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New Year's Miracles!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
It is a New Year! 
Time to get ready and Expect Miracles!

Dearest Readers,
Welcome to 2010!  There are so many miracle planned this year for you!  Many of you may already have experienced some.
Here is my latest miracle with a twist of humor!  I knew it was a time for change, but where do you look?
Most of my dearest friends are in their eighties, and it is time to find younger friends.  Also, I need to walk, would love a walking partner.  There was small print to my request to the universe.  They had to be kind, walk for the love of it, no drugs or alcohol and a person with integrity, a sense of humor, and spiritually led.  No easy find in a town of 9,000 and drugs saturating the community.

This is the year of miracles...here are the swift results!
Four houses up from ours, a new neighbor moved in from cold and snowy Chicago.  I was out walking and stopped by to say "Halo" to her New Year's Day.  The first words out of her, "I am so excited to move here.  I love to walk and ride my bike."  I raised my eyes in surprise!
Did she have any thing else in common?
I could see a cat in her window.  "Oh, I just LOVE cats," Jenna said. "My husband is thinking of building a catio for it so it can go outside."  I raised my eyes wider in disbelief.
Three things in common, just like that!
The very next day we headed out for a walk and I found a penny, "Oh, a penny from Heaven." cheerily says Jenna.  I asked, "Have you happened to read my website?"  She said no, and I did not share about all the miracle penny from heaven stories.
The next day Jenna said, "Have you ever seen 111, or 222? I see triple numbers every where, all the time."  I asked again if she had been to my website.  She replied, "No. Why?"
I did not respond, just smiled.  What other things were going to manifest with this newbie?
We have walked three days and walk the same pace, love the same things, neither of us drink, do drugs. Every time Jenna told me what she loved to do, or did not love to do...it was exactly the way I felt.
Then, I asked her for her email address when her computer was up and running to send her the story and photos of our cat's castle for ideas for her husband.
INSERT DRUM ROLL......ta-da!
Jenna's email is Angels2You!  It is like the Angels brought us together.  We each needed the joy of a new friend, exercise and a spiritual connection.
May you find miracles and new friends in your life this year.
Happiest of New Years to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^ 
Paramedic Ariel eye dropping vital liquids
into Sydney to save her life.
My neighbor, Jeanna, and I discovered a starving black cat, Sydney. We are blogging Sydney's progress and her journey to survive.  http://savingsydney.blog.com
Also, Pet Communicator Dr. Agnes Thomas talked to the cat.  Read their communication:
I have always lived within 5 blocks of my childhood home.  I left a life of friends and  memories and was extremely nervous about moving 2200 miles away.

Last October, my husband and I spent one week in Cottage Grove and feel in love with the town and miraculously found a house.
As we were taking looking at the house, and chatting with our soon to be neighbor, a lady and her beautiful cat came riding by on a bicycle.  She was very sweet  and friendly, the heavens had just given us a chance meeting.

I soon had to return to IL, to sell our home.  I could not wait to get back to Oregon.   I was able to return for the winter, and one beautiful afternoon, my husband and I were looking outside when the lady with the cat walked by.
You may call it fate or divine intervention, but someone was making our paths cross.
Someone has a plan for us.  I believe if you pay attention to the little things they will lead your way to something grand.
I thank the heavens for gifting me a friend who is so similar, but different from me. We both have a similar outlook on life. I tend to see the surface of things and Mary Ellen is helping me see beyond...to see the beauty in the smallest things.


Dearest Readers,
In 1990 I sat quietly and words telepathically were spoken into my heart.  The speakers described themselves as an Angel.  I shared the messages they imparted with my close friend Sister Mary Julia.  "These sound so much like what Mother Superior wrote every morning for us sisters," she said.  These writings are how the name Angel Scribe came about.  
Here is one of their inspired Angelic poetic messages to remind us that we are not alone, that we are on a physical planet that has many dimensions, and on one of them are Angels are walking with us.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Read Atira's
Messages from the Other Side
- Confirm that Love for Each Other Continues After Death -
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Angels of Light
Angels of Light and Love dance around your head as sparkles of effervescent energy, encouraging, guiding, teaching, and protecting.

Electro-magnetic-Divine-energy swirls around you all day long for you to tap into its wisdom.

Ask for Divine help.  It is only a breath away.  Ask to be a vehicle for divine energy to guide you to help others.

When you pray this loving energy bridges, and connects, and attracts your prayer's answers.

Knowing that Spirit is ever present and close to you is a blessing. 
Knowing you are not alone is a blessing.

Experiment with this energy. 
Lie still or sit quietly. 
Feel how you are.

Then take a breath and ask the Divine presents/presence to surround and permeate your body cells.

Subtly at first, then more firmly you will feel a shift, a change, a definite gentle loving energy melt into yours. 
Calming, healing, surrounding...leaving you with no questions to the validity of this message that you are surrounded, protected, loved and helped by spirit's great messengers the Angels.

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