel.

I wanted to help in a small way . . . the wonder of this experience makes my heart smile and I hope it does yours too. You never know how a miracle will unfold

Editors Note:
Atira travels to Egypt annually. She always takes something to help Sister Emanuel.

It was three years before Atira was able to meet Sister Emanuel in person.

Sister Emanuel speaks French and Arabic and very little English but they were able to talk through the words of love.

It was a wonderful meeting with heartfelt thanks and a new found friendship.

The last time she was there, the 66 children needed only $50 extra for vaccinations, and Atira paid for these children.

One person does make a difference and it could be you.

(It is an honor to call Atira my friend.)

Divine Action
Author: Mary Ellen Angelscribe

When one reaches out
from their heart...
to uplift another...
they are a alking example
of God in action.

For how would you see God behave?

Would He/It/She watch
an elderly person struggle to open a door,
or would He/It/She beam a smile
of radiant Love and assist?

As you walk your path of life today,
creating a new page on the book of
your life's story, how would you like
it to read?

And how do you think God would walk it?

When you see and hear things, stop,
and respond from the Divine source
from within you.

Stop and think what impression you
would like your footstep in the sand
to leave for the next to see.

Stop and think what you would like
to see written down in your book,
on today's page,
of what you see
and what you plan to do.

And in this split second of eternity,
know that you make the right choice,
when you hold the Love of God/Spirit/
Universal energy in your heart.

You will discover more courage and
strength and your choices will flow,
your heart will sing.

And those whom you meet,
assist, guide, or help, will feel
Blessed in your presence.

And is it your presence they feel,
or the Divine essence that you are
radiating out ... that they feel?

Imagine doing something today and
someone goes to bed tonight
and gives thanks for encountering you,
they feel Blessed for knowing you.

How would that make you feel?

Would you feel the day had been
a gift to you both?

Whom do you feel would feel the greatest joy?

What path you walk is one thing,
how you choose to walk it is another.

Walk in the Light, walk in the energy
of God's/Spirit's Love and you walk the
most highest of paths known.

Whichever path you are on now...
may become this new path...
in this second . . . now . . . of your life.

May you be Blessed in God's Holy Light.

Our Elders say that if you speak
from the heart
you speak to the heart.

~ Matt Vickers

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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