Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter January 25, 2005

More Amazing 111 Stories...and a Winter Health Tip

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Amazing 111 Experiences
The Core of Your Soul
Winter Health Tip
Microwave Miracle Tip
Prayer Team

Dearest Readers,

The 111 experience newsletters historically bring more responses from around the world than any other newsletter topic!

Here are some fun follow ups and an Angel Writing to lift your heart!

Oh, and gosh, some fun news!

A vet clinic in Australia chose one of Miss Wings' breeder, Linda's, photos for their mascot when sending condolence notes to their clients who have lost their beloved pets.

Photo on the main page of:
(Click on the photo twice to
see my famous kitty larger!)

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Dear Angel Scribe...

Last December, I forwarded your newsletter onto Missy, whose home had burned down, and then the story evolved of her family's Christmas dream being fulfilled with the arrival of two Pom pups.

My wildest experience with the 111 phenomenon happened recently when I was telling my husband about my new spiritual friend who can actually see Angels!

I was excitedly sharing my information with him.

He was on his cell phone, coming home in heavy traffic.

He asked me to wait until he got home to tell him the rest of the story.

I agreed and we hung up.

My phone rang, not 20 seconds later, and I thought it was him forgetting to mention something.

I answered, and said "Hello" several times...but there was no one on the line.

I crossed the kitchen to hang up the receiver and glanced at the caller ID.

The caller ID read 111-111-1111.

I immediately hollered to my kids, "THE ANGELS just called me!"

Our 3 children know I enjoy the 111 and 444 sightings, so they all rushed over to see the caller ID printout.

I saved it for proof, and flip back through the ID list and smile to myself every time I see it.

This occurrence has taken place since my help with the Pom puppies, which I consider my nicest deed for 2004.

Thank you again for your newsletters.

Jo in Kansas

Anna in Andover, Massachusetts

At the most unexpected times, I've looked at the clock to see 11:11 or 1:11 -- or, not too long ago, I glanced down at the car's odometer and saw 11,111 miles!


Nancy in Round Rock, Texas

Hi Mary Ellen, as I read the newsletter and everyone's occurrence with triple numbers, I glanced over at the computer clock and saw 5:55 am!

Made me giggle.

George in Greece

I am happy I found your website.

I live in Athens, Greece and in some periods of my life I very often see 111 or 1111.

I am happy I am not alone.

My question is why does this happen more often when I am stressed or afraid of something? George

Editors NOTE

What better time to know/see/experience Angelic presencearound you than when you are stressed or feeling alone!

Linda in Madison, Alabama

11:11 appears in times of stress.. to let me know everything will be all right and it all does turn out all right!


The other day Julie, in Alaska, suggested I read the book, "The Messengers" and also Sylvia Browne's Angel book.

I didn't think much about it, and went about my day.

Later, I stopped at a book store, looked around and didn't see anything I liked.

I went to leave and sure enough there was the book, "The Messengers."

I was so excited!

I went to pay, and the clerk was putting out books and guess what there was?

The other book by Sylvia Browne!

Yep. Yep...there is not one thing we do that we don't have our Divine Angels helping us.

I just love em !!

Stuff like this really makes it much more awesome to be on this crazy planet!

Newsletter Proof Reader's
Comment on this Issue!
Kristie in Enumclaw, Washington

I just finished writing an email and wrote: Surrender fully into your heart and paint your picture of success with the Colors of the Rainbow.

I then walked into my bedroom to get my cell phone, and was thinking of this sentence.

I looked at the time on my phone and it read 11:11!

In the email I wrote about a few Angel books and one of them was "The Messengers" by co-authors Julia Ingram and GW Hardin which talks about the triple number 444.

Then, I decided to take a second look at your newsletter for errors and look at the time I sent the original corrections to you!!!

Date: 1/25/2005
1:11:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dearest Readers,

Once you get on the wheel of miracles and Angel just keeps going.

Notice the time of Kristie's next email!

Date: 1/25/2005 5:55:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Kristie

Holy Angels of Time...... Can't believe it happened again!

I sent the first email as I was in a hurry to go do my treadmill run.

I checked to make sure the proofed newsletter went through, and noticed the time of 1:1114!.

I've have a snicker on my face all day as the Angels have played with me.

Then, it's still not over, I went and picked up a friend to work out with at the fitness center.

On the way there I was telling him about this morning with all it's synchronistic events and that I told you, Mary Ellen, it's a 111 day.

After 30 minutes on the treadmill he poked me in the arm to look at his heart rate number that shows upon the machine and it read 111.

He said he has not been able to change it the entire time he was working matter what he did!

He's changed the inclined, changed speeds, everything, but it still remained the same.

Oh, what a day it has been!


Pat in Chehalis

Another wonderful newsletter hits the stands, and the fans go wild!

I always marvel how you come up with new material all the time.

You are so talented and gifted, I hope you fulfill your life dream of becoming a columnist in a syndicated newspaper.

Heather in Milwaukie, Oregon

Thank you for your inspirational writings, they are so very helpful when I feel down.

You really know how to raise a person's awareness and spirit.

The Core of Your Soul
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

How can you go through life
with a blank stare on your face,
emotionless and unreactive?

How can you stand by
and not be involved?

Who and what disconnected
you to who and what you truly are?

Or are you angry?

Angry at this and that...
and everything in between...

And at nothing
that becomes BLOWN
out of proportion to everything?


Why is it about you?

How self IS!

How selfish!

What makes you the center control
of the Universe?

Who made you master
of others
and it took your heart away?

Grow your heart back,
stretch the small ember
that is left,
the ember left after someone
once tried to kick out your fire
and your love and enthusiasm for life.

Blow on the remaining ember,
nurse it carefully,
it holds the glow of your soul.

Your happiness is hidden in it,
so is your true joy
and the laughter you have held in...
from yourself and others.

Fan the flame.

Burst forth into a new,
stronger and more courageous you.


20 More Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart
similar to the above one
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Beautiful Angelic Writings!

Winter Health Tip

Dr. Emoto, internationally renown researcher, teaches that healthy water is always moving and circulating...and that stagnant water is unhealthy.
Now. - Imagine your body.

Do you move it?

Do you replenish its water?

The greatest amount of our body's construction is from water and a result of the minerals derived from the foods we eat.

Did you ever consider that if we don't replenish our body's fluids and keep them moving, they can become stagnant and unhealthy?

You can not put sludge in a creek and keep it healthy, or inferior gasoline in your car, or put foods with no life in our body and maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

Choose wisely, you are worth it!

Cleaning Miracle

Need a miracle to make your microwave oven look like new?

Place a wet dish towel, in microwave.

Turn machine on High for three minutes.

DO NOT TOUCH the hot cloth.

With a separate rag, wipe out the microwave... it will sparkle like new!


Microwave a bowl of sliced lemons, with a sponge in it ...makes it smell so nice!

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You may only be one person
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but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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