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Atira's Angel's Health Tips!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
A Colorful Home on Main Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Dearest Readers,

Having a girlfriend, Atira, who sees and hears Angels is wonderful! 
The information Atira shares from the Angelic realm is always fascinating, helpful and loving.  Last year, her Angel's teeth information was one of our most widely read newsletters...and with positive results!
Angels Do Teeth Newsletter

Atira and her Angel Dom are truly an adventure!  Often, when Atira and I are having a phone conversation, she says, "Wait a minute, Dom is talking." Then she goes quiet while he talks to her. She then asks me a question....

On this day, she asked, "What did you do today?" 
I began, "I interviewed a man for the next Pet Tips 'n' Tales column.  And...."  And before finishing, Atira interrupts, "Oh, dear, this man has major health issues!"

Atira could not have been more accurate.  But here is the reality!  She lives a 6-hour drive north, up the freeway, from Cottage Grove.  She has never met this individual.  At first sight, you can plainly see he has terrible health issues: massively overweight, can barely walk, and unhealthy skin color. 

Once again, she left my brain stammering for a moment of reality!  She instantly knew about this person...with hardly a word spoken.  So, I inquired, "What can he do to help his health?"

Atira consulted Dom and she responded, "Dom said the man's lymphatic system is stagnant and needs to move.  He suggested that the man holds a can of soup in each hand, and begins to move his arms, it will pump his lymph system.

If he moves his arms like children do when doing jumping jacks, it will take the pain out of the lower part of his body, and relieve the pressure.  He is not to jump, just move his arms. If he does this, 5 times every 15 minutes, or during TV commercials, he will find a lot of relief."

Imagine how much of his body fluid would move if he did that, and it empowers him to do something for his health. The movement Dom described is a bit like a hand-pump at a water well.  It will stir his circulation and begin to pump the fluids in his body.

Reflecting back on my own lymphatic health, I decided to also follow Dom's helpful healthful advice.

My neck had also been hurting for months.  Two chiropractic appointments and a massage therapist had not worked the kinks out.

So, I began moving my arms like the jumping jacks we did in the school play ground as a child!

AND...my neck gave a loud pop and relieved all the pain!  Then my arm popped, probably stressed from the frigid posture of staying on the computer typing all day!  For the next few weeks I continued to do this exercise.  My posture improved, my arm and back muscles got stronger...and is fun to do!

Angel health tips....always amazing and worth learning!
Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
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Atira, Angelic Mystic
Readers Respond
 Rhonda in Orland Hills, Illinois

Dear Angel Scribe,

I've read your newsletters for 13 years!   We met in a chat room, before you even started your newsletter.

All the news we read in newspapers or hear on the radio is of depressing stories; so reading Angel Scribe filled with uplifting and inspirational stories keeps us believing that the world still has good in it.

One story that stands out was in a March 2008 issue, "Angels Do Teeth".

It arrived shortly after my mom passed away.  At the time, one of my molars was starting to get bad, right at the gum line.  I am absolutely petrified of the dentist and only go when I have to.  Mom was the same, and she knew how I felt about going to the dentist. 

So in my thoughts, I asked my mom to please make the tooth better, so I don't have to go in for a root canal.  Later that evening, I got online and there was your newsletter that read "Atira's Angel Dom Does Teeth".   I couldn't believe it!  The subject line had my attention and I thought, "WOW, this is mom's way of coming to my rescue."

Angels Do Teeth Newsletter

Also, the Angel's name is Dom...which is also my son's name. I read the story and purchased the items mentioned in the newslettter.  I did what the Angel Dom said and as crazy as it sounds, my tooth literally repaired itself. 
It was deteriorating at the gum line and its fine now.  I still use the NEEM products and Dentizyme to this day, mentioned in the newsletter.  I don't use anything else now.  

I was so impressed!   If anyone else read that newsletter and were skeptical about it (because to be honest, I was too, but figured there was nothing to lose in trying it)  .... Atira's Angel was right, this stuff works!   
Rhonda in Orland Hills, IL.
Nellie in Portsmouth, VA
I read Expect Miracles and truly enjoyed it. I finished reading it last night and passed it on to one of my employees.  She told me she was taking it home to read stories to her sweetie because he has had a bad day. I am certain that he will feel better after she reads to him.

Thank You for that book.  It was nice to read and was very helpful to me in that I am in a dark spot and find myself constantly asking for Guidance.

I am appreciative that the book found its way to me. Thank You for writing it.
Nellie in Portsmouth, VA
Autographed Miracle Books
Melita, in Cyprus, Europe

Dearest Melita,
Thank you for the beautiful Angel Card!   Did you notice that the card was designed by a woman in Kansas, for a company in Indiana...and printed in Canada.  The card arrived in Oregon with a Cyprus (an Island in the Mediterranean Sea) postage stamp.

This is also how miracles arrive.  Miracles are in every corner of the world, and through a series of amazing connections arrive at the perfect time to uplift someone.
Thank you, 
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"


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