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Angelic Message
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
It's still winter.  Hang in there like this little snowflake!
Dearest Readers,

Below is a poetic Angelic Message to warm your hearts during this cold winter. As you read it, note the spaces between the sentences. The Angels use the spaces to "force" us to "take a deep breath" and slow down our busy minds, leading us to "fall" into the words, burying them deeper into our spirits, from sentence to sentence.  Angels also love to use pauses . . . for the same reason.

This week, Cottage Grove Humane Society featured me in their video presented to the Rotary Club.  
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbYIvkiE8uU&feature=youtu.be (I am at "marker" 2:00). And my cats and I will be featured on Animal Planet's MUST LOVE CATS; tentative air date is April 7th.

Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^
Your Spirit Rests
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

The Light of God's Love descends down and around you . . . wrapping you in an energy of Love, Peace and Calm.

The frantic feelings of work, worry and responsibilities drop off you like water from an icicle on a warm day.

Enveloped in what seems to be a moment in time . . . separated from all else.

Your spirit rests.

Your soul takes a much needed deep breath and your entire physical being surrenders to the vibration of being held in the womb of God's Love.

Your mind understands that this is also truth.....

Your mind has been geared into rush, worry, work, anxiety, terror for so long that it forgot to ask for Divine help and then relax into the bliss of its assured energy.

Your body has resonated like a drum someone has beat on for so long that even after the drum sticks are set down, you can still feel the soft rumble from all the activity.

Close your eyes . . . take a deep, deep breath and allow God's Spirit of Love to fill your entire being - mind, body, and soul.

Ask God/Spirit/the Angels to guide you to what is right and good for you, ask God to enrich your life with His/Her divine mission.

Tell God you are an artist who wants to paint a beautiful picture of your life . . . and that you are ready now.

And know that as you sit enveloped in this soft, quiet, loving energy of sheer gentle, accepting Love, you can call it into your being just as you have previously called in worry and anger in the past.

Choose how you dress on the outside . . . AND . . . how you dress on the inside.

All from the Light,
"Proof" That Angels Exist!

Dearest Readers,

In addition to writing Angel Scribe newsletters, I write a weekly Pet Tips 'n' Tales column for The Sentinel, Cottage Grove's newspaper, that is also shared with my online subscribers.
For me, proof that Angels exist "flew" into my life in the form of Ohio resident and Earth Angel Beth Vento.
Beth, a newsletter reader since 2005, e-mailed me about 1-1/2 years ago to volunteer her grammatical and related skills towards proofreading my newsletters. "The rest", as the saying goes, ". . . is history!" And, angel that she is, knowing that I am not compensated for time spent creating the newsletters, and must self-fund my website/newsletter service, Beth proofs for free! She is well worth her weight in GOLD!
"I love volunteering, but my dream is to work as a paid proofreader," said Beth.  "I am very detail-oriented and was an "A" English student through college. Mary Ellen writes great stories, but her punctuation, spelling, etc., 'mistakes' drove/drive me crazy!" laughs Beth.
In addition to volunteering as an angel of a proofreader, Beth also volunteers "singing like an angel" with a community chorus, and is a healer with The Distance Healing Network, www.the-dhn.com
Beth's proofreading/editing is a blessing and greatly appreciated. Currently, she is unemployed so if you and/or anyone you know needs an excellent proofer and can pay her, please email her at Beth111253@aol.com, with a reference to proofreading in the "Subject" line.
"Be a Light, Be a Star, Be the Awesome Energy, That You ARE!"
Aynne McAvoy in Florida
 - An Angel Scribe reader for 16 years!
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