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Angel's Message!
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Tiny sand particles blow and move into tall sand dunes. 
Life is like that!  It appears stagnant and larger than life, but it is really jetting through time and space like individual pieces of sand that constantly reposition themselves.
Dearest Readers,
Pay attention to Angelic Whispers.  As you awake in the morning, and you hear a few words repeated in your mind, grab a pen and write them down.  These words are the flood gates to more that follow.  It is as if the words fall out of the pen onto paper.  As the Angels give you the words, you begin to see a picture of what they want you to write in your mind's eye.

Here is last Saturday's words of wisdom from the Angels.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^ 
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe
An abandoned" staircase to Heaven" was discovered while walking down an Oregon beach.
Where are you going in life? Where is life leading you?
Sand Castles
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels
A child's first lesson of life often begins at a beach. With the joys of adventure, excitement, and youth the child gathers sand, feathers, and sticks - and commences to construct a castle of their dream.
Imaginary white turrets tower into the sky as each sand bucket is added to the structure. Gang plank bridges, from land to castle, are laid with strong-broken beach sticks for troops to travel over.

The flag, of the castle and country, is planted for all to see.  The feather flag blows in the summer beach breeze.

Then all efforts needed are mustered and drawn upon to dig the castle's moat. Other children may join in and dig for all they are worth. This is a group effort...this castle of their world.

The children carry water from the ocean to fill their moat. And then nature and life begin to reveal themselves at an alarming rate!

Time has passed during the enjoyment of the construction, the sun has moved in the sky, and the ocean's tide has turned and begins to follow its destined repetitious path up the beach.

As hard as the children rush to stop the ocean from sinking their castle, soon the tide pushes forward dissolving their efforts. They finally stop building and saving, and stand by in awe -- they watch the sure determination of the sea.
The water gently collapses each moat, wall, and bridge. The feather, sticks and sand fall and float away.
The children have learned the power of nature, and humans place on earth, and who is really in control. They learned there is a time for building, and a time for observing.
As they leave the beach with their summer tans and buckets in tow, the sad, feather and broken sticks reposition themselves in their natural place of order........for tomorrow.

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Brush off the sands of life and run to the next adventure!

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Look ahead and see the beauty before you.
I started writing and sharing Angel Scribe at the age of 45. Now! What a shock!  I turn 60 years old on February 12th!
My heart is as joyous as it was when I was 12 years of age, and as hard as I tried to 'grow up' it never happened!  But that did not stop the calender from turning its pages.
Having had cancer, ten years ago, and healing with surgery, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, last year began to haunt me.  Many of the symptoms of exhaustion, bloating etc began to reappear.  I was feeling more than nervous.  And Atira kept saying, "I don't like your energy."
At the same time, I had rescued a starving cat with kidney failure, off the street: and an acupuncturist, Dr. Darby Valley, volunteered to ease the cat's last few days.  She died 6 weeks later pain free thanks to his skills.
For the next few months, I tried everything in my tool box to heal, but still the exhaustion continued.  Then, recalling the kind acupuncturist, I decided to try one more thing.
My husband and I began going to the acupuncturist at the same time as three other ladies in town.  The funny thing is 9 months later we all look like we have had face lifts!  We feel better and yahoo--look younger and more rested!  A recent visitor to our home saw a photo of me a year ago and was startled at how much younger I appear today.
The my other secret started as a thought, then Atira spurred it on.  I wondered about Yoga.  Not knowing anything about it, just wondered, and did not pursue it.

Around May, Atira was talking and literally in mid sentence, she changed topics 360' and said, "If you take Yoga it will change your life."  Then she resumed her previous sentence thread.  It was as if she had said it vibrationally over a loud speaker to take Yoga. 

I knew what her Angel, Dom, knew, that if I did not change my life...there may not be one! (I never shared my health concerns with Atira because she would have worried and she was in grief over losing a sister and best friend.)

The next trip to the acupuncturist, I asked about Yoga.  "If you take Yoga, it will change your life," he said!  The exact same words Dom used!

Class started that night!  In the last few months, my stiff body has limbered up.  NONE of the pains in hips, fingers, legs, back exist anymore!   The ladies who started when I did had the same experience, and all the new ones joining are the only ones with pain complaints.  I am sleeping for the first time in my life like a baby...and is that ever a treat! The curvatures in my back have straighten, even my chiropractor is impressed.

Both my hubby and I have lost weight! Nothing bad happened, only a list of good things evolved. (It is hard work, and I need Arnica homeopathy after every class to ease all the new changes!)

We realize that no matter what other exercise we do, if we had not toned our cells, muscles, and spine with yoga we would have maintained the same posture faults.

I mentioned yoga to Karen in San Francisco, California and she wrote, "Mary Ellen, yoga has changed my life! It's given me more movement in my neck and shoulders. After suffering years of chronic pain, from a car accident, I no longer have electric-shocks of pain shooting through my neck. My carpal tunnel, from hours on the computer, is no longer an issue. And my mind is quieter.  My favorite book is Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times.
Sometimes it is a time to build, a time to observe, and a time to try something new.  We are very fortunate that the stray cat came into our lives leading our family onto a new path of health.
Oh, and Atira saw a bottle of VITAMIN CODE vitamins and said that the energy in them is one of the 'greenest' she has seen. It has probiotics in it, and varies for different age groups.  My hubby and I are now adding them to our daily diet.  May your road be lined with miracles, good friends, and health. 

Mary Ellen ^I^

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, have no medical training, ask your doctor before you begin any exercise or product.)
Life Among the Dead by Lisa Williams
What a fun, education read!  I spent a few days at Atira's home in January and she had just finished the book.  We both loved how this book is written, what was written, and how Lisa connects with passed over loved ones. 
- Click on the pretty book cover below for more info -
Lisa's downloadable course
Psychic 101:The Preeminent Course to Awaken Your Hidden Abilities.
The Spirit Whisperer by John Holland
- Click on the pretty book cover above for more info - 
Another awesome book by medium John Holland.  John covers spiritual soap to nuts and even animal communication in this book.  His gentle and accurate way of approaching both the living and dead offers for much humor in his book.  He even shares what happens when someone has committed suicide. His book is full of compassion and divine understanding.
"Being Spiritual is more than just taking a workshop or reading a book --it's a state of mind and being.  How we live, what and how we think, how we love ourselves as well as others, and helping others in need is all part of being spiritual.  We're always given the opportunity to raise our vibration to a higher level simply through our actions.  Acts of unconditional Love and compassion are the highest forms of "being spiritual."  Each and every one of us is capable of our time here, so let's embrace it." writes John.
John and Lisa's  events are listed below:
Hay House, Inc.
I Can Do It conference in TorontO
- John Holland is leading a workshop. -
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Hay House, Inc.
LOUISE HAY - Vancouver, BC.
Angels & Miracles Global Prayer Team
Send your prayers to: cynthiamorse@mindspring.com

Mary Ellen and Miss Wings   Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Mary Ellen columnist with Miss Wing.
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