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The Secret!
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Best Friends and Fishing Buddies
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Best Friends & Sunday Fishing Buddies

Dearest Readers,
We all want to know, what is, "The Secret?"
What is "The Secret" to creating miracles, and manifesting our dreams?
There is now a book, that teaches us how!
"The Secret," has caught the air current, and is flying off shelves everywhere!
I believed in miracles, and expect them to happen, but never fully realized how they continue to manifest, until viewing, "The Secret" DVD.
Life is more fun, when you manifest your dreams.
Three years ago, the night before my Persian kittens were born, I made a manifesting board, for them to be famous, and teach in the world.
Last week, their swimming cats story,
went to press in Great Britain's YOUR CAT magazines March issue!
How fun is that! Famous wide,
teaching that cats can swim!
Two emails later, KMTR TV host Jared Meyer, who filmed the cats swimming wrote to say, that the cats video clip, is going to be submitted for an Associated Press (AP) award. More wet fur-fun!
Beautiful Cats "Kitty-Paddling"
Earlier this month, Brenda, the editor of my two miracle books, emailed, "Hallmark is going to do a test run on Expect Miracles."
Exciting, to hear, but most folks are done spending money in January, and so I remained hopeful for success!
And the miracle is, that when a book is seven years old, it is often out of print, and here is Expect Miracles, taking its second flight into readers hearts!
Only two short weeks later, Hallmark placed a second order, for Expect Miracles.
Now that is really good news....and fun!
Then Brenda wrote that her publishers were open to considering a third miracle book!
(The foreward is written, and three friends immediately volunteered to be proofreaders! Ann, Kathleen and Pat. How loving is that! And, Ann has experienced editing and proofreading in Ireland for a publisher!)
AND...our phone plan, this week, includes FREE calls to Canada, where Ann now lives! (miracles just keep happening!)
We are still in January, and so far, this year is a stellar and fun ride! It is exciting to get up each morning, and see what the next miracle is going to be!
I share this manifesting news, to encourage you to watch "The Secret," when it is on Oprah in the next few days.
You too, can manifest fun opportunities in your life, using "The Secret" as your road map.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Oprah Alert
"The Secret"
Millions around the world are living, and experiencing, the profound message of the Secret. Oprah's guests include: Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, and James Ray.
"The Secret" is available on DVD, book,
4-CD audio and a "Secret" 2-CD soundtrack.
Do you know THE SECRET?
Has THE SECRET worked for you?
Do you have a "Secret" success story?
If so, Oprah wants to hear from you.
Our dreams are weightless,
and yet,
they are the energy needed
to carry our souls forward,
as the wind carries
the bird forward in its flight.
- Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Dream Home
by Suzka in Portland, Oregon
I read, "The Secret" after hearing about it, on the TV show, "Ellen," and have one to share!
Many spiritual things happen, to me, I accept them as part of my life, and other's lives.
Here is an example. We moved into this home fourteen years ago. Shortly after moving in, my mother passed away.
During the cleaning of her home, something I drew in school, in 1963, was found. Our assignment, was to draw a floor plan of our "Dream House."
In 1963, all the houses we all knew and lived in, were very basic. You walked through the front door, and stood in the living room. The houses were quaint and simple.
The floor plan I drew, consisted of an entry way with a staircase, a living room, with a dining room off to the left of the front door. A kitchen with a breakfast nook, a family room, a bathroom, and a mud room off the garage. This was not a house plan anyone saw in 1963.
But, it was a house you would see in 1993!
I had forgotten about the homework floor plan assignment, that I had created from my mind and heart, 30 years ago.
Imagine how surprised I was, to see the floor plan of the house we now live in!
It was my dream house, then and now!
Life is interesting with its twists and turns. My mother always said, "Watch what you dream may just come true!"
And, it did.
Suzka in Portland, Oregon

Wings of Spirit©
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Imagine an Angel manifests beside you and says,
What is as soft as a feather . . .
yet has the power . . .
to fly . . .
to the greatest heights?
One feather alone . . .
in its gentleness . . .
has little strength . . .
but add many feathers together . . .
and you create a wing.
An eagle's wing
has the strength
to carry it higher than any other living creature . . .
to allow it to see further . . .
and more than most can see/or comprehend . . .
in their entire life time.
We all are made up of many small parts, as a feather.
When we add our small moments of courage and curiosity to the weightlessness of our soul, then we begin to build ourselves into the uniqueness, like a wing.
We build ourselves into a rare object of life, that can see/understand more, and thus carry our spirits further than others ever dared to dream . . .
Our dreams are weightless, and yet, they are the energy needed to carry our souls forward, as the wind carries the bird forward in its flight.
When was the last time you imagined you had "wings of spirit" on your back, and when was the last time you opened, and closed them to the rhythm of life?
As you feel them open, and close...feel your strength of soul, build, feel the opening of your heart . . . as you prepare to fly.
Feel the excitement of the forth coming journey, you are about to embark upon. Feel.
And as you sit quietly, and your soul begins its flight, into adventure, understand that you are not alone. For right beside you, are two Divine helpers guiding you, as they always have.
As they have patiently waited for you to turn, and see the power you possessed in your wings. Developed the ability to move forward with them, with ease, into your future.
Fly, free . . .

Twenty More Angelic Messages to Lift Your Heart
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Proof Reader's Comment
Mary Ellen, your beautiful Angel writings are going to be in print one day soon, I can feel it for you, and can hardly wait to hear what happens for you next!
These works are magical, they penetrate, set us free, and they remind us of the world we cannot see.
love always,
Ann in Canada

Each day you are alive,
is a Birth Day for you.
You can choose to give birth to,
and act upon your dreams,
to live your life to the fullest,
and to carry out God's Work,
for the greater good of all.
- Trudy -

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