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The Secret, Oprah & You!
Oprah Alert
"The Secret"
FRIDAY February 16th
Information on todays show:
Dearest Readers,
You may ask, "What does the Secret and Oprah have to do with me?"
The book and movies message, and their wisdom shared on Oprah, is so important, that I am sending this missive to alert you to her TV show today!
Millions around the world are living, and experiencing, the profound message of THE SECRET.
The excitement continues building as folks awareness of how changing their thinking can positively affect their lives.
All of our lives can change for the better, richer in spiritual and financial terms. THE SECRET offers direction and most of all HOPE. Enjoy the show!
Oprah comes on in many cities, in both the afternoon and evening now, so hopefully you will be able to watch one of the shows.
Todays, newsletter is totally different than usual, as I am putting together 150 of my best Fire Department Fotos, for display tomorrow, at the community center for a month showing, and running out the door on errands.
Here is an example on how photos can tell a story! Also, in the year, I have been photographing for the Fire Department, no one has been hurt in any fires!
Flag over Main Street, Cottage Grove, OR
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Flag Over Main Street
with Firefighter Beau Johnson
Airplane, successful landing, no one hurt!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
God as Their Co-Pilot.
Successful Landing, no one hurt!
Amazing Miracle Story
Above Airplane Miracle
Part I
Part II

Dearest Readers,
I am compiling 100 miracle stories for a third book.
Is there a miracle in the years of reading Angel Scribe that you particularily love, remember, or changed your life, or happened to you. Please send them to;

John Holland
Psychic Medium and Author

Internationally renowned psychic medium, John Holland, believes you can get the answers you're looking for--by tapping in to one of the most powerful forces in the Universe--your soul!
He teaches how in his new book, Power of the Soul: Inside Wisdom for the Outside World.
Hay House, in gratitude, is offering prizes to show to those ordering his new book.
Their grand prize is an exclusive trip to attend Hay House's "I Can Do It! Conference" in Las Vegas.
Including 2-nights at the Venetian Hotel!
(The best of the best, 30 of their authors are speaking.)
Another prize is a 1-hour reading with medium John Holland!

Details on;

Atira's Workshop
Orlando, Florida
February Weekend Workshop
with GW Hardin,
co-author of THE MESSENGERS,
and The Days of Wonder.
How to Communicate with Your Angels
Atira hears and sees the Angels...since her earliest memories.
Atira teaches workshops Internationally and this one is designed, to put you in direct communication with your Angels, giving you an understanding of their signs and symbles, in your personal spiritual alphabet, to strengthen your connections.
You will receive tools how to communicate with your Angels in every day life.

Sign Language for Babies
Hay House published two wonderful tools for parents!
Baby sign language!

The Secret
Dearest Readers,
THE SECRET DVD is also available from Spiritual Cinema. Each month, they mail soul-nourishing films for your enjoyment.
Their goal is to transform the heart of entertainment, one home at a time.
My best friend, Atira recieved, The Secret,
in November, and has watched it every night since!
Yes, it is that good!
Click photo for details
Also, the film Conversations with God will be sent to Spiritual Cinema Circle members, in February, as part of the collection. They have a "TRY IT FREE FOR A MONTH" program to test their service.

You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
~ Anonymous ~

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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