Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter February 16, 2005

Angels, Encouragement, Good Health and Love

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In this Edition:

Pom Update
Angelic Confirmation
Health Tip
In the Garden

Dearest Readers,

This is a bits and pieces newsletter of loving things collected from my "To Share" files.


Blessings for health and happiness,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Newsletter Follow-up
Story from the House Fire Family

and New Owners of Pom Pups!

Dear Mary Ellen,

The Red Cross should hand out a Care package with all the necessities to begin healing after a fire devastates a life.

The usual: soap, hotel voucher, toothbrushes, AND two young Poms!

My life is so totally changed!

Since these two miracle Christmas Pom pups arrived, the thick coat of gray-drab and listless blues have lifted from our family.

Every time sadness rolls in, I just stop what I am doing and look behind me... and the puppies gentle pitter- patter footsteps slow with my steps.

I look down at the two sweet faces that saved me.

There is no time to lay around in pity with these two. Thank God.

Much LOVE and thank you, Missy and my family in Kansas

Missy's Original story

Angelic Confirmation

Two weeks ago, my sister Mae, suddenly passed away.

Mae was loved by everyone, because she made them all feel very special...AND Mae had a wonderful sense of humor!

My granddaughter, Bethany Mae is named after her.

A day after Mae passed, Bethany Mae's phone kept ringing.

When she looked down to see who the calls were from the screen read 1111!

She had no idea that she had been touched by an Angel!

It has happened several times now, and I am going to give her your printed pages of 1111 explanations, so she knows that she is not alone.

Mary Ellen, thank you so much.

Your newsletters are a comfort to me and my family. Gerry

(I live in Lynnfield and our granddaughter lives in Saugus.)

1111 Stories

Explanation on triple numbers
111 Explanations

More 111 stories:
More 111 Stories
AND...more 111 Stories

Health Tip

Hello Angel,

Eating improperly during the cold and flu season is like putting out a VACANCY sign letting the viruses etc., know that you are open to receive them.

Making healthier choices says to the viruses that there is NO VACANCY here!'s all about choices and no one can choose but you.

During the post holiday season, stay away from products containing wheat flour; pasta, pizza, bread, cookies etc.

Also, consider cutting back on milk-based products like yogurt and ice cream.

Remember, we all overload our digestive systems during the holidays and the month of January and February are the cold and flu season.

Might this be the connection?

Give your body a chance to clean itself out after the holidays.

Robert in Tacoma, Washington

In the Garden
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" sit quietly in the
garden of your mind.

So many seeds have been
planted and nourished.

Your positive thoughts
have grown tall
and into beautiful flower images.

And negative thoughts
have added fertilizer
to fast growing weed seeds.

Now which do you choose
to feed and tend?

Your mind is like a large meadow...
that you can walk in all day.

Do you stumble, and grumble,
and complain
about the rocks strewn around
and the height of the weeds
and problems in your life? you take the stumbling
blocks you've found,
gather them together
and stand on them to see
the direction you wish
to venture out on?

Life offers many choices.

Your mind's chatter
and what it focuses on
helps make your journey
easier or harder.

You see what you focus on.

All gardens have weeds
and if that is all you see...
that is all you will see...
and you will miss
the individual beauty
of the flowers amongst them.

Wash your mind clean
with the energy of
fresh summer rain.

Shake off the past.

Stand on the tallest stone
and choose a new direction,
a new focal point,
discover the beauty
around you and then...
share it with others!


More Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart
(similar to the above one)

Dearest Readers,

I passed a cemetery and gazed over at all the grave markers.

Faceless names.

Frozen in stone.

Lifeless edifices leaving their mark in the world

make your mark
in life with your energy...
Etch your essence in the hearts of others...
not in stone at your passing.

Dear Mary Ellen,

Happy Birthday to someone who brings joy throughout the world.

When I receive one of your newsletters, it changes my whole day!

Now that is a miracle!

Ann in Ontario, Canada

Angels walk by your side
they share your hopes,
dreams fears and tears.

They tip toe softly
with you though the years.

Janice in Worcestershire, England

Hold to the vision that life is like
an infinity sign,
wrapping around,
what you do,
what you give,
what goes out,
and comes back to you
in magical ways.

Mary Ellen


Atira is speaking
Spiritualist Church
February 20th at 2pm
Milton, WA

Atira is also teaching a 10 week class
And...she is sponsoring "Spirtually Speaking Fridays"

More info on ATIRA

Born Knowing

Mary Ellen and Atira attended
popular Hay House's author
John Holland's workshop in
Seattle last weekend.

We are impressed with John's
gift and his passion for
teaching with integrity.

He is the author of several
excellent books.

John Holland's workshop was
sponsored by Discover U, an
award winning adult education
program offering quality
experiences for personal and
professional development in
the Seattle area.

For a FREE catalog visit:


James van Praagh

Famous for his TV show
is touring and teaching.

He is also the author of
some wonderful books,
"Healing Grief" is very special.

If you have knowledge,
let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

Dearest Readers,

I believe if you learn something...
Teach it.

If you find something good,
Share it.

If you can help another,

With this in mind, I want to share that I have used a natural/botanical Aloe Vera juice and skin care for 25 years and the company has a new way you can purchase these healing/ soothing products with a membership for 25% off.

The cats get their Aloe Juice every day... So do I!

It is good for our digestion.

Once you use these products, you will be giving away all the other products in your bathroom, because these Aloe products clean and soothe and do what other products promise!

The company has extended a tremendous membership incentive with a 5 Step Skin Care Package for $45.00, retail $112 until March 31st, 2005 AND you also receive up to $25.00 of free product! (Plus the membership fee.)

Email me your FAX number and I
will send you more info:

Aloe Vera's Positive Results
Aloe Information

Miracles have many facets,
and build onto themselves
a magical luster
and shine to uplift many!

Mary Ellen

When you serve with your heart,
you change the world!

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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