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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Winnie the Pooh lives in Angel Scribe's back yard
bringing JOY and a smile to everyone.
Dearest Readers,

May you find blessings in every day and may you be a blessing in others' lives.  Take care of yourself; you are a precious and unique individual.  Your greatest wealth lies in your heart.

Enjoy the Angelic prose/poetry/message sent from my heart to yours.
Mary Ellen ^I^
* * *
Angels Fly In!
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels
Angels fly in and rest beside you.
Your heart called out to them and this whispering line of telepathic energy lead them to your side.

You can't see them, you can only feel them.
Your spirit feels lighter - JOY FULL.
Your heart smiles - knowing what inner peace feels like.

You cannot hear them, but they can hear you. 
Talk to them as if they are your closest, long term, trusted friends ... for indeed they are.
Share your hopes and dreams. 
Ask for guidance, direction, and signs.
Thank them for your blessings and friends.

Acknowledge their "presents" . . .  then be  s...t...i...l...l.

Be quiet.

Let your mind's wanderings cease.
Let your emotions surrender to their love.

Take a deep breath and fill your being with their Divine energy.

Hold this place . . . and let it . . . hold you.

Could you be any richer?
Can your heart hold any more loving energy?
This moment is precious.
Fall into it wholeheartedly and let the Angels hold you up, support you, and love you.

Let them do . . . what they know and do best.
* * *

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