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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

There is nothing as beautiful as a healthy child to their loved ones.
Dearest Readers,
Cindi E-mailed us the story of her grandson Jake, and because of what is happening in our communities, her information and miracle may help other parents and grandparents.
We are not doctors; this newsletter is for informational purposes only.  Always consult your medical professional for advice. And please listen to your own inner voice and instinct. 
Karen encourages us to educate ourselves further on vaccines. She read an article by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny from Ohio; 'if an individual had five consecutive flu shots...his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is ten times higher than if they had zero, one, or two shots.'

May this newsletter help those you love.
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"


courtesy photo by Jake's Mother
Jake's Story
by Grandma Cindi
I pray that if we can help, even one other family,
then it is worth sharing Jake's story.
Blessings and Love to You,

I have been reading Angel Scribe for thirteen years. Even though I work for a magazine publisher, I still come home and love reading your newsletters and also your books. A year ago, I wrote to Cynthia your prayer team leader and asked for healing for my baby grandson, Jake, and something miraculous happened.
Angel Scribe's
Global Angels and Miracle Prayer Team
When Jake was 15 months old he was developing fantastically! He had a vocabulary of 50 words and was an extremely happy, healthy, outgoing baby boy.  He knew the names of all my pets.

On his 15-month doctor visit he was given 7 vaccines.  Many of them contained live viruses such as the MMR, Chicken Pox, DTaP, etc.  Within hours, he became very ill. I mean scary ill!  He ran a fever of 105 degrees for days, and we believe he had 3 small seizures.

The doctor said, "He just has a virus, and there is nothing we can do for him."
Within weeks, our precious Jake had lost all his language and was displaying typical signs of Autism. (vacant eyes, no communication skills.) Each visit to our home, he could no longer remember the pets' names. Jake was also on a steroid for asthma at the time. We got nowhere with the pediatrician; he did not offer any answers, he only asked if we planned on suing him.

My daughter, Candice, and both remarked, so many times, in the days after Jake's vaccines that it was as if we put our sweet baby to bed and someone had broken in and stolen his soul. It was like his personality went to sleep at night and only his body remained awake.
I have experienced and lived through the death of a child, but nothing could have prepare me for the loss of a child who is still living--that is what Autism feels like.
Jake suffered night sweats and constant fevers, but it was the silence that struck me the most - no more laughter, no more smiles, no more beautiful words like "MaMa".  These were replaced with a blank vacant stare. We truly didn't know where to turn and our hearts were breaking for him.
It was frightening, he would bang his head on the cement floor because of the headaches. Other times, he would take me by the hand and lead me to a cupboard and point to the children's motrin, an anti-inflammatory. He was always better after it.  He seemed to know what would help.

On Mother's Day, my daughter's Godmother, an Angel in her own right, took me aside and said the decline in Baby Jake since Christmas was astounding. This isn't something I wanted to hear, but she hugged me and said that she had worked with an integrated medical and Osteopathic doctor who specialized in Autism. He treats it as a biomedical disease.

Our appointment with Dr. Woeller was terrifying and yet we left with a big serving of HOPE. My daughter and I had a motto--no stone would be left unturned.
Blood work revealed Jake's immune system was in crisis, with NK Killer cells of 4 instead of 150, and he had yeast overgrowth in his intestines, and many food allergies.  We implemented the treatments the doctor suggested, slowly, cautiously. Jake responded positively to all.

Within days of adding Jake to the Angelic Prayer list and the Distant Healing Network, miracles started happening.

From his therapists, we started hearing words like "amazing and unbelievable." Jake was making a remarkable recovery.  Today, we have our beautiful Jake back.  It took 2 years, but he's back whole and complete - now he is 3 1/2 years old and back to his old self!
Courage is like Love... It must have hope for nourishment.
- Candice, Jake's Mother -

With many prayers to our Heavenly Father, Angels, and so many helping hands, our Jake is fine. It is concluded (but not written on his medical record anywhere) that Jake suffered from vaccine induced viral encephalitis--the encephalitis causing the symptoms of Autism. If we had believed the first doctor, Jake would have been misdiagnosed as having Autism.

Imagine how the nation would react if every twenty minutes, 1 out of every 150 precious babies disappeared from our streets. We would have a National Emergency. I believe we do, and its name is Autism.

Mary Ellen, I believe God heard our prayers, and those who joined our pleas to help Jake. For this I cannot thank you enough!  And one of the scariest things we learned was, once he was healed, he remembered everything.  When I asked him if he remembers when he couldn't talk. He said, "Grandma, I could not find my words."  So, he could fully understand us, but was unable to communicate.
My father, who has passed, was a Naturopathic physician and a chiropractor and as children my siblings and I were not inoculated.  He must have known something, that we later learned the hard way with Jake.
I found the beautiful prayer written for Jake by Monica (one of AngelScribe's prayer Warriors).  I taped to my computer screen and literally read it thousands of times each day.

Joining in at this moment, with Light and Prayers for Candice and her sweet baby. Seeing God's light and Arch Angel Raphael's light pouring in to give healing to this baby. Seeing him bounce back from this condition to perfect health.  And so it is! Thank you Lord.
Asking Arch Angel Michael and his legion of Angels, standing at Candice, Jake and your family's side, to give guidance, wisdom, strength, direction and hope.
Healing is in our Lord Jesus. You will be protected and provided for.
Many blessings Love and Light Monica

Also, you may want to inform your readers about our beloved pets. I work in San Diego and my boss was participating in a fashion show. The benefits were to aid children with Autism. As I spoke to the coordinator, she told me her beautiful dog died due to vaccinnosis. She couldn't believe that Vets are reluctant to admit that animals some times can have adverse reactions to vaccines.  But it is also true for children. Even though a doctor denies it--and says it is not related. Scary isn't it?

Please contact me if you need someone who understands what you are going through,

Websites our Family Found Helpful

Angel Scribe Prayer Network lead by Cynthia       cynthiamorse@mindspring.com
http://www.preventdisease.com/home/tips78.shtml  Risks of Vaccines video documentaries.

www.the-dhn.com - The distant healing network. Reike masters who volunteer to do long distance healing.
www.generationrescue.org - Real help and answers. Generation Rescue offers rescue Angels, and a "warrior" parent to help you with HOPE along the way.
www.autismresearchinstitute.org - huge resource of important articles and the latest in biomedical treatment of autism.

www.talkaboutcuringautism.org - a national parent-run organization with a multitude of resources.
www.mystillpoint.com - Dr. Kurt Woeller, D.O., a miracle worker.

www.autismactionplan.org - Dr. Kurt Woeller, D.O. a membership-based educational resource to biomedical treatments with real time advice from Dr. Kurt Woeller.

http://www.ageofautism.com/  - Latest information on the political arena and treatments.
"Deadly Immunity", by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
"Louder than Words", by Jenny McCarthy
"Mother Warriors", by Jenny McCarthy
"Healing the New Childhood Epidemics", by Kenneth Bock

- PETS -
Scared Poopless by Jan Rasmusen        www.Dogs4Dogs.com
This book is recommended by the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Animal Wellness Magazine, the Animal Protection Institute and countless veterinarians.

Possible Adverse Reactions
Readers Respond
Ann in London, Ontario, Canada
I am not surprised at Cindi's experience.  My son, Torian, had a reaction to a measles vaccine, and had seizures as well as pneumonia.  After that I stopped all vaccines. 
I let my daughter, Justine, have her 10-week vaccine and she screamed for hours afterward.  After that I never allowed vaccines and had to go to the Health Ministry to sign an exclusion form where of course they tried to change my mind.
I asked the doctor about the anti-freeze in the vaccines. She responded, "it is only a trace amount."
I asked her if she would drink it in front of me.  She did not, and promptly signed the form and shut up.  There is way too much Autism out there in kids these days; don't tell me its not related. Such good news that it worked out well for Jake.
Ann in London, Ontario, Canada

Robert in Tacoma, Washington
My heart goes out to Cindi, Candice and Jake. What a traumatizing ordeal to go through! If I may offer one suggestion to those that may be dealing with similar issues. Since drugs can make us acidic, consider a small amount of baking soda mixed with some warm water as an alkalizing agent.
Robert Neumann BCH - Herbalist        www.thevitalconnection.com        1.800.916.2643

Karen in Fairlawn, Ohio

Mary Ellen, your readers may also want to see this article on the almost non-existence rate of Autism in Amish communities.  They don't inoculate!

According to this article, it is the Thimerosal in vaccines that cause the problems!
Thimerosal is a preservative with MERCURY!

And as a result, I stopped taking annual FLU vaccines when I read and article by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in Ohio: 'if an individual has had five consecutive flu shots... his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is ten times higher than if they had zero, one, or two shots."
I was shocked!  I never even considered what was in a vaccine! 
It seemed prudent to have vaccines, as I am a hospice volunteer. Hospice gave free flu shots, and I had vaccines 4 years in a row before I opted out of the 5th one. 
Now, instead, to protect myself I take a homeopathic flu remedy. And I am much healthier,  and have not had the flu in years! (Also, no mercury in my system!)
Karen in Fairlawn, Ohio
Editor's Note

Dearest Readers,
I understand this topic is a sensitive one for many, and not one taken up in the 13 years of Angel Scribe publications.
May Cindi's story of Jake help Readers become more aware.  While reading Cindi's disturbing news, I wondered, how much fluid is in 7 inoculations?  How much would that be in a drinking glass? One would not expect an adult, let little alone a child, to consume that amount if they had someone hold it up to their mouth.
I am confused.  Why would anyone inject that much chemical into a child?  The same day that Cindi's letter arrived, a dear friend in Portland, Oregon told me that her child just received 7 inoculations at once. She too is concerned.  Is this rampant or normal?

When my child, Ariel, was young, I studied extensively about the pros and cons of inoculations. We used homeopathy as an alternative.  When Ariel was 5 years old, under pressure of a relative, we took Ariel for an inoculation.
A few days later she had chicken pox, when no one else in her school had it, and as soon as she was over that, she developed strep throat. Something had played havoc with her immunity.

We signed a form at her school saying 'for religious reasons' she was not to be inoculated. If there was an epidemic or an illness, then it was agreed by the school she would stay at home.  Fine with me!
Inoculations are a private matter.  All parents of children and pets need to make an informed decision based on education.
The intention of this newsletter is purely to make readers think, educate themselves, and please, always consult with your medical professionals.
Our family now takes a flu remedy. We found it on   www.1800homeopathy.com

Angelic Blessings to you and your LOVED ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
International Author and Newspaper Columnist
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