Angel Scribe January 20, 2005

Haunting Triple Numbers ... AGAIN!

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Where's the Miracle in a Tsunami?
Triple Numbers
The Sea of Love
Readers' Responses
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Where's the Miracle in a Tsunami?
Lovely Article by Marianne Williamson

The Miracle

Dearest Readers,

I am still boarding in Tacoma, Washington while my husband is remodelling our kitchen in Oregon, so we can put the house on the market.

Our home is a five hour drive south of Tacoma, and at times I get misty eyed for my family and ... like you, wonder if I am on my path and am I doing my spiritual work...and what is next?

Then an event like this happens while working on a newsletter.

Even for me it was spooky/ amazing/giggle-full...and reassuring!

My computer blocks all incoming phone calls while on line.

So, you can imagine my surprise when the computer was bumped offline.

Then, the phone rang!

Puzzled at this occurrence, I looked at the phone ID to see who had bumped the computer off the Internet.

There was NO phone number on the caller ID!

AND....the date? January 11th.

The time on the ID read 1:11 PM on 1-11!

Triple numbers, especially 1's represent Angels telepathically connecting to us.

Was it a cosmic call, or an Angel connection???

Following are more amazing triple number occurrences.

They herald in from all around the world, arriving every day in Angel Scribe email!

Angelic Blessings to you and your Loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Gordan in Hamilton, Ontario,Canada

I climbed into my car to return the rental-video movie, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within," and turned on the ignition switch.

The digital clock read 11:11 am.

I then realized today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Woo Woo!

I drove to work and parked my car in the hospital's fifth floor parking lot and went into work.

It was an ordinary day, except after work, I couldn't find my car!

I walked up/down all of the floors of the parking lot, two times!

I couldn't find my #&*$% car.

So, I prayed to the Angels, "I am tired and know my car has not been stolen, so please Angels help me find my car."

I walked back to the floor where I thought I had parked the car.

It was not there, so I wandered wearily down to another floor, and spotted my car!

I thankfully climbed into my car and turned on the ignition switch.

I casually looked at the digital clock and AGAIN saw 11:11pm!

That's twice in one day on November 11th and in my car!

Woo Woo

No doubt, my Angels have a sense of humor.

But at the time, I didn't think it was that funny!

Gordan in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


That night I had a peaceful dream that I was clearly on the right track in my life.

Dearest Readers,

When miracles happen, when the Angels are in your life...they often keep reminding you telepathically.

Their sweet nudges give us a giggle and leave us in wonderment at the same time.

Here is another recent email from Gordon.

ME ^I^

Dear Mary Angel,

A month ago, "January 11" popped into my head as a positive premonition.

Then, 2-3 weeks ago I "lost" my car again in the 5-storey parking lot as I had done on November 11.

Once more I asked for the Angels to help me find my car (there were only a few cars in the entire lot at that time of night.)

I eventually found my car exactly where I had looked before.

But this time, before I turned on my car, I knew that my digital clock would show 11:11pm even though I had lost time finding the car.

I hung a new glass-Angel air freshener off my rearview mirror.

Sure enough it was 11:11pm, as the Angel dangled near my head.

Gordan in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Sea of LoveŠ
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

And the Heavens opened
and it was not God's wrath
that poured forth upon the earth,
but a sea of Love,
as if a Universal Waterfall of Love
had been dammed up,
by the fears of man.

The skies opened, the dam burst
and Love poured forth.

And all of humanity became saturated,
heart and soul
changed forever
by LOVE.

The focus of humanity shifted;
it shifted from the selfish self.

The closed hearts burst open,
the eyes lifted up
and saw that the needs and desires
of others were similar to their own.

People saw;
they did not "own" the land.
They realized they could not control nature,
only their own heart's true nature,
and on this day Kindness reigned/rained
upon the earth,
nourishing the planet.


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Beautiful Angelic Messages

~ Readers's Responses ~

Dear Angel Scribe,

I love your newsletters, they helped me tremendously after I lost my mother on Christmas Day 1998 from cancer.

I am in a better place in my life now, and still look forward to your newsletters.

When I am down, I go find something in your newsletters to inspire me, to pick myself up, dust myself off and try it again.

Thank you,
Donna in Fairview, Oregon

Dear Mary Angel,

I received your book, "Expect Miracles" for Christmas, read it, loved it, then passed it on to my Mom.

I am looking for Angels everywhere.

When I was about 3 or 4, an Angel visited I know they are real!

She would fly in my bedroom and then go to other rooms n our house.

I called her "The Lady."

I remembered all her after listening to a tape of Sylvia Brown's where she describes seeing an Angel like mine.

Every morning I ask to be a Divine Vehicle and wait to see where spirit will guide me.

Thank you for the work you do.

God Bless/Namaste,
Kimberly in El Segundo, California

How Does that Happen?

Dear Mary Ellen,

As I finished proofing your newsletter I looked at the time and it was exactly 4:44!

How does that happen?

It sure makes you wonder!

It was an interesting connection after reading this newsletter!

By the way, I love your newsletters!

I wait for them!

Thank you for asking me to proof this issue.

Professor Karen of Kaplan University

Dearest Readers,

This next email is so fun, look at the time it arrived!

Makes you think you should go out and by a Lotto ticket when numbers roll up like this!

Time : 2:22:29 PM

Dear Mary Angel,

Miracles begin when I read your newsletters.

Each one brings a smile to my face and uplifting thoughts to my heart.

We, your readers, don't care what you say in the newsletters.

We just know in advance that it will share beautiful things, and probably something we need to hear.

Isn't it heavenly to have people smile as soon as they see a newsletter from you?

You are greatly needed and appreciated for all the work you do.

Jo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

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When you serve with your heart,
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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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